JBL Endurance Peak Review

JBL Endurance Peak Review

You might have heard of the many earbuds and other listening devices that JBL has to offer, but the JBL Endurance Peak is in a class of its own. It has a stylish and classic look and is useful while we hike, swim, or otherwise. We have packed this JBL Endurance Peak review with all the information, all the pros, and cons that will hopefully help you decide if these are the right earbuds for you.

JBL Endurance Peak and What Are the Specialties of This Product

A pair of wireless earphones can be extremely useful in certain situations where you are involved in a lot of movement like traveling, sports-related maneuvers, working out, running, trekking, and more. However, you always do not get the right kind of earpieces that fit in your ear and sits secured no matter how much you move. This is a common issue among fitness enthusiasts who need to keep their hands free; and if you manage to find a pair of earbuds that fit your ears well, they may not have great sound quality. 

JBL keeps the consumers’ needs in mind and strives to designs its products that have a snug fit with a built-in microphone, easy to use navigation controls all set up in a compact wiring system for convenient operation. One such product from the company is JBL Endurance Peak which is an adapted version of the JBL Endurance Sprint headphones. Endurance Peak is geared towards individuals who are into sports and fitness with a goal that they will never fall out while in action. 

What Is the JBL Endurance Peak?

The JBL Endurance Peak are in-ear compact fitting earbuds with a sporty look that is comfortable than most of the earbuds available within a similar segment. The best part about this pair is it has an around-the-ear clip for a better grip so that it can sustain any amount of movement without coming off. This means that with JBL Endurance Peak, running becomes much easier and more fun. Another interesting feature about these earbuds is that it is waterproof. Yes, you heard it right! You can swim with these earbuds on. The only thing you need to do is to dry them off properly before storing them back in the case. 

When it comes to acoustics, it acts as a vital factor in boosting up your energy and mood when you are working out. JBL Endurance Peak has a pretty great audio function that is appropriate for any type of genre. There is a balance between the low bass-heavy sound with distinct high notes. JBL Endurance Peak volume control is touch-sensitive and seems to operate pretty decently, along with some other controls that we are going to discuss in detail in the next section of the article.

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What is included in the box when you purchase JBL Endurance Peak earbuds? 

Like most of the other similar products, JBL – Endurance Peak wireless in-ear headphones are delivered in a protective box which also works as a charger for the earbuds. They have three different-sized ear tips (small, medium, and large) so you can use whichever is suitable. You will also get the JBL Endurance Peak manual, a stability enhancer, and a USB cable for charging. 

The detailed JBL Endurance Peak review in the next section will give you a breakdown of the various features of the product like the design, JBL Endurance Peak volume control, the sound profile, and more. 

JBL Endurance Peak review

Detailed Design, Features, and Price

JBL Endurance Peak is one of the products from JBL’s wide array of audio accessories that have been designed to fit for sports use. Whether you are an athlete, a tennis player, or a swimmer, you are sure to get the most out of these sports earbuds. These earpieces are quite versatile. According to a JBL Endurance Peak review, running over the ears with the secured hooks owing to its design is quite beneficial than the earbuds without the over-the-ear hooks. Let’s dive into the Endurance Peak’s features and specifications in detail.

Design, and Style

The overall design of JBL Endurance Peak is sporty and hefty to look at, but it isn’t really heavy wearing them. The earbuds are extremely versatile and can be used on multiple platforms, be it a casual or an office setup, although the product is more geared towards the sports arena.


One of the most significant things that come to your mind when you look at the Endurance Peak earbuds is their rugged design when compared with the other types of earbuds. These earbuds seem thick and durable owing to the combination of plastic and silicon finishing with large enough hooks that go around the ear for a steady fit. The square shape of these earpieces also contributes to their comfort and fitting. You will find most of the JBL Endurance Peak reviews talk positively about the durability of the product, which is impressive thanks to its resilient design. 

The earbuds have magnets behind them where the hooks press on to lock in when around the ear, so it does not fall. JBL calls it their unique PowerHook design. Use this to hang the earbuds to the backpack or keep them interlocked together when not wearing them. Another key function of the magnetic PowerHook is to turn the power of earbuds on or off when they are snapped on together or detached, respectively. 

When it comes to portability, they are pretty lightweight and can fit into a pocket of any size. The hooks are for a loop and can be used to hang them in the rings of the bags or even your keychain for you to carry them wherever you want to. 

Charging Box

Just like the earbuds themselves, the charging box or the case of these earpieces are quite hefty to see and cool at the same time. The case is well-built and has a hard surface (more like plastic) which is good enough to protect the earbuds from inadvertent damage. The charging box, however, is a little bigger than what you would usually see in the case of other earbuds. Now, we did find a couple of JBL Endurance Peak reviews stating that the box doesn’t have a solid locking system, so if it falls on a hard surface there are chances that the lid may pop open exposing the earbuds. So you’ve got to be a bit careful there. 

