Best Headphones for Editing

Best Headphones for Editing

Whether you are a professional videographer, editor, or apprentice working on a videography project, you would know that delivering a good piece of video to your audience is your ultimate goal. This can only be possible if the audio quality of the film or the documentary you are producing is excellent. The reason is that the auditory sense is as important as that of the visuals and unless both these elements are on par with each other, the work doesn’t seem quite appealing. 

Video editing is not an easy job and like any other element that needs to be worked on, it needs huge attention in the audio department as well.  Many people often tend to ignore the fact that the presence of good quality audio makes the entire video more interesting, creates the mood, and captures the attention of the audience. It is also a fact that, oftentimes, a good flick or a motion picture falls apart due to poor quality audio.

Best Headphones for Editing and Gaming

To get the audio right, it is crucial to listen to the sound effects, the audio, or the music within the video, so you know exactly where the changes should be made, or the audio should be enhanced to sound clear and amplified. This can be done by using good-quality headphones, so you can closely monitor the sound. It also helps maintain a balance between the different audio frequencies while maintaining the optimum bass and the highs so it neither sounds indistinct nor overpowering. After all, most people these days have modern-day speakers or audio gears that deliver every bit of the audio clearly, which means the audio work in the video editing needs to be done with perfection.

Therefore, if one asks whether one needs headphones for video editing, the answer is “Yes”! It makes a huge difference when you listen to the audio that needs to be edited using video editing headphones. Now, the reason why I am specifically saying “a video editing headphone” is that the process of editing the sound needs a good quality headphone that has a balanced audio profile and active noise-canceling feature. 

Tough the headphones don’t necessarily need to be top-notch, premium ones with a heavy price tag, the extremely cheaper ones may not do the job well either. The following section of the article will exclusively cover some of the best editing headphones including the best budget headphones for editing, their features, prices, and more.  So let’s get started…

Best Headphones for Editing Videos

Video editing is fun provided you are equipped with all the necessary gadgets and gears that you need from a good laptop or a PC, to highly efficient video editing software and good quality headphones for the best listening experience. You need to choose the right kind of headphones for your video editing project. Given the fact that there are endless options available today, it can be boisterous to pick the best one that will qualify your checklist. 

So, to make the job easy, we have distilled down the products to some of the best headphones for editing based on expert and user reviews and recommendations. Most of these headphones have their specialty and are good at what they should deliver. They have different price points, right from the best budget headphones for editing to the premium studio-grade headsets with high-end features, so one can select as per preference. Here’s they are

Audio Technica ATH M50x

Audio Technica has been a popular brand in the Audio Industry, offering some of the best quality, highly versatile headphones. The Audio Technica ATH M50x is a professional-grade Studio headphone that has all the features and qualities you need for video editing. 

This is one of the best headphones for editing designed with an over-the-ear, closed-back style that fits perfectly letting you use them for an extended period. This design also offers pretty good ambient noise isolation, so you can focus on listening. With 45 mm large drivers, a frequency range of 18 Hz to 28,000 Hz, the headphone delivers crystal clear and powerful sound. Even though the sound is powerful and loud, the output is almost neutral and doesn’t stress much on any particular frequency range. This makes sound monitoring easier leading to accurate audio editing. 

The swiveling earcups enable you to do one ear quick monitoring without having to wear the entire headphone again. The rare earth magnets and the copper-aluminum cladded wire coils combined with large drivers allows the headphone to separate each element in the audio allowing a clear hearing, so you know exactly where the tweek is needed. 

The only downside of this battery is that it can feel a little heavy to some owing to the design and may sound slightly bass focussed that a 100% neutral sound that can be deciphered by a true audiophile. 

With a price tag of $169.00 and equipped with all the features along with a solid sound profile, this one is considered one of the best headphones for video editing by many studio professionals and audiophiles. 

Audio Technica ATH M50x:

Beyerdynamic Dt 880 250 Ohm

One of the best headphones for audio editing that is designed with high impedance is by Beyerdynamic. It is yet another great choice for professional studio editors. The semi-open ear cup design allows a neutral sound reproduction to give a more realistic output. The high impedance of 250 Ohm added to it makes this headphone a studio fit product that helps in editing the sound perfectly whether you want to mix, edit or enhance the quality of the audio. 

