AKG N700NC Review

AKG N700NC Review

Well, AKG doesn’t really need any introduction, as most people using headphones are familiar with the excellent contributions the company has made to the audio industry. When it comes to premium headphones, this brand has offered many products with different high-end features. Not to forget, their aesthetic visuals have always been a part of it irrespective of the price tag. We have come up with one such decent offering from the brand. Brace for the AKG N700NC Review.

Speaking of premium headphones, one of the main features that most people expect is the ANC or the active noise-canceling technology. In fact, oftentimes this is one of the main objectives of people choosing to go for hi-fidelity headphones because they need audio gears that can eliminate the background noise effectively giving them the best listening experience. 

Now, when you think of noise-canceling headphones, the very first brands that come to your mind are Bose or Sony, which, undoubtedly, use the best-in-class ANC technology in their headphones. Even though AKG is not new to noise-canceling headphones, with so much competition in the market for the noise-canceling feature, it actually remains as the unsung brand which may not always be on the tip of the tongue. 

What Is AKG N700NC and What Style of Headphones Does It Come Under?

AKG N700NC is a premium headphone offering from the company that has earned a lot of respect and AKG N700NC reviews from the headphone experts and users (including AKG N700NC Rtings- one of the reliable websites that offer authentic reviews of the audio gears). This is an over-ear style, closed-back collapsible wireless headphones that feature a lot of premium qualities including a solid noise cancelation ability. 

But the main question is where does the headphone stand in the presence of ANC specialists like Bose or Sony? Does it really perform well? Is it worth an investment? 

In the next section, we are going to do a comprehensive AKG N700nc review addressing all the questions above, a comparison of AKG N700NC vs Sony 1000XM3, the pros, and cons of this product, and more. But before getting to that, here’s a bit of information on whom this pair of headphones is best suited for.

So Who Is AKG N700NC Meant for?

The headphone is best for daily commuters who need noise-canceling headphone to eliminate the traffic sound while they can watch videos, listen to music, or speak over the phone. 

A great option for casual listeners who love to groove on musical tracks while doing most of their work, right from running household errands to sitting in the library or shopping. 

If you are looking for headphones with a great sound and a decent ANC to suppress your workplace commotion so you can focus on your work, then this can be a great option for you. 

Several AKG N700NC reviews also show that this headphone has proven to be extremely beneficial for travelers who need to fly frequently by lowering the surrounding noise. They need a good pair of earmuffs to suppress the low rumbling of the aircraft engine, noisy passengers, or children crying or talking constantly and this is a great option for them too. 

AKG N700NC Review – The Significant Features of This Product, Performances, Price, Advantages, and AKG N700NC Problems

There are several reasons why people need noise-canceling headphones, like to focus on their work when they are in a noisy environment; for the person on the other end to hear you clearly, etc. ANC headphones usually cost more than the regular ones, and if you are on the lookout for an ANC headphone, then clearly you require this feature to function at its best, otherwise what’s the point in paying for it right? 

While AKG is best known in the market for their studio-grade headphones for professional use, with AKG N700NC, the company has done a pretty good job in meeting people’s expectations about the noise-canceling features. Though not up to Bose’s level of ANC technology, these pairs of cans aren’t unacceptable either. In terms of sonic capability, the headphone is right around the level of Sony’s, standing as a solid contender!

AKG N700NC Product Image

Deciding Factors

Choosing AKG N700NC depends on personal preference, meaning, if you are looking for great sound quality with fairly decent noise-canceling ability, then AKG N700NC should work great for you. On the other hand, if ANC tops your priority list over acoustic quality, you might need to shift to a different one then. 

If you have been doing research on these headphones for some time now, you might have noticed in some places the name appears as AKG N700NC M2 and Samsung attached to this name. Well, so you do not get confused, N700NC M2 is the refined version of AKG N700NC that has replaced it. While on some websites, the older version is still available, on some sites you might only get the upgraded model. As for the Samsung name, just like Harman had taken over AKG years back, it is now a subsidiary of Samsung electronics. Now that the air is clear, let’s move on to the review without any further delay. Clicking here will take you to our AKG P220 microphone review.