Coming to the functionalities, there are four LED indicators on the front side of the box that indicates the status of the battery. For example, if two out of quadruple lights are on in the indicator, it means that there is a 50% charge left in the battery. Similarly,  if all the indicators are on, it means that the battery is fully charged. To the right side of the charging case, you will find the micro-USB charging port covered by a flap. The only downside is that the charging case still uses a micro USB charging port rather than a C-type, which is kind of outdated. 

Colors, Look, and Finish

Both the box and the earbuds have a matte finish with tough futuristic plastic and rubber finish. The overall unit looks sporty and elegant, and the earbuds add a style statement to your look when you put them on. You will get these earpieces in black, blue or red color. They can also be wiped clean easily (but carefully of course) owing to their construction material. The fingerprints are also concealed thanks to the matte finish of the case and the earbuds. 


To start with, the Endurance Peak earbuds are not OS-specific, which means that the earbuds are compatible with both android and iOS phones, which makes them very user-friendly. While the earbuds on both left and right sides look alike, the right earbud is equipped with all the control functionalities. The control panel of the right one is touch-sensitive, so you can touch or tap the earbud to answer or end calls. 

The music controls are also on the right earbud. You can skip tracks, go to the previous, play and pause, rewind or fast-forward the tracks by touching on the touch enable control area. However, the JBL Endurance Peak volume control is a bit tricky. If you make touch gestures upwards, the volume goes up and vice versa. However, owing to the extra sensitive surface, it may initially take time to get your hands adjusted to the controls correctly. If you hold the earbud for 5 seconds, your earpiece will start pairing. 

Sensitive Touch

The users did mention in their JBL Endurance Peak review that the touch function in the earbuds is way too sensitive, and it can sometimes get frustrating when you try to activate one function, but it misfires and activates something else. Some functions may also get switched on when you are adjusting the earbud in your ears. But on the upside, even if you enter the wrong function, you are quickly shut off the power and switch on again to start afresh by just unlatching the ear hoops. 

It may take a while to get used to all the controls and gestures including the JBL Endurance Peak volume control in the beginning, but once you get accustomed, it will be very convenient to operate. Do go through the steps given in the JBL Endurance Peak manual on the details of the various controls and how should they be operated. 

JBL Endurance Peak 2

The earbuds are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the ears without exerting excessive pressure on or above the ears. JBL has used TwistLock and FlexSoft technologies to make this product extremely flexible. When you first see them, these earpieces may look very bulky and inconvenient, but you will know once you use them how well they sit around the ear without hurting and do not get displaced. Other JBL Endurance Peak reviews talk positively of these earpieces, stating that they have been the best earbuds with the flexible yet secured PowerHooks the customers have used so far. The best part is they work just as fine when used on the mono mode and are even perfectly snug to wear with glasses. Check out our guide from here: Wearing Headphones with Glasses.

The material of the Endurance Peak earbuds is extremely breathable, and they do not make you sweat excessively just because you are wearing them. This is a great advantage, especially because these earpieces are made for sports, where you need a bud that does not make you feel uncomfortable with any extra sweat. If you have small ears, you might want to check out our guide on Bluetooth earbuds for small ears.

Audio quality and Performance

The most important aspect of an earbud is its audio profile, or what kind of sound quality does it offer. It is even more essential when it has a major role to play in boosting up your energy. Well, with Endurance Peaks, the sound is impressively balanced. Like all the other product lines, this one also has JBL’s signature sound. 

The earpieces lend a beautiful amplified pounding effect on the bass-forward numbers, enough to uplift your mood and get you on track while you are working out. But if you are an audiophile, then you may need a third-party enhancer to get that oomph factor on the bassy sound. The mids are pleasing to the ear, with the thump still audible. The highs have received mixed reviews. While some say the highs are sharp and well carved, some feel that the company could have done a little better there. We would say they do try to retain the originality despite the boosted bassy effect. 

The vocals and the instruments are well-adjusted, so none will overpower the other. If you love listening to the drums, then the extra punch with the pounding effect is sure to satisfy your ears. 

Noise Cancellation

While this product does not have a noise-canceling feature, it does seclude the surrounding sound pretty well. With appropriate JBL Endurance Peak volume control and the earbud’s in-ear fit, it can obstruct more or less all the surrounding noises, except for any heavy rumbling sounds. 

Unlike some other products from reputed brands, these earpieces do not leak too much sound when turned at the maximum volume. This denotes that you will not bother others sitting around you in a quiet environment with your music. The device employs Bluetooth version 4.2 and fares well in keeping the connection intact. 

With several positive JBL Endurance Peak reviews, it is evident that the users love what Endurance peak brings to the table in terms of sound quality and performance. 


The quality of the microphone of Endurance Peaks is sub-average. The recording is not very audible, and they seem quite far-flung. If you are talking to someone, your voice may be audible if you are in a silent surrounding, but it will be unclear in a public place where there is surrounding noise.


