Asus Cerberus V2 Review

Asus Cerberus V2 Review

What Is Cerberus V2?

If you are a video game lover, then you would know what it is like to play games without a decent pair of gaming headsets. A good gaming headset not only gives you a delightful gaming session but also offers several conveniences. Using a headset while gaming lets you stay focussed on your game while you keep the outside sound away, and it also prevents the other members in the house or around you from getting disturbed by the different sound effects in the game. Before we start the Asus Cerberus V2 Review, we should take a look at what this device is.

Additionally, a good quality gaming headset with specially designed drivers comes with incredible sonic capability. The audio precision that you get from these headphones gives you a competitive advantage over the others by letting you hear and track your enemies down. 

About the Cerberus V2

Asus Cerberus v2 is the headset from the brand, Asus, that is specially designed and constructed for gaming needs. Now, if you already know the brand and have an idea about its products, then they do not just have the headsets with the name “Cerberus” but also have an optical mouse and an RGB gaming keyboard included in their Cerberus line. 

Cerberus v2 has its predecessor, which, when launched, had received quite an appreciation from the users and experts about the quality of acoustics. However, their subpar construction made the Asus Cerberus headset less favorable. Few of the Asus Cerberus gaming headset reviews also stated that the previous model has excessively massive speaker drivers which weren’t necessary. Instead, they could have focussed more on the overall quality of the product. When Asus came up with Cerberus v2, they did work on all the weak points that prevailed in its predecessor and addressed these issues. You might also find yourself interested in knowing the Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset.

What Are the Asus Brand and Its Gaming Headsets?

For those who do not know much about Asus, they are a Taiwanese company with a solid reputation in the electronics industry. Well-known for their motherboards, laptops, desk computers, and computer peripherals, the brand gives tough competition to other computer hardware companies like IBM, Dell, etc. The brand has also done surprisingly well in the games department as well. Right from a series of gaming headsets, gaming monitors, laptops to gaming keyboards, and mouse, they are a name that gives you satisfaction when it comes to performance, design, and built quality. 

Asus Cerberus V2 Review

So, Is the Asus Cerberus V2 Worth an Investment? 

Since the time of its launch, this particular gaming headset has earned quite a lot of Asus Cerberus gaming headset reviews from different professional reviewers, users, and techies widely. However, with the emergence of new audio gears for gaming with various innovative technology, does this headphone still shine the same way? Who are these Asus Cerberus headsets meant for? What does the Asus Cerberus v2 review speak of these headsets today? We are going to address these in this article today. 

If you are planning on buying Cerberus v2 and need to know if this particular Asus Cerberus headset is worth spending money on, then keep reading further. In the next section, we will give you a detailed Asus Cerberus v2 review, its pros and cons, and more. It’s time to get into the Asus Cerberus V2 Review.

Asus Cerberus V2 Review:

An Insight on the Design, Features, Performance, and Price of Cerberus V2:

Asus Cerberus v2 has three different color variants- red/black, green/black, and blue/black to match your personal preference although the color option completely depends on the availability of the product. With a visually appealing, sporty look, this headset is packed with the basic features that do a pretty good job. You will not find too many advanced or premium features in this Asus Cerberus headset nor are they overpriced. Let’s dig a bit deeper to know more.  

What to Expect in the Box: 

  • Cerberus v2 headset.
  • Detachable boom mic.
  • Audio splitter cable.
  • User guide.
  • Warranty booklet.

Who Are These Asus Cerberus Headsets Meant for? 

While Cerberus v2 can be used by anyone, it is particularly meant for those who are looking for a simple wired headset with basic functionalities geared for gaming needs. These headsets are great for beginners who have just stepped into the gaming world. They are also great for gaming enthusiasts who need a budget-friendly headset with great sound and solid durability. 

Cerberus v2 can be connected to mobile devices with a 3.5 mm connecting cable which makes it a perfect option for gaming on the go. So, if you are a frequent traveler and need something to keep you occupied during long-haul flights, this could be a good pair for you. 

