Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

Asus is known in the industry for its unconventional Business Philosophy, be it ideas, designs, or technologies, and Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset is a result of their avant-garde. One of the products from the company’s premium shelves, Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset has been designed and geared for stalwart gamers. Other than the various features that this headset carries, it has a unique flamboyant look with massive owl eyes on the ear cups that not only gives you a great gaming experience but adds to the feel good factor when you wear them and boosts up your energy. Before we get into the Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset Review, let us take a closer look at Asus and its wares.

Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset Review – Breaking the Norm

This isn’t new for Asus though. When it comes to designing its products, it always breaks the standard norms and brings out something that turns everyone’s head around. Not just the Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset, but all the other headphones in the Strix line-up have interesting and unique designs that make a style statement in themselves which necessitates this Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset Review. 

Coming back to Strix 7.1 gaming headset, other than the look, these headphones have multi-channeled sound systems with immersive sound capabilities driven by powerful Asus Strix 7.1 drivers that can make your gaming experience like never before. The headphones also come with a plug- and-play audio station that allows easy connectivity and equips you with controls and settings that you would find useful while playing. 

So, what makes this pair of headphones a great armor for gaming enthusiasts? Let’s head to the Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headsets in the next section to know more…

Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset Review – A look at Its Significant Features

When it comes to gaming headsets, every gamer has their own specific needs and preferences depending on their playing habits, the kind of games they play, on what platforms they play, etc. But one common element that every video game lover wants is high quality sound that will enable them to hear every detailed sound in the gaming scene clearly or even the soundtracks played in the game. Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset is a features-rich gaming gear that is designed for such gamers. 

In this section we have covered a detailed Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset review, Asus headphone drivers, are these true 7.1 surround sound headphones or not, their pricing, and more. 

What can you expect in the Strix 7.1 gaming headset package?

In the box, you can expect the headset, bundled with the audio station, a few connecting cables, a warranty card, and a user manual. 

Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset Review – Technical Specifications: 

Connectivity TypeWired 
Audio cable 3.5 mm cord 
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Impedance32 Ohm 
Driver size 40 mm front driver30 mm center driver20 mm rear driver20 mm side driver40 mm subwoofer
Driver type Neodymium magnet drivers
Microphone Type Detachable with unidirectional pickup pattern with Frequency response-50 Hz to 16 kHz 
Cable Type1.5 + 1.5 m = 3.0 long braided cable 
Weight 350 g (excluding cable)
Accompanying accessory USB-powered Audio station with HDMI to 3.5mm adapter cable, speaker output.
Warranty 2 years

Who Can Use These Headphones? 

Strix 7.1 gaming headset is perfect for any video game enthusiast who loves to experience an immersive gaming experience and does not mind paying up a little high to achieve the desired results. Being a premium product, this headphone has a high price tag which may not be a go to for many. 

The headphone can also be used for music but more than that for movies because of their 7.1 surround sound effect. 

Strix 7.1 gaming headset

Design and Build of Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset:

Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset features an eye-catching bold design with the edges and incurves turned into the eyes of an owl. Most of the headphone is black with orange accents that add to the overall look. 

Even though the Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset is entirely made of plastic, the quality is pretty decent which makes it quite sturdy and durable. The earcups rotate to 90 degrees to become flat, paving way for easy storage and this is actually when you see the eye design of both the earcups coming together to form the look that is intended to. The eyes in the ear cups light up when the headsets are in use giving the user a nice indulging feeling and of course some part of flaunting gets added to it. 

Now, the Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset is not just about the look and the design. The hexagonal-shaped softly padded over-ear style ear cups offer superior comfort ensuring that you can wear them for as long as your gaming sessions go. The thoughtfully designed shape of the earcup, the memory foam padding with a leather outer layer absorbs the pressure from around the ears preventing ear fatigue or any other kind of discomfort. This also contributes to a decent amount of noise isolation promoting enhanced listening. 

While the outer layer of the headband has the same plastic build with a suspension design, the inner layer is extremely flexible and padded so the top of the head doesn’t feel compressed. The boom mic can be removed from the headset when needed. 

