JBL Duet BT Review

JBL Duet BT Review

When it comes to the headphones industry, JBL needs no introduction. One of the leaders in the audio world, the company is known for offering incredible headphone lineups that have stylish designs and amazing sound performance. The company is extremely consumer-oriented and designs headphones to suit every kind of need. Right from the economic collections, everyday use ones to premium studio-grade audio gears wired one to wireless Bluetooth headsets, they have a wide range to select from. Once such headphone from this company is the JBL Duet BT. In this article, we will provide a detailed JBL Duet BT review that is helpful for our readers.

JBL Duet BT Review

What Are JBL Duet BT Wireless On-ear Headphones?

JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones are an affordable product from the brand that is Bluetooth supported and is an ideal one for daily use if you are looking for versatile headphones. With its impressive battery life, amazing sound quality, build, etc. this pair of headphones has received many positive JBL Duet reviews and recommendations. The customers like what the company claims on this product and this makes it one of the best options if you are looking for a headset under or within $150.00. 

The headphones and earphones are an extremely personal choice. Where one person likes a powerful sound, some may prefer advanced features like voice control or ANC, the others may prefer a more comfortable design that can fit in well with their lifestyle over anything else. In the JBL Duet BT review that is coming up in the next section, we will cover a detailed breakdown of the various attributes of this headphone, JBL Duet BT price, so you know if this is something that you would like to invest in. 

JBL Duet BT Review: JBL Duet BT Wireless On-ear Headphones

As mentioned earlier, JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones are a great product from the company if you are looking for a highly flexible wireless headset option that will not break your bank. When this headset was released, it had a price tag of $150.00 and you will probably get it at this price in some online or physical stores. Amazon’s E-commerce website, however, has this at a cost much lower- $32.39 which is an amazing deal.  JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones are available in two colors- Black and Grey on Amazon. You may get other color options in other web or physical headphone stores as well. Here is a detailed JBL Duet BT headphone review that you need before buying this product.

What to Expect in the JBL Duet BT Wireless On-ear Headphones Box

  • One pair of JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones
  • One AUX cable 
  • One charging cable 
  • Warning Card, Safety Sheet
  • Warranty card
  • Carrying pouch
JBL Duet BT review

JBL Duet BT Review: JBL Duet BT Specs

JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones are engineered with 40 mm drivers on each headphone, which delivers brilliant audio output. The headphone weighs less than 200 gms which is pretty standard for a full-sized headphone and doesn’t feel heavy when worn. The speakers have a frequency range of 20 hertz to 20,000 Hertz with an impedance of 32 Ohm which is standard and perfect to work with any smartphone or tablet. The headphone also comes with a detachable cable that has inline control and microphone. This allows you to use the headphone with its Aux plugged into the main audio source when you do not want to use it wirelessly, or it doesn’t have a charge. 

JBL Duet BT Review: Design and Build

The overall appearance of JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones is pretty sleek and elegant. The headband and the earcups have a leather finish with an aluminum touch which gives the headset a visually appealing and classy look. 

The leather layer in the ear cups allows the headphone to sit over the head and on the ear accurately and tightly ensuring comfort at the same time. The compact fit also holds the sound within and prevents it from escaping out which in return gives a better hearing experience. This also helps in reducing the surrounding sound making it an ideal option to use outdoors or in a public place. 

JBL Duet BT is lightweight, which means that you can wear it for long hours without hurting your head or the ears. The earcups are swiveling, making them easy to store, pack, and carry. You also get a few color selections so you can choose what suits you the most and goes best with your personality. 

Control Buttons

There are control buttons on the headphones for quick and easy navigation while using them wirelessly. The headset is equipped with all the navigation keys on one side. There is the power on and off button, volume buttons, play and pause button which is also used to receive or disconnect calls. You can also long-press the volume keys for 3 seconds to skip and rewind tracks. There is a designated Bluetooth button for pairing. 

Right next to the control houses a 3.5 mm jack for connecting your audio gear with the mobile device, laptop, or tablet using cable in case the battery of the headphone drains off. This is also a pretty good option for people who do not want to connect via Bluetooth. The charging port is located on the other side of the headphone. There is also a tiny LED light to indicate that the headphone power is on, Bluetooth pairing, or to show the charging status. 

JBL Duet BT Review: Features

JBL Duet BT review

JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones are supported by Bluetooth 4.0 which is an older version considering we are now in the Bluetooth 5.2 era. Nevertheless, the Duet BT headset pairs with the audio devices super fast and allows uninterrupted streaming of music or audio. The Bluetooth also allows you to manage calls by swiftly shifting from the device playing music to the phone for making or receiving calls. If you are into gaming and music, here’s the best gaming headset for music.