If you are wondering if these headphones are good for music, or Zoom meetings, then yes, you can use Cerberus v2 for those purposes as well. 

Technical Specifications

Connectivity TypeWired 
Compatibility Multi-device compatibility- can be used with Mobile phones, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Series X, Playstation 4, PC, and MAC. 
Audio cable 3.5 mm cord 
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Impedance32 Ohm 
Driver size 53 mm Drivers with neodymium magnets
Microphone Type Inline Mic- OmnidirectionalBoom mic: unidirectional
Cable Type1.2 m long braided cable 
Weight 344 g

Asus Cerberus Gaming Headset Review – Specifications

Design and Build: 

To begin with, these headphones have some great Asus Cerberus gaming headset reviews when it comes to the visuals and the overall construction of these headphones. 

The headphones are given dual-color themes with black being common for all and the rest varies between red, blue and green. The attractive look is also paired with super durable build materials, and you will know that the moment you look at it. As mentioned earlier, the company did a pretty good job in improvising on the overall quality of the headphones from what it was in the case of Cerberus v2’s predecessor. 

While the ear cups are made with good quality plastic, the dual-layer headband is made with a bare metallic (stainless steel) suspended frame on top, perfectly balanced with the lower layer which is also metallic but outfitted with leather padding that sits in the head without hurting. This makes the headphone extremely strong, sturdy, and durable while being comfortable on the head- a perfect blend preferred by gamers that can hold up well against all the gaming excitement and handling. 

However, there is one thing that is worth mentioning here. A couple of Asus Cerberus gaming headset reviews stated that the presence of metal frames causes a ring in the ears when you place them due to the resonance. It stops when you place your hand on the ear cups or adjust it a bit. 

Comforting Your Ears…

The large over-ear design with a closed back and thick cushioning on the ears are super comfortable to wear for as long as your gaming session takes place. The padding on the ear cups has a leatherette finish with memory foam inside that also offers 50% better passive noise isolation than the original Asus Cerberus headset. This, has a direct impact on the overall performance, in a better way. 

We did find one user pointing out in their Asus Cerberus gaming headset review that the clamping force of the ear cups is a bit too much making it uncomfortable for long-term use. We would say that this may vary depending on the head size. Also, most headphones in the newer condition may be a little tight. You may want to keep your hands in between for some time after you wear them- this often flexes the headphones a bit and of course, with regular use, you will start feeling the pressure reducing.

Now, even though the ear cups are not rotating or swiveling, they are fitted to the side of the headband with flexible plastic allowing you to slightly adjust by moving it up or down. 

The cable of the headphone is fixed with an inline mic and controller and is braided for extra durability. The braided wires also do not get tangles which saves you from those long untangling sessions. This cable has a 3.5 mm end which makes it compatible with most of the devices and gaming consoles and if you need to connect them to your PC you can do so with the audio splitter cable provided. 

The Main Feature of Cerberus V2:

This Asus Cerberus headset is equipped with two microphones- one, that we just mentioned above (in-line mic) and the other, the detachable unidirectional boom mic. Being equipped with two different microphones is the highlight of Cerberus v2, which is also a smart move by the company. It enables you to do in-game chatting irrespective of wherever you are. You can use the boom mic when you are at home, and detach the mic and use the inline mic on-the-go. 

Another good thing is, if something goes wrong with one of them or they fail to function properly, this doesn’t stop you from your gaming spree. There is always a backup mic to the rescue. But, what you need to remember is that it is a bit tricky to connect or plug the boom mic properly. According to a few Asus Cerberus v2 reviews, the user plugged the mic in which seemed like it was connected only to find out later that the other person cannot hear because the mic hasn’t been connected securely. So you may want to test the mic ones before you get into the game. 

The only thing is while the mic is great for giving instructions and communicating to the teammates during the game, it isn’t good enough if you want to record for a podcast or other things. 

