Best Long Distance Wireless Earbuds

Long Distance Wireless Earbuds

People, in the present times, have an extremely active lifestyle and there are a series of events that follow right from getting up in the morning to going back to sleep at night. Rushing to the gym and buying groceries on the way back to taking work calls while sitting at your breakfast table, life only gets busier as the day passes. People get into their ‘multitasking mode’ and mobile devices are your all-day companion. 

Long Distance Wireless Earbuds: Go Wireless…

Whether one wants to listen to energy-boosting music during workout sessions or take an early conference meeting while driving to work, an earphone, or a headphone is the need of the hour. However, amid all the stir, it can get overwhelming with the wire keeps hanging around from the headphones and tangles everywhere. What one needs is something that will keep your hands free to make life simpler, right? Wireless earbuds or headphones are a revolutionary invention that makes things pretty simple allowing you to be free to move around. 

While the concept of wireless and wire-free earpieces has been around for quite some time now, they seem to have been gaining more popularity today, especially among the younger generation, the main reason being the innumerable benefits attached to these types of audio gear.

Bluetooth Range and Class

When it comes to wireless headphones and earphones, one of the most important things that people see is what range does it cover. This means, how far from your mobile device can you go with your earbuds or the headsets on… the range or the connectivity of the earbuds depends on the Bluetooth version and most importantly its class. The earlier versions of the Bluetooth had a short-range, say about 5 to10 meters or less. As it got upgraded to a higher version, the performance got better, and the latest version is much more efficient and has better connectivity with anything between 30 and 80 meters or more. On that note, the JBL Endurance Peak Review might interest you as it has a pretty impressive wireless range.

Bluetooth headphone range varies from product to product. A crucial fact that many people do not know is, a Bluetooth’s true range depends on its ‘Class’. The Bluetooth device’s total power output describes its class and determines the Bluetooth’s coverage range. This means, the higher the power output, the bigger or expanded the average range is.

Types of Classes and Range Covered

With that said,  Bluetooth is classified into three types based on the Class- 

  • Class 1 is the best of the three, with a range of up to 300 feet. Headphones with Class 1 Bluetooth typically have a signal range of 164 to 262 feet / 50 to 80 meters. The maximum power output here is 100mW.
  • Class 2 Bluetooth audio gears have a signal range of 10 to 20 meters. But the good thing is it can connect to another device with a different Bluetooth class, say Class 1. This gives the overall set a better range of about 30 to 33 meters, however, it will be inclined towards Class 2. Most of the wireless earbuds and headphones have Class 2 Bluetooth.
  • Class 3 has a range of less than 1 meter. 

Now that you know what determines the range in a true wireless earbud or a wire-free headphone, let’s move on to see some of them and what Bluetooth headphone range they have to offer:

Long Distance Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

Supported by Bluetooth v5.0, these long distance wireless earbuds are ergonomically designed for the perfect fit and comfort. They are IPX7 waterproof rated, making them the perfect audio gears for any kind of sports. While the in-ear-designed earphones give you a total playback time of about 4 to 5 hours, its charging case packs a powerful 3300 mAh battery that can fully charge your earbuds up to 25 times! This is pretty impressive because you do not have to worry about the low battery for a good period. 

Additionally, the charging case also has power bank capabilities, which means while traveling if the phone runs out of charge, do not worry. Charge the phone using the charging case you have available, the one that came with the earbuds. The earbud is said to have been equipped with Ble5.0 Chipset, which, unlike the older ones, gives an amazing 100+ meters of range making it one of the best long distance Bluetooth headsets. 

HIFIMAN TWS600 Long Range Wireless Headphones/ Earbuds

HIFIMAN TWS600 Long Range Wireless Headphones/ Earbuds

The most significant feature about these HIFIMAN earbuds is their whopping 150 meters Bluetooth range (Bluetooth 5.0). Yes! You heard it right. The brand claims that these long distance wireless earbuds can deliver uninterrupted steaming even if you move 150 meters away from your main device. The earbud has excellent sound quality with a comfortable fit in-ear design, making it a perfect option when you need to multitask and keep your phone away. Unlike other earpieces that usually have 3 extra ear tips, this one here includes 8 different ear tips to give you the best listening experience.

The IPX4 certified sweat-resistant earpiece is suitable for office use, domestic purposes, and even for vigorous exercise sessions. These long distance wireless earbuds have brilliant battery life, with 5.5 hours of runtime on the earbuds and 38.5 hours in the backup charging case. This means that you can go on using it and can never fully run out of charge. While these earbuds have some solid attributes, there are a few things that you need to make a note of. It is an expensive option when compared with a few competing ones and lacks that powerful bass. So if music is your topmost priority, then this will not be a great option to go for.