The best part about JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones is that if you do not have a Bluetooth-supported device i.e. an older device, you can still enjoy the features of this headphone and its sound by connecting it via a 3.5 mm cable.  This can also make the best iPhone headphone since it has Bluetooth connectivity.

Now, while you do not have to interact with a cord or a cable as the entire control panel is arranged in the headphone itself, the aux cable also has a remote controller with a single navigation button for controlling multiple functions. The inline control panel makes it easy to operate the headphone when connected and used via cable. 

The headphone is equipped with 40 mm large drivers that transmit dynamic sound with heavy bass. (More on the sound performance in the following subsection). With JBL Duet BT you can simultaneously connect two Bluetooth devices, so you can switch music between two devices one at a time. 

JBL Duet BT Review: Sound Performance

JBL Duet BT does a good job in the sound department. The headphone has been engineered with JBL’s signature sound. With 40 mm large drivers integrated into the speakers, the headphone delivers incredible sound and a good balance at every stage of the frequency. There is rich and clear low bass with good pounding; the low and high mids are seamless and balanced with well-sculpted treble. 

The headphone sounds best at 50% to 70% volume, but you may find the highs slightly distorted when the volume is maximized. Also, with a sound pressure level of 111dB/mW, JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones can get loud when turned to a volume higher than 75%. The on-ear design sits securely on the ear and its leather ear padding ensures that sound doesn’t leak out, which is also responsible for maintaining the quality of audio. The headphone gives a crystal clear audio output when making calls. 

The overall sound performance of this wireless headset is excellent and gives you an elevated listening experience. The headphone has also received a lot of appreciation from users and experts and numerous favorable JBL Duet reviews online.

 JBL Duet BT Review: Battery Life

One of the most important attributes of a good headphone is its battery life. No matter how good and advanced the features are, if not for a long-lasting battery, the headphone is not worth picking right? 

With JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones, you need not be worried about the playback time. The headphone has an in-built rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that gives a run time of 16 hours. This means that you can use the headphones for the whole day or at least for a good number of hours without worrying about putting them on charge. 

The best part is with just 2 hours of charging, you can get another 16 hours of playback time! This makes this pair of headphones perfect for an outing or long flights. As mentioned earlier, it also comes with a 3.5 mm connecting cable that instantly converts it into a wired headphones option in case you do not have a power outlet to charge your phone. This facility has made this headset open to a larger group of people because people with older devices or those who cannot charge the headphones quickly can use these audio pieces with ease. 

One thing that is worth mentioning here is that the battery life is directly related to the usage behavior of the individual. Listening to high volumes will drain out the battery fast, as in the case of every battery-operated headphones and speaker. On the other hand, if you listen to moderate volumes, you can increase the battery life and get the most out of it. 

JBL Duet BT Price

JBL Duet BT has a price that is extremely affordable and perfect for those who do not want to invest a lot of money in a headphone but want a decent set of features available with it. While the black version will cost you $32.39, the grey one has a price tag of $117.00 on Amazon. You may see little variation in the price depending on what color you choose while remaining within the lower price range compared to several other similar products from other brands. This is an impressive deal considering an on-ear model coming from one of the leading brands in the headphones market, especially for Bluetooth-supported wireless audio gear.  

JBL Duet BT: Pros and Cons

Every product in the market has its upsides and downsides, and so do JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones. Before you decide on purchasing this headset, it is important to weigh the product with its pros and cons to see if this is something that meets your expectations.


  • Outstanding battery life.
  • Elegant design to fit every style.
  • Powered by battery and can be operated with cable which makes it compatible with modern and a few older devices as well. 
  • Extremely budget friendly product.
  • Great sound.
  • Swivelling ear cups for portable design.


  • Uses micro-USB charger which is outdated as most of the devices use c-type ports.
  • No noise cancelling feature.
  • No app to customize the sound.
  • A couple of JBL Duet reviews stated that the outer material (the leather finish) started scaling and became sticky after about 3 to 4 months. 