Asus Cerberus Gaming Headset Review on Sound Quality

Cerberus v2 uses 53 mm Asus proprietary Essence driver apertures instead of the massive 60 mm ones in its predecessor which was a bit redundant. The reduction in the driver size made the interior of the ear cups spacious giving space for the soundwaves to travel freely. This makes Cerberus v2 sound fuller and richer. The headphone has an excellent soundstage with precision in audio. 

The large sized neodymium magnet drivers deliver deep, super rumbling bass which elevates your listening experience giving you immersive audio. While the bass is quite resonating, the mid range and the high remain equally crisp and undistorted and do not get smoked out by the bass response. 

The full frequency response along with the impressively wide soundstage of the Cerberus v2 ensures ultimate accuracy, detailing, and positioning of every little sound.  This allows you to hear each and everything in your gaming scene making it easier for you to track down your virtual enemies even when you cannot see them. The top Asus Cerberus v2 review online should give you a clearer idea of its impressive sonic capabilities. 

As for the music, these headphones do a pretty good job irrespective of any music genre. The low frequencies are punchy, vocal cleans and well-sculpted, instruments we deciphered, and sharp, undistorted trebles. You will also enjoy watching movies with these- their superior clarity helps dialogue delivery, gunshots, the rustling of the leaves, footsteps, and low mumbling voices quite crisp giving you an immersive experience. Also, check out the AKG C414 XLS Vocals.

Cerberus V2 Reviews on the Price

Price plays an important role in the buying decision along with the other vital factors like sound quality, comfort, durability, etc. People weigh the price tag of the headphones with their features and performance. The Asus Cerberus headset gives a solid competition to several other gaming headsets of its kind when it comes to the price point. With $32.00, this headphone is impressively priced and has a lot to bring to the table. 

Pros and Cons of Asus Cerberus Headset

Like every other headphone, the Asus Cerberus headset – Cerberus v2 also has its advantages and downsides. We have listed here these pros and cons based on the Asus Cerberus v2 review that will help you analyze whether this is something you would like to go for or not. 

Pros Cons
Extra enhanced bass response.
Clean and undistorted mids and highs.
Dynamic sound with a wide soundstage.
Compatible with multiple different platforms including mobile phones. 
Dual external microphones.
Braided cable makes it hard to wear.
A detachable, flexible boom mic makes it a versatile option and adds to the convenience. Large thick earpads offer superior comfort. 
Durable build.
Good noise isolation.
Great value for money.
The extra enhanced bass may not be liked by everyone, especially those who love to hear a natural sound. 
While walking around wearing the headset, you can hear the steel frame rattling over the head which can be distracting to some. 
Microphone performance is average and not suitable for recording. 
The in-line controls of the headphone are slightly higher placed which awkwardly hangs near the neck. 
The connecting cable is detachable which means that you cannot replace it if the mic or the control gets damaged.
Asus Cerberus 2

About Asus

Is It a Good Brand to Consider? What Are the Various Products That Asus Has? 

Established in 1989, Asus has been around for quite some time now. The multinational company is well known for its computer hardware, peripherals, and other consumer electronics. However, what made this brand established in the North American market are its PCs and laptops. By 2017, the company became one of the largest sellers of PCs and earned the reputation of being one of the leaders in the industry that uses innovative technologies and ideas making their products customer driven, heavy duty and stylish. 

Some of the products that the brand sells are laptops, cordless or handheld phones, PCs, monitors, motherboards, graphic cards, and gaming devices like headphones, gaming chargers, gaming keyboards, and optical mouse.

Some of the popular laptops available from this brand today are VivoBook, the ZenBook Series like the Asus ZenBook Pro, Republic of Gamers (ROG) Series. 

So What People Usually Ask Is Whether Asus Is a Good Brand? 

Well, in this highly competitive market where every product fights to strive in the presence of big market giants like Apple, Samsung, Sony, or Bose, Asus occupies a huge share as well. The brand is known for bringing out the maximum and the best even from the lower specification gadgets without compromising on the aesthetic value. 