NuForce BE Live5 Long Range Wireless Headphones

NuForce BE Live5 Long Range Wireless Headphones

These long distance wireless earbuds give a pretty decent connection even if one moves up to 40 meters away from the mobile. This makes it easy to listen to one’s favorite tunes while finishing household chores or other work without having to carry the phone along. The earbud houses 8 mm large drivers, which is a relatively bigger size than what is usually used in regular earbuds. This product gives a loud and clear audio output and an impressive sound quality with incredible bass response, making it a suitable option for audio enthusiasts who need perfection in the output. You will get 8 hours of uninterrupted playback with this long distance wireless earbuds set. 

PowerPro Sport 5.0 Bluetooth Long Distance Wireless Earbuds

PowerPro Sport 5.0 Bluetooth Long Distance Wireless Earbuds

With headphone range varying in style and features, it is hard to find one that covers a good long range. PowerPro Sport 5.0 is one such product that is supported by Bluetooth 5.0 technology and covers a range of up to 30 meters or 100 feet, giving you a seamless flow of audio. With its IPX7 rated waterproof make, these earbuds are weather-resistant, allowing you to use them freely anywhere. With 11 mm large drivers, the sound system is one of the top-notch ones, delivering crystal clear audio output and heavy bass response. The integrated noise-canceling feature and the ergonomic fit adds to the many advantages that these long distance wireless earbuds bring to the table. 

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds -Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds -Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones

While it is rare to find earbuds or headsets supporting Bluetooth headphone range Class 1, here’s one that comes with it. These high-performing earbuds are not only a style statement but also have premium-level features to give you the best listening experience, including an incredibly long distance range owing to its Class 1 Bluetooth. Powered by the Apple H1 chip, these long distance wireless earbuds have a water/sweat resistant build and can perform consistently up to 9 hours with 24 hours of charging back up in its case. The company also claims that if the battery runs out, and you do not have sufficient time to get it fully charged, you can use 5 minutes of Fast Fuel technology to get an additional 1.5 hours of playback time. 

Another advantage of this product is you can use both the earbuds together or one at a time, with the functionalities and controls independent of each other depending on your comfort level. With its ergonomic fit and ear hooks, this is a perfect option for fitness professionals who love to boost up their energy and mood with bass boosted high-quality music flow. 

Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

With an active noise-canceling feature, IP57 rating for water and sweat resistance, and a perfect in-ear fit, this one is ideal if you are looking for a sports or gym-friendly earbud. These Elite Active 75t long distance wireless earbuds will give you a run time of 5.5 hours and the changer provides a backup of an additional 24 hours. These earpieces are incorporated with the latest sound enhancement technology, the latest DSP, and 4 mics for delivering crisp and clear sound when on call. The earbuds are supported by the Jabra app, where you can tailor the sound as per your hearing preference. These tiny audio gears are also integrated with a smart voice assistant feature, so you can summon Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant whenever you want! You might want to consider taking a look at our JBL Tune 120 TWS Review as it offers a similar design and overall better functionality.

BlueAnt – Pump Lite HD Wireless Sportsbuds

BlueAnt - Pump Lite HD Wireless Sportsbuds

Here’s yet another option if one is looking for a decent pair of earbuds within a pocket-friendly range. But do not get misguided by its price tag because this one has a lot to offer. These long distance wireless earbuds feature wireless Bluetooth that allows you to move around freely up to 100 feet from the main audio source without a disturbance in the audio streaming. It comes with Comfortseal tips combined with the SuperFit system that isolates and cancels the surrounding noise arriving at a clear and better quality sound. 

The earpieces are IP54 rated which means that they have moisture and dust protection. Its user-friendly controls, easy touch functionality, bass-boosted sound technology, and voice assistant feature give it an edge over others within the same price tag. You also get 5 different color options to choose from to complement your style.

Long Distance Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

Having done thorough research on various headphones within this category, we have come up with the best ones that have received several positive reviews and high ratings from experts and users. 

Plantronics – Voyager 5200

Plantronics - Voyager 5200

Known for its high performance, clear sound output, and easy fit in design, this long range Bluetooth headset is ideal for working professionals who need something more compact than a traditional headphone model. If you are a person who moves around at work and uses your mobile phone more than a PC, then this one is worth taking a look at. This lightweight audio piece has a Bluetooth headphone range of 30 meters from the main audio source, giving you ample space. Its triple mic integrated DSP, noise-canceling feature, and uninterrupted Bluetooth performance make it one of the best options if you are looking for long range Bluetooth headsets.