The headphone is not equipped with active noise-canceling (ANC) technology because of which it may not be a choice for everyone. But if you like its over-ear design, then this headphone has a high-quality build for comfortable long hour wear. Its adjustable and swiveling design is easy to wear and store. The headphone delivers a well-defined audio profile with clear bass, mids, and highs while sounding neutral at the same time.

If you are looking for professional-grade headphones for video production and ANC is not a thing for you, then this one is sure worth consideration. The only thing is the product has a price tag of $229.00 which is a bit pricey. On the upside, Beyerdynamic Dt 880 comes with replaceable parts, so you do not have to spend a huge sum of money buying a new one in case its parts get damaged.

Beyerdynamic Dt 880 250 Ohm:

AKG K240 Studio

If you are looking for the best budget headphones for editing videos, then these semi-open back ear cups with over-ear fit headphones are something you cannot afford to miss. AKG has been in the audio market for years now delivering some premium audio wearables. 

K240 Studio is an excellent option if one is specifically looking for headphones for video editing because of the flat frequency range it offers. Sitting over the ear with a flexible headband, this one is ideal if you need to work in the sound editing lab for several hours. The ergonomic fit also works great in noise isolation allowing precision hearing and perfect sound mixing. 

Integrated with the patented 30 mm XXL transducers, this audio gear delivers dynamic and wide sound levels at all frequencies. You will get a headphone amplifier with this pack which when connected appropriately will give you an incredibly accurate sound delivery with superior audio quality. 

Now, while the headphone has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of the user, not everyone may find this piece the ultimate comfortable headphone. However, the price tag of $79.99, with its portable and replaceable ear padding, makes it one of the best headphones for editing audios under $100. 

A couple of things that are worth mentioning here is the headphone cannot be collapsed, so portability may be an issue. The headband does not have a soft band, so some people may find it uncomfortable.

AKG K240 Studio:

Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Canceling Headphones:

This headphone is one of the finest offerings from Sony if you need the best editing headphones with active noise-canceling technology. The overall look may look similar to the ones listed above, but this audio gear has a lot to offer. The world-class, in-built smart noise cancellation technology senses the surrounding noise and effectively eliminates it giving you a high-quality and clear listening experience. 

The headphone is a Bluetooth-enabled audio piece, which may make you think twice about its efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to video editing. This may be true in some cases, as the wireless technology may create latency and end up losing some audio signals. However, with Sony WH1000XM3, you do not have to worry about this issue. The Bluetooth support in the headphone delivers low latency ensuring you get 100% original audio flow without missing any part. 

The headphone has a sophisticated collapsible design with swiveling ear cups and comes in a case for easy storage and portability. The only thing is its premium pricing of $348.00 which is quite high on the price scale. If you are looking for the best headphones for editing, then this one is in no way closer to what you want to see. You might also want to check out our Bluetooth collar headphones article.

Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones:

 Sony MDR 7506

Here’s yet another one from Sony, which is in a more affordable range and is a perfect option for professional editing. The headphone has a neutral audio profile with a frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Its large 40 mm drivers integrated with neodymium magnets reproduce clear and well-balanced sound at all frequency levels. It is compatible with laptops or PC making it convenient for video editing. 

Having closed back and over-ear ear cups, the noise isolation comes out well. The headphones are also pretty comfortable to wear all day with reasonably thick padding. Some people who are used to a softer and thicker pad may find this padding slightly struggling. Overall, for a mark-up of $110.00 and the features that it brings to the table, this is one of the best headphones for editing that you may get without breaking your bank. This is also one of the popular choices among many professional editors. 

 Sony MDR 7506:  Best Headphones for Editing

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro:

Sennheiser has 40 years of establishment in the audio industry and is known for making some amazing headphones’ lineup suited for every type of listening preference.  One of the best budget headphones for editing lower than the $100 mark, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is an amazing product for studio and editing needs. 

The headphone offers you a flat frequency response that operates with unbiased sound, which is best for doing the audio works in video editing. The sound pressure level is engineered to be 113 dB, which means that the headphone gives you an impressively loud sound. It also has superior noise isolation ability owing to its ergonomically designed body. 

The around-the-ear (supra-aural) ear cups, cushioned headband, and replaceable cord ensure cozy fit and durability. The only disadvantage of the headphone is that some may feel the headband to be quite large and hefty. You will get this product at $99.00 online. 