In case, if you are wondering that if the brand focuses on the performance of its products so much with competitive pricing, that you may not expect a whole lot of visuals, then you are wrong. The brand delivers performance, and style alike so there are products to suit different personal tastes!

Here’s a quick rundown on why Asus is a great brand to consider:

You Do Not Have to Change Your Laptop Over and Again

People often find it hard to get a good laptop that will not get damaged at least for two or more years of optimum use and if they get it, they may have to compromise on the design part. Usually, the bigger and bulkier ones tend to stay for long and the sleeker ones are more prone to damages. With Asus, you will not have this issue. 

If you take the example of the ZenBook which is ultra-thin, one of the super portable laptops available today with great built quality, ideal for a full day of work. The laptop is pretty popular among college students and working professionals can hold up well against long hours of work. And, all these at a very reasonable price. 

Even though the very cheap devices from Asus will perform poorly when compared with the ones that are mid-priced and premium, they can still hold up well when compared with most of the laptops in the market. 

Well Known for Its Innovative Technologies

When it comes to bringing unconventional ideas into their system or products, Asus never holds back. So, yet another reason why Asus is a great brand is their constant strive towards bringing out new technologies and applying innovative solutions to make their products unique and efficient. ZenBook Pro Duo offering dual screen, or the ZenScreen Touch portable monitor are some of the glimpses for their technological innovation. 

Gorgeous designs

Asus is a brand that takes risks to bring out what others say is impossible. The incredibly chic and ultra slim laptops, ZenScreen, headsets are sheer examples of them challenging the industry expectations and showing what they are capable of. 

Competitive pricing

Although the company has products that cater to every type of budget be it the economic lines, mid-priced, or the top-tier ones, Asus products are pretty reasonably priced when compared with the rest of the market. You get products that can accommodate a maximum number of features and technology at convenient prices. 

So, while you get a budget friendly product that suits your wallet, you only need to pay a little extra to get additional features and higher level products that can be useful to you. So breaking a bank is never an option here!\


Now coming back to the Cerberus v2, the headset is a pretty good option for those looking for a basic headset with a primary focus on sound quality and not too many complicated features. Asus Cerberus headset delivers what it promises. The incredibly thundering bass response with acoustic accuracy is what the gamers look for in a headset and Cerberus v2 delivers that exceptionally well. 

There are a few concerns with the product like a little too much clamping pressure that can make bespectacled people uncomfortable or even others who have slightly bigger head sizes. The clinging sound of the metallic headband while walking around wearing it can also be bothersome. But if you are not bespectacled and do not bother about the metal resonating, then this pair of headphones is your best bet if you have a limited budget. 

We also recommend you to go through another Asus Cerberus V2 review given by the users online so you will be in a better place to understand whether this is something that suits your needs. You might also want to take a look at the AKG Q701 specs.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): 

Is the Asus Cerberus headset good for movies? 

Yes, they are good for movies. Asus Cerberus v2 offers a powerful and detailed sound with prominent deep bass, clean mids, and highs. This enables crisp dialogue delivery with movie scores more enjoyable to listen to. 

Are Cerberus v2 parts replaceable? 

Unfortunately, most of the parts of this Asus Cerberus headset are intact and cannot be detached. The only thing that is detachable is the boom mic which can probably be replaced if damaged. While no extra earpads are provided with the headset, you can buy them separately and replace them if you know how to. There are several tutorials available online on how you can replace the ear padding of the headphones yourself. 

Can you use the Cerberus v2 for work or taking virtual meetings? 

Yes, you can certainly use this pair of headsets for your day-to-day work calls. The only thing that you need to check is whether the boom mic is connected properly in case you want to use that mic. Some of the Asus Cerberus v2 reviews stated that the boom mic is a bit of a struggle to connect and needs to be checked before using.  

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