BlueParrott B450-XT

BlueParrott B450-XT

This premium wireless Bluetooth headphone set has a lot to talk about. Right from its sophisticated and ultra-comfortable design to best-in-class noise cancellation feature, this one qualifies to be in the best long range wireless headphones list. With a Bluetooth headphone range of 100 meters+, this one is ideal if your job requires you to move around the workplace. The integrated smart VoiceControl feature allows you to receive and reject calls with just your voice. This audio gear can block almost 96% of the ambient sound with its ANC feature allowing you to have smooth communication without getting intervened by the noisy office surrounding. The easy control buttons, and the super-durable build, and the battery life of 24 hours make it a perfect choice for fieldwork as well. 

Plantronics – Voyager 4220

Plantronics - Voyager 4220

Plantronics has a series of headphones that are specifically designed for both home and commercial uses. Voyager 4220 is one of its best-rated long range wireless headphones that features a dual-ear stereo sound system. The headphones can be connected with mobile phones via Bluetooth, and it also has the facility to connect to desk phones through the USB-A Bluetooth adapter that comes with the headset. 

The dual-microphone features noise cancellation technology blocks ambient noise, allowing one to have uninterrupted communication. This long range Bluetooth headset enables lets one to move around freely and go as far as up to 30 meters without seamless audio streaming. The battery life of 12 hours is good enough for you to last for an entire day. 

Avantree HT3189 Wireless Headphones

Avantree HT3189 Wireless Headphones

The sleek and stylish headset comes with a Bluetooth transmitter that connects automatically with the headset when both the devices are turned on. The company claims that the headphone set is integrated with Bluetooth technology that is of Class 1 giving you a signal range of 30 + meters. It allows you to enjoy your movie or a TV show with its ultimate sound quality and seamless audio and video streaming. The Bluetooth transmitter can also be used to pair with other devices like TV, laptops, speakers, and more. With its super soft cushions, earpads, adjustable headband, and 40 hours of battery life, this is a great option for entertainment purposes and professional/ office use. 

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

While on the expensive side of the price spectrum, this is one of the best long range wireless headphones from Bose’s audio gear lineups. Bose is known for its amazing sound quality and has incorporated its signature sound into this headphone as well. The lightweight headphone features an enterprise-class noise-canceling feature that blocks out the surrounding noise up to 11 levels. This means that you will sound crisp and clear in any type of environment be it a windy surrounding or a noisy work environment. 

The headphone comes with simple designed and easy-to-use controls. It has an integrated digital voice assistant feature to navigate between music. The battery life is pretty impressive and can give one about 20 hours of runtime with continuous usage. 

Bluetooth’s earbuds and headphones have come a long way with a multitude of features and benefits packed in them. Undoubtedly, they make life much easier by keeping you wire-free and help you multitask. But like any other technology, this particular one also has its disadvantages and may cause inconveniences at times.

Why Use Wireless Earbuds?

You do not have to deal with the wires anymore! Well, wires can be quite annoying at times when you are trying to work using the headphones. It can even get worse when you need to take an urgent call and figure that the earphone is all tangled up. Untangling the wire is another task altogether. Long-range Bluetooth headsets or earbuds are easy to handle and do not have any wire that intervenes in your work. This means that you can do multiple different works with your earbuds on. 

Stylish Yet Practical:

Whether it is long distance wireless earbuds or a headset, this kind of audio gear adds to your style quotient. There is a multitude of options when it comes to long-range Bluetooth headsets that vary in style, color, technology, size, etc. You can select what suits you perfectly in terms of looks, comfort, and serving the purpose thus making it a more practical option to go for. 

Highly Versatile:

Thanks to the wire-free build, these long-range wireless headphones can be used anywhere. They are ideal when one is traveling, flying, driving, cooking, or swimming! Yes, you heard it right, while some earbuds are only splashproof, there are quite a few in the market today that are completely waterproof and have specially built, so swimming is an activity you can partake in.

You Can Stay Away From Your Phone!

Wireless headphones are connected by Bluetooth.  This allows you to have uninterrupted music streaming or take a call when your phone is charging, while you can freely move around without having to carry your mobile or stay close to your phone. You just need to make sure that you have long distance wireless earbuds with the latest Bluetooth version that can give you a smooth listening experience even at a good enough distance from the actual audio source. 

Easy to Slip Into Any Pocket:

Having no wire around sure is a boon! Can you imagine sliding your wired earphones or headphones in your bag, only to find them all tangled up when you take them out? Going wire-free solves this problem. You can put them in your trouser or shirt pocket or your backpack and stay relaxed. 