AKG N700Nc Review- Design and Build

AKG has a great reputation in the market for providing visually appealing aesthetics to its headphones, and AKG N700NC gets to make as well. The headphones project an elegant shape with a sleek look and matte finish that gives it a premium touch and feel. The high-quality materials used in the construction of the headphone also speaks of its sturdy durable build. 

A combination of superior quality plastic and metal is used to give it strength. For example, the frame, the hinges, and the ear cups get an aluminum touch while the rest of it has a plastic build to balance between the weight and the endurance Additionally, the silver metallic lining accents enhance the overall classy look of the headphone. The ear cups are elliptical with memory foam inside and outfitted with leatherette fabric.  

AKG has thoughtfully incorporated a lot of details in the design which makes the headphone sophisticated and convenient alike. The swiveling ear cups, the tactile control buttons, the curves on the sides, the headband padding, and of course not to forget the sliders for adjustment. Speaking of sliders for length adjustment, when you pull it out to increase the length, you will see a black stripe on the metal frame that has numbers engraved on it which indicate the levels of the adjustment. This not only helps in getting the proper adjustment according to the size of your head but also enables you to quickly get to your fitting in case you are sharing the headphone with other people. 

AKG N700NC Review- Fitting and comfort

AKG N700NC Review- Fitting and comfort

So far we have been talking about how well the headphone has been designed. However, along with excellent craftsmanship, AKG N700NC boasts superior comfort as well. The ear cups have thick and soft padding that sit around the ears comfortably. They are also decently deep, which means that they will easily accommodate most ears pretty well. However, it may exert little pressure if the ears are too big but, again that depends on the other factors like the overall fitting of the headphone, etc. 

The headband is nicely padded as well, that preventing the head from getting compressed when you wear them for long hours. The suede kind of fabric on the headband prevents heat accumulation and sweating. The overall clamping pressure isn’t too much to hurt the ears. It is good enough to keep the headphones stable but will not cause discomfort. AKG N700NC is designed with 11 different headband adjustment settings to get the best position fit according to the size of the head. However, in exceptional cases, if the head is too big, the design of the headphones may cause a bit of discomfort.

The Negatives

A few AKG N700nc reviews and the AKG N700NC Rtings did specify that the headphone feels slightly bulkier than other similar over-ear headphones from different brands. For example, if you compare AKG N700NC vs Sony 1000xm3, AKG N700NC is about 17 g more. 

Even though N700NC has a foldable design, it is still quite big to occupy a good amount of space in the bag. So in case you are planning to take it along, you will have to make space in your backpack accordingly.  But the protective case that comes with the headphone helps in easy storage and protects it from scratches and accidental damages.

While there are no major AKG N700nc problems, here is one thing that you need to make a note of. Because of the closed-back design, the headphone tends to trap some heat when used for several hours at a stretch. With the sealing around the ears, it can feel a bit warm, especially if you use them in a hot or humid temperature or for running. Using them for casual listening for a short duration will not give you this issue.   

AKG N700NC Review – Controls

Controls play an important role in adding up to the conveniences in a headphone. If they are not user-friendly and smooth, it leaves you with a lot of struggles. In the case of AKG N700NC, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. 

Unlike some other high-end headphones, this AKG headphone doesn’t have touch-sensitive controls. While some may feel this to be a little outdated kind of design or uncool, not having touch controls also comes with a lot of other benefits. One of the primary advantages of the tactile control buttons with raised symbols is that you do not have to memorize the controls. This way it becomes quite easy to handle the different functions easily. (In the AKG N700nc vs Sony 1000xm3 comparison table later, you will know more about the difference in controls of both these headphones).