So, now you have in-depth information about the various characteristics of JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones. After going through the JBL Duet BT review, if you think this one is not something you would want to go for, then there are numerous other options available in the market. However, to pick up the most appropriate product, you should keep in mind a few parameters. Read our next section for more. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Headphones

You will see endless headphone options available when you decide to look for one for yourself. Deciding on which one to pick up can be extremely challenging considering so many features and price ranges. Things would have been so much simpler if all the headphones were loaded with all the possible features, and you only had to select the color and the price right? Well, it isn’t always the way we want! So, to make it easier for you, here are a few factors to pay attention to, so you get exactly what you are looking for: 

Which Headphone Style Works Best for You?

There are different styles of headphones in the market. There are two different categories based on wired and wireless headphones. You need to understand which style is most comfortable for you and suits your lifestyle. 

What Do You Need the Headphones for?

Many companies make headphones for different purposes. For example, there are headphones particularly oriented for sports, work, casual use, traveling, etc. This means that these headphones are equipped with various features accordingly. Some headphones are high-end studio-grade and have high-end parts and are categorized under the premium category. If you are into gaming on Xbox, you might want to check out these best headphones for Xbox One.

Wired or Wireless- Which Is Your Type?

Both the wireless and the wired ones have their benefits and downsides. While some may prefer the wired headphones with their incredible and unmatched sound quality, some need wireless so they can move freely doing other works while talking or listening to music. Check the Bluetooth version and the class if you are planning to go wireless. 

Do Heavy Bass and Trebles Matter to You?

Well, if you are an audio enthusiast or are extremely particular about the sound then choose a headphone accordingly. For example, if you are a bass lover, then you should see which headphones deliver a deep bass or have the EQ settings where you can customize the sound settings as per your listening preference. Similarly, if you like a more balanced and neutral sound profile, then go for one that has a well-balanced sound technology for a soothing experience. 

Noise-canceling or Not:

Not all headphones are equipped with ANC. Some may just be designed externally to fit into/on the ear to isolate the external noise. If you are looking for ANC features, then you may need to go for those. 

Check Your Budget:

Different headphones have various price ranges and the price may vary depending on the integrated features in them. If you are looking for a premium feature like the integrated ANC, then you should be open to slightly higher-budgeted headphones. Professional grade headsets are more expensive than regular ones. 

Does Brand Credibility Matter to You?

Well, several headphones feature some interesting technologies/ functionalities that are specific to a particular brand which you may like to go for.  Sometimes cheaper products from unrecognized brands may end up getting damaged soon than the ones from reputed brands. 

Some Alternatives to JBL Duet BT Wireless On-ear Headphones

Here are some of the other options pretty similar to JBL Duet BT that you may want to take a look at in case this particular product is not convincing enough for you: 

  • JBLSynchros E45BT On-Ear Headphones: This pair of headphones from JBL is very similar to JBL Duet BT in terms of features with an option of some vibrant color choices to suit your style. The product also has a similar price range. 
  • Skullcandy Hesh Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphone: This one here from SkullCandy has a similar price point but has a better battery life of 22 hours. With solid sound quality and foldable design, this is an interesting option worth considering.
  • Soundcore by Anker Life Q30: With different modes of Active Noise Cancelling Feature, ultimate high-resolution sound, and a whopping 40 hours of playback time, this one from Anker is a great alternative. The product is marked up at $79.99 and has great reviews on the comfort aspect as well.   


All in all, JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones are quite an impressive product from JBL that is ideal for casual listening. One of the biggest strengths of this headphone is its long battery that can last for a couple of days without charging it in between. The headphone’s quick charging ability can be especially beneficial for those who need a headphone for traveling or do not want to wait for long hours to get fully charged. Made by JBL, the headphones hold strong brand credibility and overall quality which are crucial aspects that need to be considered as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) 

Do JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones have a reliable Bluetooth connection? 

Yes, absolutely. Even though Duet BT is supported by an older version of Bluetooth 4.0, the connection is pretty reliable. The headphone pairs instantly with other devices and deliver an uninterrupted audio stream. The only thing is, it doesn’t have a long connectivity range because of the old BlueTooth version which means that you cannot take the headphone too far away if you want the connection to be stable. 

Are JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones waterproof? 

These headphones are not protected against water which means that you will have to be careful about not exposing them to moisture-prone areas. 

How much time does JBL Duet BT take to charge fully? 

It takes 2 hours for this headphone to get fully charged from complete nil charge. This time duration is pretty short when compared with some other similar products from reputed brands. 

Do JBL Duet BT wireless on-ear headphones have an integrated microphone? 

Well, the headphone itself does not have a built-in microphone, however, the headphone comes with a detachable cable for wired connection. This cable has a one-button controller that has an in-built microphone. So, JBL Duet will have a microphone when in the wired mode which will allow you to make calls. 

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