More Durable Than the Wired Ones:

If you have used wired earphones in the past (sure you have!), you would know how short-lived they are. All the pulling, stretching, tangles those thin wires. The same goes with the earbuds of those wire pieces. They are delicate and are susceptible to damage, and you need to change them frequently. Going wireless may be a bit of an investment in the beginning, but they stay with you long as there are no wires in the scene.   

Perfect Workout Partner:

Long-range wireless headphones or earbuds are a great company when you need to pump up your energy while you are working out and need some motivating tracks to keep you on. You can even take calls while running or doing exercises without needing to take a break in between. You do not even have to stay closer to your phone to get a range, as these earbuds cover a long connection range. There are audio gears that are specifically designed for running, gyming, or other sports, so they can resist sweat splashes and that extra wear and tear caused due to excessive movement. 

Integrated State-of-the-art Technology:

Technology is constantly advancing, and so are the earbuds. The cordless earbuds or the headsets are not only ergonomically designed to sit cozy in the ear but are also engineered with various features. Noise-cancelling, extra bass boosting technology, longer connection range, waterproofing capabilities, long battery life, enhanced sound quality are some of them that makes everyone, especially, the younger generation more inclined towards using them. 

History of Wireless Audio Gears

Earphones or headphones have now become part of your daily outfit that you cannot do away with. But back then, this wasn’t the case with the headphones. The very first of its kind came into existence during the 18th century when an earpiece was a bulky sound unit that would rest on the shoulder of the user with a single huge earpiece. The entire system weighed close to 10 pounds, which was far from being comfortable. 

The very first in-ear piece that led to the modern earphone style used today was invented by Ernest Mercadier, an engineer from France in 1891. There was a series of engineering and modification of various types of headphones and in the mid-90s, John Koss designed the very first stereo headphones and named them The Koss SP-3. These headphones became extremely popular among the youth who loved listening to the music more than the older population. 

Evolution Of Ear Pieces

Several companies started designing and selling headphones from the late 1960 onwards. Well-reputed companies like Phillips, Sennheiser, Sony started revolutionizing the headphones, incorporating innovative technology into them. Sony Walkman, the small-sized transportable music player by Sony, became extremely successful and gained huge popularity. It was between the 1960s and the 1970s that the world saw its very first wireless headphones which also had in-built radio. Bose came up with a technology to block the outside noise and the earphones with noise-canceling concept came into existence. 

In 1999, the first version of Bluetooth was devised and trademarked. With the help of this wireless technology, one device received a signal from its nearby device that would help in transferring data between the two. While the initial versions of Bluetooth had a short-range, the wireless connectivity of later ones has been significantly improved with their ability to send and receive signals from a long distance. Thus, the modern day-long range Bluetooth headsets are much more upgraded and deliver smooth streaming of audio or video from long distances of up to 30 feet to even 100 feet and above based on different classes. 

Moving on, there are numerous options of wireless earbuds and headphones available in the market with different technologies and a broad price spectrum. Finding the perfect one that works best for you can be a tough task, given the fact that you also should be well acquainted with the technology. To make it easier for you, we have come up with a list of some of the best long distance wireless earbuds, and long-range Bluetooth headsets that you can consider. 

Common Problems With Bluetooth Headphones and Earbuds

Imagine that you invested in a good Bluetooth earbud or a headphone after putting in so much effort in researching a long list of products, and it suddenly stops working! Devastating right? Well, this is not uncommon for electronic gadgets, but, the good news is there are ways to fix the issue depending on the intensity of the problem. So let’s see what are the common problems that you may face with your audio gear and what can be the solution:

Earbuds Keep Coming Out of the Ears

This is a very common issue that everyone faces especially if you are trying out earbuds for the first time or using a brand that you haven’t tried before. Some of the reason that this happens is you have moisture in your ear, the ear tip is smaller, or you have a larger ear size. 

The best thing that you can do here is to wipe the moisture of the ear and then put the earbud back. Check the size of the ear tip. Almost all the good brands offer at least 3 sets of these in size small, medium, and large, so you can use whatever fits in perfectly and sits in your ear canal well without sliding off. Another good option is to opt for earbuds that come with an around-the-ear hook that clips with your ear firmly and does not fall off even with rigorous movements. This can be a serious problem for people with glasses. If you are a specky, you might want to check out our cool guide on ‘How to wear glasses with a headset‘.

The Earbud Stops Functioning

Has the earbud or headset fallen into the water recently? Well, whether the earbuds are water-resistant, or waterproof, falling into the water can lead to this issue. If we are looking at a waterproof audio piece here, then staying in water beyond what is recommended in the IPX rating can affect the earpiece. If it is a water-resistant earbud, then it may be a serious issue. However,  you can open the earbud up carefully and dry out the water with a dry cloth. Leave it open until it’s completely dry and then fix it properly. Try using it again and see if it works this time. If not then the battery might have got damaged, and it needs a replacement.