The Right Ear Cup

The overall arrangement of the function buttons on the AKG N700NC is quite simple and practical. You will find most of the common function buttons distributed between both the ear cups. To the right side of the ear cup, there is the slider power button that also functions as the pairing switch that enables you to connect with the mobile devices. Along with this, you will find a button to turn on or off the “Ambient aware Mode” on this side. Switching on this button will shift the headphone from the noise-canceling mode to ambient or pass-through mode that will allow some part of the surrounding sound to pass in, so you are aware of what is going on around. 

You can also assign the “Talk through” mode to this button, but this is only possible with the app. This mode, as the name implies, pauses what you are listening to and turns the ambient mode on, allowing you to speak with the people around you without having to remove the headphone from your ears. If you hold this button, it functions as the mute/unmute button for the microphone as well. The Micro USB port for charging is located on this side. Check out our AKG recording microphone article from here.

The Left Ear Cup

The left side of the ear cup has the volume controls to increase or decrease the sound. The buttons are indicated by the + and – buttons. Holding the “+” button for a few seconds lets you skip a track, and holding the “-” button lets you go back to one track. You will also see a multi-function button in between the volume controls that is meant for play/pause and for answering or rejecting calls. Double pressing this button activates the voice assistant feature (Google Assistant or Siri) allowing you for a hands-free operation of some functions

A few AKG N700NC reviews did mention that all-in-all, the buttons have great feedback, making it pretty easy to understand and operate the headphone. However, one of the minor AKG N700NC problems is that combining the volume controls with track navigation controls in the same button may sometimes lead to accidental skipping and advancing a track when you are intending to change the volume. 

Now in case you are wondering what is the difference between this model and AKG N700NC M2, then honestly there isn’t a lot of difference between the two. M2 has undergone a few makeovers here and there while in some cases AKG N700NC-the older one still holds better. 

Controls Customization

One of the good things about this headphone is that you can customize the controls at your convenience using the AKG app. For example, you can adjust the EQ by selecting one of the presets provided. The “automatic off” feature turns the headphone off if it detects the headphone is idle for 10 minutes. You have the liberty to activate or deactivate these settings depending on your preference. Other than that, the app also notifies you of firmware upgrades, so you can use the headphones without any interference. 

It is not just about the looks that will impress you but the level of comfort as well. Note that you do not have to have the AKG app, but there are some conveniences that the app has which because of which it would be good to keep the app with you. 

AKG N700NC Review – Active Noise Cancelation

AKG has done a good job with engineering the noise-canceling feature into the N700NC. There are several good AKG N700NC reviews on this particular feature stating that this nifty gadget effectively reduces the ambient sound, giving a decent silent environment. While it almost suppresses most of the low-frequency sounds, some heavy rumbling ones can still be heard. The mids and the high-frequency sounds are decently held back. On top of that, the seal around the ears by the ear cups contributes a great deal adding to a more silent space. 

If you compare AKG N700NC Vs Sony 1000XM3, then you will see that AKG’s noise-canceling technology is pretty similar to what Sony has- the adaptive noise-canceling technology. This means that the ANC adjusts itself according to the surrounding sound and your hearing ability, giving you a silent ambiance. There aren’t any ANC levels or settings to set to, as soon as you switch on the headphones, the ANC gets activated automatically. The technology that Sony uses is a tad bit more advanced and better performing than AKG, but that doesn’t mean that AKG doesn’t perform well.

Toggling ANC ON/OFF 

While there isn’t any way that you can turn off the ANC completely when the headphones are in wireless mode, you can switch to the Ambient Mode or the Talk Through mode to know what is happening around you. Sometimes, the users want to use the noise-canceling feature only without listening to the music or using the headphone at all. In that case, do not forget to turn off the headphone’s “auto-off” feature by going to the app. 

If you do not want the ANC at all, then that can be achieved by turning the wireless mode off completely and connecting the headphones with the wire. But if you keep the headphone’s power on, then you get the ANC in wired mode as well. Pretty convenient right!