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro: Best Headphones for Editing

Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone

You will be impressed with the amazing features that this product brings along, and all that at an economic range of $104.29. The headphone is equipped with big 50 mm drivers that produce unmatchable sound quality. The Hi-Res certification is proof of what it can deliver. 

The headphone comes with a broad frequency spectrum of 5 Hz to 40,000 Hz. The back open design yields a natural listening experience. These headphones for video editing also come with a self-adjustable head strap for comfortable wear. Unfortunately, the headphone feels slightly heavy when compared to other similar products. But if that isn’t a big deal for you, then this one is worth taking a look at. 

Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone:

Sennheiser HD600 Audiophile Headphones:

HD600 is one of the top-notch headphones for video editing that is appreciated by many audiophiles around the world. Several professional filmmakers and audio engineers find this pair of headphones to be useful equipment while editing. 

The headphones have a sophisticated and ergonomic design with softly padded ear cups and cushioned headband. The ear cups can smoothly swivel allowing you to use them on a single ear if needed. 

The open-air, metallic mesh finish at the back of the earcups aids in extra durability and better sound quality. This architecture also allows accurate sound mixing, mastering, and editing. The frequency response of 10 Hz to 41,000 Hz and its unique engineering allows the headphones to damp the sound efficiently and deliver a natural sound at low frequency, mids, and highs. 

The removable cables allow free movement, adding to more convenient use. For $349.00, this is one of the best headphones for editing to go for if this falls within your budget. 

Sennheiser HD600 Open Circumaural Audiophile Headphones: Best Headphones for Editing

Audio-Technica ATH-R70x

One of the best headphones for editing, ATH-R70x is a powerful headphone that can give you high-resolution sound, enabling you to have a smooth and accurate editing and sound mixing experience. The headphone has a high-efficiency magnetic circuit for the most precise frequency response. 

Designed to perfection, this ergonomically oriented headphone can give you ultimate comfort with its soft ear padding and headband padding, if you want to wear it all day for your editing. The open-back, metallic mesh housing provides spacious and natural acoustics. The headphone is also extremely lightweight adding to the comfort and does not hurt even when worn for long hours.  

This is a high-fidelity headphone that may not be ideal for everyone because of its high price point. With a price tag of $349.00, this pair of headphones for video editing is geared towards studio or professional use. 

Audio-Technica ATH-R70x:  Best Headphones for Editing

AKG Acoustics K 702:

Here’s a sleek and stylish yet efficient pair of headphones with exceptional audio performance and sound quality. The over-ear design ensures a snug fit preventing the sound from escaping, thus maintaining the audio quality. The headphone is engineered with flat wire technology that increases the sound sensitivity, which ensures undistorted and sharp trebles. The company patented Varimotion diaphragm covers a broad frequency range with clean and crisp frequency response in a broader spectrum including the lows and the highs. 

Oriented for video editing in studios, the headphone is designed with an open back style that gives spacious airy yet neutral acoustics. AKG Acoustics K 702 has a price tag of $179.95 which is on the higher side of the price scale. But, for studio-level audio gear, this is one of the best budget headphones for editing that you can find. 

AKG Acoustics K 702: Best Headphones for Editing

Other headphones for video editing recommended by the users and experts are: 

Now there is a refined list of some of the best editing headphones that one can use in the studio or for a project. However, to understand which one suits you the most, you need to keep in mind a few factors when picking up headphones for video editing. 

Parameters to Consider Before Purchasing Headphones for Editing:

There are various models of professional headphones available in the audio market with different designs, technology, and features. If you are planning on picking up a pair for the very first time and do not know which one is the best editing headphones you should invest in, then the following parameters will help you get what you need:


Video editing is a time-consuming process, and you may need to wear the headphones for several hours. That is why the headsets must have a comfortable fit both on or over the ears and on the head. Go for the lighter headphones. You also have models that float over the head instead of exerting pressure on the head. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x is a great example of professional headphones with a floating design.

Ear fatigue is yet another concern among most professional editors. So go for a softer ear padding made with breathable material that can be worn for a longer time. Usually, ear pads made of foam or valor are the best ones when it comes to comfort. 

The type of ear cup also plays an important role in determining the comfort of the wearer. Over-ear headphones are usually more comfortable than on-ear ones. If you are looking for a pair of sleep earbuds with Bluetooth, check out our other article.