Size and Weight of the Headset: 

Even though the headphone is completely built out of plastic, the Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset is rather hefty with larger than usual ear cups that are 130 mm wide. This is because the headphone houses 5 Asus Strix 7.1 drivers on each ear cup for the 7.1 true surround sound effect which requires more space to fit in. With so many drivers placed inside, even though the headphone is not excessively heavy that makes you uncomfortable, it is relatively heavier than what a complete plastic-made headphone usually weighs. 

All that said,  there are a few things, however, that you should keep in mind about the Strix 7.1 gaming headset. Even though the earcups of the headphone are designed to turn flat with the rotating feature, the overall size of the headset being large, it does occupy a lot of space. This means that even though it is portable, it isn’t the best travel friendly option. 

Another issue associated with this is the fixed cable that cannot be removed. This means that if it gets damaged accidentally the entire headset gets affected because you cannot replace the cable like in the case of the detachable ones.

Audio Station

Audio Station: 

The headset comes bundled with the audio station which pretty much has the same boxy look as the headphone itself with lots of edges and orange lights or indicators. A well built device, the audio station has three rubber stoppers on the underside of it to prevent it from sliding off the higher surface. The overall construction of this device is quite bulky which gives it stability and doesn’t get pulled or shifted with the headphones like in the case of some of the lighter weight ones. 

The audio station is connected with the headset through the HDMI cable, the port of which is located at the back of the station. The other ports are also located on that side like the USB port, another HDMI port for connecting the 3.5 mm cables of the speakers using the adapter provided in the pack. This way you can control the audio settings of both- Strix 7.1 gaming headset and the speakers that you connected. You can also easily switch between the two at your convenience by just pressing a single button. Also do remember that you cannot use both the speaker and the headset at the same time – say one for gaming and the other for calling. When one device works, the other one automatically does on standby mode. 

The Controls on the Audio Station

There are two control knobs-one mounted on the top of the station and the other on the frontal side. They feel solid and smooth to rotate and have been very thoughtfully made to ease of use. Along with one control knob located on the top, there are 4 tactile buttons which, however, seem a bit loosely fit. There are orange LED light indicators on every function allowing you to easily locate the settings on the station during gaming. We will discuss more its functionalities a bit later. 

Features of Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset: 

The Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset is equipped with many different features that make it a wonderful gaming gear. The main features are: 

True 7.1 Surround Sound: 

When it comes to surround sound technology most of the headphones these days use virtual surround sound for the effect. This means the sound effects for those headphones are driven by software. There are very few headphones that use true surround sound meaning the manufacturers use actual speaker drivers to achieve the effect. 

In the case of the Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset, it isn’t the virtual surround sound system that we are talking about. The headphones use real Asus Strix 7.1 drivers to achieve the true surround sound effect that gives you a more immersive and life-like hearing experience. The exhilarating sound is the outcome of 5 strategically placed Neodymium magnet speaker drivers of different sizes in each ear cup and the accurate mechanism of the chambers. The 40 mm large Asus headphone driver, 40 mm subwoofers, along the 30 mm rear, side, and 20 mm center drivers work together to provide sonic precision. 

Control the Sound

The audio station that comes with the control buttons and sound adjustments equips you with the power to have control over the surround sound. You can control the amount of volume and the EQ of each drive separately to achieve the best possible acoustics as per your listening preference. 

Other than that, the headphone features a two-channel stereo mode. You can easily switch from the surround sound to the stereo mode with one press of a button present on the audio station. This inactivates the Asus Strix 7.1 drivers present on the center, rear, and side and keeps the main drivers active that works like any other normal headset. The stereo mode helps you to enjoy listening to music while with the surround sound you can play games and watch movies. 

Plus-and-play Audio Station: 

The dedicated audio station works as a USB sound card for the Strix 7.1 gaming headset and has all the controls placed on it so you can adjust the sound according to your needs. 4 different interchangeable sound profiles can be used to get the best possible sound as per the game you are playing to make your experience more enjoyable. 