Sound Leakage

If you listen to headphones with low to mid-volume levels, you will not bother other people around you. However, the AKG N700NC problems come if the volume is at the upper end. There is a decent amount of sound leakage, especially at the mid-range and treble when the headphones are connected wirelessly. It is loud enough for other people to know what you are listening to, so you may need to keep the volume down when you are using them in a public place. 

Using AUX cable, however, has shown quite a bit of reduction in the leaking of the sound outside. 

AKG N700NC Review- Sound Performance

There are pretty good AKG N700NC reviews from the users on these headphones. As mentioned earlier, when it comes to AKG N700NC vs Sony 1000XM3, it is difficult to decide which one sounds better because the sonic capability of both the headphones are at par, although there is a difference in both of their sound profiles. 

AKG N700NC is a more neutral-sounding headphone that offers an incredible balance between the lows, mids, and highs. The 40 mm large transducers cover a full frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz, ensuring that you get clear and accurate sound at sub-bass, bass, and until the upper end throughout. The neutral presentation also ensures that every element in the soundtrack, be it orchestral tracks, classical numbers, or anything for that matter, the sound is pleasing without any overwhelming boost anywhere. 

On the bass-centric tracks, the bass response is excellent, with the exact amount of punchiness needed to have a satisfying listening experience. Where Sony 1000XM3 stresses slightly more on the bass response on every track, especially the bass-heavy ones, AKG shines on being impressively balanced throughout. 

The low impedance of 16 ohms makes it perfect for smaller devices as well. N700NC also has exceptional sound imaging, leading to the precise placement of the elements in a soundtrack. It also adds to better bass response and transparent, undistorted treble. 

One thing that you need to note is that when you connect the headphone with an audio cable, you may experience a slight drop in the bass. However, the mids and the high-frequency response becomes more defined and clean. N700NC is more apt for those who are looking for an unbiased sound signature; but, if you are a bass head, you may have to go with other options. 

Call Quality

There are mixed AKG N700NC reviews about these headphones’ call quality. A lot of users felt that the sound goes down a bit on the call, and a few mentioned that their voice was echoing to the people on the other end. Many AKG N700nc reviews also mentioned that the call quality seemed fine with no interruption, breakage and that both the parties could hear each other well. 

Now, this might also vary a bit depending on the caller and your surroundings, the quality of the phone you are using, etc. 

AKG N700NC Review – Battery Life and Connectivity

N700NC boasts a battery life of 23 hours with the Bluetooth and ANC mode on. Most of the AKG N700NC reviews indicated that the brand delivers what it promises in the battery department. If not 23 whole hours, many users could use the headphones for 21 to 22 hours constantly on a single charge. Turning off the ANC will give you about 30+ hours of runtime. 

This means that you do not have to worry about the battery running out of charge if you are planning on a day outing, a long road trip, or taking a long-haul flight. But, just in case you do face a low battery, you can connect the headphones to the wired mode and use it. Do remember that the battery life is affected when you turn the volume up. So the higher the volume is, there will be a dip in the performance. That said, what the company promises is for low to moderate volumes. 

Now if you compare, AKG N700NC vs Sony 1000xm3 or Bose QC II, Sony comes with 30 hours of battery life while the latter has 20 hours. So AKG pretty much stands at the same level or slightly higher than Bose QCII. 

As for the connectivity, N700NC uses Bluetooth 4.1 which offers fast pairing and shows no issues in the connectivity. Also, with a range of more than 33 meters, it allows you to move around freely without having to carry the phone. However, when it comes to the codecs, it only supports AAC, SBC and lacks the crucial one, aptX that is responsible for low latency video streaming. This is why many users have experienced latency while watching videos. 

How Much will AKG N700NC Cost You? 

N700NC is a premium pair of headphones from AKG so naturally carries a high price tag of $290.00

But, as mentioned earlier, N700NC has now been replaced with N700NC M2 which is a refined version of its predecessor. While M2 has retained the same look like that of the original AKG N700NC, there are a few upgrades like the sound pressure level of M2 being 110 dB/mW while that of its predecessor being 98db/mW. N700NC M2 is engineered with two microphone technologies which make it slightly better sounding with improvement in the call quality as well. The USB-C charging port and improved battery life at a reasonably cheaper price of $167.99 make it more worthy of buying. 