At times, the audio piece may also stop working if it runs out of charge. So, charge it fully and try turning it on again. 

Interruption in Audio Flow or Distorted Music

Cracking of the audio or distorted music streaming is a common issue in an earbud because these earbuds are packed in so many components in that tiny module. Bluetooth’s connectivity can be a major reason here. There may be several things that you should check to improve this: 

  • Which version of Bluetooth are you using and what range does it have? Sometimes if you move too far away from the main audio source, the Bluetooth signal becomes weak causing breakage. Bluetooth headphone range varies anything from 10 meters to 100+ meters. Buying long range wireless headphones or earbuds can resolve this issue allowing you to freely move around. 
  • Interference with another wireless connection is an important factor. Now, when one employs a long range Bluetooth headset and still have fuzzy audio, then it might be because of the Wi-Fi, or another wireless signal interfering with the headset Bluetooth connectivity. Turning off all the other wireless devices can eliminate the distortion. 
  • Restart your mobile device or the laptop your earbuds are connected to. 
  • Reset your Bluetooth but turn off your earbuds or the headsets. Once you turn them on, pair them with your device. 
  • If nothing above works, then it is time that you get a new pair of headphones. 

Pairing Issue With Your Smartphone

There are several reasons why your smartphone and earphone wouldn’t sync. If that happens then check to see that the Bluetooth on both devices is active and visible is the very first step. You can also check whether your device’s operating system is compatible with your headset. You will get the details in the specifications or product details that come in the pack when you buy the headset. 

A few other things that one can do are remove any obstacles that you see between the phone and the headset; turn the Wi-Fi off if you have it in the room. Also, make sure that both your mobile and the earbuds you are pairing have a good amount of charge because at times the mobile enters in power saving mode when the battery is low which automatically blocks out certain functions that use more battery. Even if your audio pieces are long range Bluetooth headsets or long distance wireless earbuds, make sure that they are close to the source audio device at the time of pairing. 

Improper Functioning of the Microphone

Now, this can either be an internal issue or an external blockage due to dust or the thin packing sheet. While you can remove the dust or any other residue carefully off the mic, solving the underlying internal issue might not be easy. But what you can do is first check if the issue is with both the earbuds or with just one. If the issue lies with both the buds, then clearly you will have to change it. 

Experiencing Low Volume From the Earbuds? 

There are times you can barely hear the person on the other end. There are a few ways to boost up the volume and resolve this issue. 

  • Make sure that the volume of both the devices (your phone and the headset) is high.
  • Remove any dust or debris from the ear tip.
  • Use an ear tip that fits you perfectly and seals the ear canal. This ensures that the ambient noise is isolated for better audibility. 
  • If you are an audiophile or a music lover and want a headset that delivers loud sound with good clarity and bass depth, buy one that is specifically meant for that. This will be the result that is desired, the result that one is looking for. Look for the long range one if you need to move around a lot, so have good signal strength. 

Headset Is Not Charging Properly

Yet another major issue might be that the audio gear does not charge. This can happen due to several reasons like a damaged cable, the problem with the battery, the problem with the charging case, etc. Oftentimes, there may be a loose connection between the charger plug and the external electrical outlet, or even a problem with the power outlet itself. Detecting the problem and resolving it will help you resolve the issue. 


There are sundry options in the market when it comes to long range Bluetooth headsets. While some companies market their audio gears to have a long range, but they fail to deliver, some of them are genuine and do what they say. Amidst all these, it becomes difficult to find out if the wireless earbuds or the headsets cover what you are looking for until you use it and experience it for yourself. Sadly, by then you would have already invested the money in it. So, after looking at numerous options and going through the expert reviews along with the first-hand customer experience, we have compiled some bona fide long range Bluetooth headsets and earbuds for you to take a look at. Hope the information provided here helps you to get the right piece that caters to your needs and suits your lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which is the best long range wireless headphone available in the market? 

Well, it is hard to tell which one is the best because headphones are a personal choice, and what one person likes may not be ideal for another. This article provides you with a list of some of the best long distance wireless earbuds and headphones that have some solid ratings by users and experts.

Do long range wireless headphones cost more than wired ones? 

Yes, the long range wireless headphones come with a higher price tag because of the kind of features they are packed with. There are numerous benefits with wireless options like free movement, hands-free functionality, strong signal connection, battery life and many more makes this option pricey but worth an investment.

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