There is a Racing Mode, RPG (Action or Role Playing games) Mode, FPS (First Person Shooter) Gunfire Mode, and FPS Footsteps Mode. The modes enhance the sound of the game giving you an advantage over the enemies. For example, turning on the Gunfire Mode enhances the sound of the firing in a shooting game, this way you can save yourself from your enemies and plan strategies to attack them.  Similarly, the Footsteps Mode allows you to listen to even the distant footsteps clearly which helps you to know where your enemy is. The Asus headphone drivers play an important role in the functioning of these modes. 

Noise-cancelling Feature: 

The audio station comes with a high noise-canceling capability reducing up to 90% of the ambient noise of the headphone. This not only allows you to focus on the game and enjoy or experience the best out of the headphones sound system but also paves the way for clear in-game communication. With this feature, your teammates can hear you better and do not get disturbed by the noises or chattering around you. 

Two Types of Lighting Effects: 

As already mentioned in this Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset review, the earcups the device come with lights that work when the headphones are connected for use. What we did not state earlier is you can change the lighting pattern with the help of a dedicated switch on the audio station to make it more fun and set the gaming mood. The ‘Static’ lighting effect mode ensures the light is constantly lit when turned on. The ‘breathing’ lighting mode gives a slightly fluctuating effect giving a dramatic look from outside. Check out our other article explaining the akg d112 polar pattern from here.

You can also turn the lights off completely if you do not want them or if it looks too flashy. 

Sound Quality and Performance of Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset: 

Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset is a serious step up from the regular dual-channel ones and gives you a solid indulging experience when it comes to gaming. As for the movie, the surround sound is not the best that you can get in the market or the ones that are specially designed for movies, but they manage to deliver decently. 

With a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, there is accuracy in every note. However, you can expect quite a bit of in-depth bass that gives a rumbling effect to the entire audio content. This is due to the presence of the subwoofers in the Asus headphone drivers mix.  This is pretty much how most gaming headsets sound. It also doesn’t get distorted when the headphones volume is turned high which makes the entire presentation pretty enjoyable.

The Highs and the Lows

Now, other than the bass focussed presentation, if you consider the mids, the vocals especially, are slightly flattened. The treble is also not as bright as you can find in a regular non-gaming headphone. But the headphone hits right on when it comes to the gaming sound needs. If you are a critical listener, you may feel the positional audio is a little restricted considering the space limitations. But, the headset along with the companion audio station together gives an overall impressive 7.1 surround sound experience. 

You may find the sound effects of some of the elements like a bombing or footsteps approaching a little too close or a bit imbalanced. However, you can adjust the sound with the help of the controls in the audio station as per your listening preference. 

The microphone is of good quality and does its job well in picking up your voice as clearly as possible ensuring clear uninterrupted communication. This added to the noise cancelation makes the overall gaming experience smooth. 

Price of Asus Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset: 

This pair of gaming headphones is on the higher side of the price spectrum costing you about $283.00. If you are specifically looking for 7.1 surround sound gaming headphones, then there are a few other options available in the market from competitor brands if this doesn’t suit your budget. HyperX Cloud Alpha S costs you $132, Corsair HS60 at $69.99, or Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 at under $50.00. While the first two are designed for virtual effects, Razer Tiamat is just like the Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset made with true multichannel drivers to achieve the effect. 

Now, if you are planning on buying this headset, a quick glimpse at the pros and cons for you to see if this is something you would want to move forward with. 

Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
Sturdy, solid build that can render exceptional durability.
Impressive noise canceling ability.
Good microphone performance.
High functioning audio station with various controls for different sound adjustments.
Pretty good audio performance when used for gaming.
Braided cable for extra durability. 
The chunky design is specific to individual tastes and preferences and may not be liked by everyone.
The cable of the headphone cannot be detached so no option of replacement.
Too much plastic use gives the headset a little cheaper look.  
Expensive option to consider.
Not a great travel friendly option considering the size and shape of the headphone.