Pros and Cons of AKG N700NC

N700NC has plenty of good things that have gotten it numerous backing from various users and techies, but a few AKG N700NC problems have made them stand against a few of their direct competitors. So here’s a list for you to weigh them and see if this is something you would like to consider: 

Pros Cons
Decent noise-canceling ability with convenient awareness modes for better operation.
Stellar sonic capability.
Neutral and well-balanced presentation.
Useful AKG App for maximized benefit.
Good battery life.
Can be used in both wired and wireless modes. 
Uses a micro USB which is outdated.
Does not support aptX codec.
Heat accumulation when used for a long time.
Maybe a little less comfortable when compared with the other competitor headphones.
Expensive option.

What Are Some Best Alternatives to the AKG N700nc at a Similar or Lower Price? 

So now that you have detailed information about AKG N700NC, its strengths as well as AKG N700NC problems, you probably know by now if this is something you really want to invest in given that the headphone is expensive. However, if you want to compare this pair of headphones with some other alternatives that cost a bit less or similar and are equally competitive with this one then here are a few that you may want to take a look at: 


If the design of the headphones has really impressed you along with the other features of the N700NC, but the price is pulling you back from moving forward, then you need to consider AKG N700NC M2. At $167.99, the headphone will not only give you the same features and looks of the older version but also some improvements in the sound quality, battery, charging, etc. 

Sony WH-1000XM3

Being a direct competitor of AKG, this one from Sony is a great alternative to consider at a slightly lower price. Just like N700NC, this is a versatile pair of headphones that can be used for multiple different applications. With Sony’s signature sound, this headphone offers you an amazingly detailed sound profile with a slightly raised bass response. This makes the headphones great for those who enjoy a boosted bass when listening to the headphones. It has a great noise-canceling feature and an excellent battery life that gives it an edge over N700NC. 

Shure AONIC 50

With a price pretty much similar to AKG N700NC, this headphone from Shure offers you incredible features and sound. What we like about Aonic 50 is that it is equipped with the latest technologies that people look for today. Bluetooth 5.0, the latest codecs like the aptX HD and aptX Low Latency, Pass-Through mode, Great sound, and excellent noise-canceling ability makes it one of the best wireless headphones in its category. Additionally, there’s a choice of colors that you can pick up based on your personality. 

Jabra – Elite 85h

Here’s yet another great pair of headphones that stands as a solid competitor against AKG headphones. This one here offers outstanding sound with powerful noise-canceling technology, smart voice control, and all of this is supported by excellent battery performance of up to 36 hours of playback. 


Every product has its own advantages and flaws and speaking of AKG N700NC- it is a stylish-looking pair of cans for casual use with a good noise-canceling ability and excellent sound signature. The headphones exhibit a sturdy construction that can hold up against a lot of active handling. 

However, there are a few glitches with this product, the most important of which is the lack of aptX support, which makes these headphones a little less favorable than some of the competitive ones that we have mentioned in the list above. So, if you are looking for a pair for the purpose of watching movies, then this may not be the best option considering the high latency; although there is always the option of using it with wire. 

Another major roadblock is the price, which makes the buyers think about other options that have more features at similar or lesser cost. If the company wants more people to buy this product, it sure has to work on its pricing point. You might also want to check out our AKG K7XX review from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

How much time does N700NC take to charge fully from absolutely no charge?

AKG N700NC takes about 2 hours to charge completely which is actually pretty quicker than some other top headphones in the market. 

Which has a better noise-canceling feature- AKG N700nc vs Sony 1000xm3?

While both the headphones have a good noise-canceling ability, Sony’s ANC function is slightly better than AKG N700NC. If you are really particular about a quiet background then Sony will work best, but if you prefer a great sound with decent noise-canceling, it is AKG then. 

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