Will the Headphones Last Long?

The best headphones for editing that are studio-grade or professional ones are usually on the higher end of the price scale. If one is investing in them, check the durability of the product. You do not want the headphones to break down after using them a few times. Therefore, go for the ones that are made of durable materials and are known for resisting heavy wear and tear. The foldable headphones with a storing case are usually more durable as you can store them properly after use. 

It is also a good idea to consider the headphones that have alternative parts available with the manufacturer. That way, if a part of headphones like the cable of the ear padding gets damaged, it would cost you much less to replace them rather than buying a new headphone again. Speaking on the durability note, the Jlab metal aluminum earbuds are very well-built to last forever. If you are in the market for something similar, do consider these as an option.

What Kind of Cables Does the Headphone Have?

While some professionals are extremely particular about having a cable that can be detached from the headphones, for others it may not be a thing. Similarly, some people may like coiled cables and others may be more comfortable with straight ones. If you have a particular preference, pay attention to what type of cable the headphone comes with.

Frequency Response: 

If you want the best headphones for editing, you need to ensure that the headphone has a flat and dynamic frequency range. The broader the frequency response is, the better audio it will deliver, meaning, you can hear the most subtle and tiniest sounds in the audio. This helps in better editing. For example, if the frequency range of the headphone is between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz (human hearing range), you cannot hear finer sounds beyond this range and may miss out on something that needs to be edited from the video. Ideally, the best headphones for editing should have a range of up to 30,000 Hz or higher. 

The Size of the Driver Matters:

It goes without saying that the bigger the size of the driver or the transducer, the louder and better the sound of the headphone is. The sound pressure is also adjusted accordingly. Higher sound pressure in larger drivers delivers powerful sound. If you are looking for the best editing headphones, go for one that has larger drivers. 

Compatibility With Other Devices:

Well, when you are working on editing videos, you probably need to work on both a laptop and a PC. While most of the present-day headphones are compatible with most of the main source devices, some may not be, especially if your laptop or PC is an older model. The best thing here would be to opt for headphones with detachable cables with different types of pins that can be connected to any device. Another good way is to go for the wireless headphone options, however, you have to go for premium grade headphones with Class 1 Bluetooth for consistent signal. 


One of the vital factors that have a huge impact on the buying decision is the budget. There are plenty of options that are pocket-friendly and are good for video and audio editing. Unless you are an audiophile and need something more fancy and hi-fi for some big project, you can consider choosing from the best budget headphones for editing that work amazingly well.

Do You Like Open Back or Closed-back Headphones?

Both open-back style and closed-back style have their advantages. The open-back headphones give a more spacious and natural sound by letting in the ambient sound. The closed-back ones, on the other hand, block the surrounding sound from entering, giving a quieter environment. The latter allows you to edit sound with more accuracy, and they are also helpful when working on low pitch sound which may otherwise be difficult to hear. 


Video editing takes a lot of time and patience and to make the process efficient and accurate, you will need a good pair of headsets to help you do the audio work. Selecting the right kind of audio gear can be challenging, especially with all the brands marketing their products to be one of the best headphones for editing. In this article, we have included some of the best editing headphones based on customer feedback and expert reviews and across a varying price range. Hope this helps you pick up the ideal headphone for your editing work that fits into your budget and meets your preferences. 

Having said that, if you need additional information, do not forget to check out our FAQs section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s): 

Which type of headphones offers more comfort when using for long hours? 

Well, this depends on personal preference. Headphones are available in different types of ear cups like around the ear, on the ear, etc. While the most comfortable option for long-hour use is the Over-the-ear headphone that sits by surrounding the ear and does not apply pressure on the outer ear, some may prefer in-ear or on the ear as well. 

How long do the headphones for video editing last? 

The durability of the headphones depends on the product and the brand itself. Some brands offer products that are made of extremely sturdy material that can resist long hours of usage and a lot of wear and tear. These headphones are often slightly bulkier than the others owing to their material and durable build. 
In any case, it is always recommended to take breaks by using headphones in between your work, so you do not wear them for long hours. 

Which are the best headphones for editing? 

This again depends on personal choices and user preference. All of them have good features and offer excellent performance. What is best for you may not be the choice of another. There are many types of headphones for video editing and in this article, we have listed some of the best ones that you can go for. Do take a look at them and see if you find something that suits your needs. 

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