What Is 7.1 Surround Sound and What Does It Do? 

With modernizing and innovation of technology, the sound system has seen quite a bit of a step up in the past few years. The manufacturers constantly try to keep up with the pace of the consumer demands and their needs by adding state-of -the-art technologies to make their experience better. 7.1 surround sound is a revolutionary technology that makes a person feel the virtual world and not just hears it. It is the technology where the speakers or the drivers are placed in such a way, rather, in different angles that they recreate sound making you feel and visualize the position of a virtual object like real. Also, check out our AKG c414 review from here.

The 7.1 surround sound technology is used in home theaters and now in headphones as well. This is a huge boost to the gaming world and movies alike as it gives you an immersive listening experience that no stereo speakers or stereo headphones can give. 

The use of 7.1 technology has several advantages in the gaming world. Besides giving an enjoyable experience, the headphones packed with this technology give you a competitive edge over your enemies by providing you with every detailed sound that you can benefit from.

The 7.1 audio can be achieved either by using true positional speaker drivers like in the case of the Strix 7.1 gaming headset or virtually using the surround sound software. With the help of software technology, the speakers are virtually placed inside the headphones at different angles so you get a realistic listening experience. 

Asus 7.1 Product Image

Differences Between 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound

You might have also heard about the 5.1 surround sound. In case you are wondering what the difference is between 5.1 and 7.1 headsets, their difference lies in the number of speakers or audio channels used. For example, in the case of 7.1, 7 positional speakers are used with 1 subwoofer. Likewise, in the case of 5.1 technology, 5 speaker drivers are positioned in the ear cups along with 1 subwoofer. The subwoofer helps in enhancing the bass response which in turn makes the headphones sound more intense and lifelike. 

There are numerous games today that support the 7.1 surround sound. Some of them that are great for testing 7.1 surround sound or you can use a surround sound headset for an enjoyable experience is- 

“Call of Duty” (a war game where surround sound technology can give you a breathtaking experience with weapon sound, footsteps firing, etc. “NBA 2K 21 is”, a basketball game that can give you excitement when you hear the realistic sound of the ball bouncing on the court. 

Some of the classic ones like Hell Blade-Senua’s Sacrifice, Battlefield 4, Shadow of the Tomb Raider are a few of the many games that can give you an intense experience with surround sound effects. 


So the real question is ‘Is the Strix 7.1 gaming headset worth buying’? Well, If you do not mind the non-removable cable, and need a headphone mainly for gaming, then this is a great option for you to consider. A lot of useful inclusions come along with the audio station that is bundled with the headset. The headset has generous padding for extra comfort and the Asus Strix 7.1 drivers do a pretty good job in bringing out the best of the surround sound technology. You might feel the weight to be slightly on the heavier side for a plastic build but if you are used to chinky gaming headphones already then this wouldn’t come as a surprise to you. 

However, with a price tag that high, considering the cable cannot be replaced, this may not be the best purchase, especially when you get many similar gaming headsets with similar sound effects, sound settings, and replaceable cable options. That said, this is a great option for those gamers who do not mind spending a premium price for a chunky, trendy looking pair of cans to make their gaming moments special. You might also want to check out the AKG Q701 review from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Why is my Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset sounding so silent even at the highest volume? 

This may happen if your firmware is not updated. Once you update your firmware and reset your computer these headsets should work fine. If you still face the issue, check with other devices to see if it happens when connected to those as well. If the issue persists, you may have to contact the seller and ask for a replacement or take the help of their technical service team. 

Is the Asus Strix 7.1 gaming headset good for music? 

Strix 7.1 can be used in two different modes- the surround sound and the stereo mode. So if you want to listen to the music, you may want to switch to the stereo mode for a better experience. However, since this headset is designed for gaming needs, you will find it to be more bass heavy while the mids and the highs are a little less bright. This means that while you can listen to the music, you may not enjoy as much of it as you would with a proper headset meant for that purpose. 

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