The battery life of the earbuds is not very satisfactory, as they could run only for 4 hours at a stretch. The charging case, on the other hand, has a 24 hours charge back up or can charge the earbuds up to 5 times, which is pretty good. Despite that, with an earbud geared for fitness and sports enthusiasts where most of the individuals would love to play the tracks on high volume, we would have expected the battery to be more powerful and long-lasting. On the upside, there are a few features that can help save power, like the auto shut off feature, which turns off the earbuds when they are inactive for a while. The PowerHooks also turn the power off when you remove them from your ears. 

One of the JBL Endurance Peak review stated that there is an interesting add-on that JBL claims on this product, which is the ‘quick charge mode’. This is said to give you 1 hour of extra run time on charging the earbuds for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Water Resistance

JBL Endurance Peak earbuds are constructed with waterproof material that can resist sweat, making them a perfect option for outdoor activities. They have the IPX7 rating for waterproof, which means that they work in different types of weather. Swimmers also use this speaker, as the earbuds can stay in 1-meter deep water for up to 30 minutes. However, do remember to dry the earbuds completely before you place them back in the charging case. Speaking of the charging case, it is not waterproof, so make sure that it is not exposed to moisture as it may damage the device. 

It is always recommended to go through the JBL endurance peak manual for its maintenance, operation, and other user instructions for a smooth and better experience before you start with them.


The product’s initial price was around $120.00, but you will now find it at a much more reduced price. While some eCommerce websites are offering earbuds at $84.00, in web stores like Amazon, you will get them at a much more discounted rate of around $65.00. With a price like this, the JBL Endurance Peak earbuds offer a pretty decent deal when compared with some of its other competitors. 

Pros and cons of JBL Endurance Peak in a nutshell

Pros Cons
Impressive sound quality 
Durable and sporty design 
Water and sweat proof owing to the IPX7 waterproof make
Sturdy charging case with 24 hours battery back up, which is a lot more than many other competitor products
Great value for money
Good noise isolation 
Average battery life of the earbuds
Microphone quality is not great, so phone calls in noisy surroundings can be tough
Uses a Micro USB port for charging, which is outdated
The Control panel is overly touched sensitive and can go wrong if not touched on the right area
JBL Endurance Peak volume control is tricky; have to have the right gesture for adjusting the volume.

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Now that you have substantial information and a detailed JBL Endurance Peak review, do you think this is something you would like to go for as your workout companion?

The next part of this JBL Endurance Peak review will throw some light on the various JBL apps and their purposes like the headphones App and the JBL Connect App which come from the brand as a useful app with a few features that can enhance the functionality of the JBL speakers and headphones. 

JBL Endurance Peak App: What are the ‘My headphones App’ and ‘JBL Connect (JBL Portable)app’? What does this app or program do for the consumers?

Even though JBL earphones and earbuds have a fairly well-built audio profile and ergonomic design. You might get confused as to where to start from when you are using this device or an earbud in general for the very first time. To make your life easier, JBL has launched a couple of apps, more like ‘device enhancer’ applications, that may make your experience with JBL to the next level.  

My JBL Headphones App

My JBL Headphones App” is an assistance app that is developed particularly for JBL headphones or earphones. You can download “My JBL Headphones App” from Google’s Playstore. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. This app enables you to upgrade the listening experience through your phone. It helps you to adjust the earphone settings, EQ settings, noise-canceling features, and more. 

The most significant feature of the app is its EQ settings in case you want to personalize your EQ settings, so you can set them as per your preference. It also has some preset EQ options to choose from in case you do have hands-on with how to adjust the EQ.  

Some other helpful features are tutorials on how to use the product, Voice Assistant setup, pro-tips on how to use the earpieces, personalization of touch gestures, etc. While the app seems useful, not all the products from JBL are compatible with the app. To get more details on which models do this app support, click on the link above. 

JBL Connect App

JBL Connect App, now the JBL Portable App, is one of the many device enhancement apps from the brand that is mainly focused on boosting up the performance of the JBL portable speakers.  This is an interactive app that comes with multiple features that allow the JBL speakers to connect with multiple other speakers for an amplified listening experience and to set up audio channels of both left and right sides of the speaker. This gives a high-profile stereo effect to the speakers. In the case of JBL’s light and sound speakers like the Pulse series, this app lets you customized the light settings and even download the surrounding sounds that may go with the light show. 

Another significant feature of the JBL Portable App is its interactive feature where you can draw your patterns on the screen to display on the speaker for a better experience and visually appealing ambiance. 

There are several other JBL Apps that are product-specific. Depending on which product you purchase, you can download the app and get a better experience. 

Active earphones

Coming back to the JBL Endurance Peak, they make a great choice when it comes to sports earbuds, especially for a price that is competitive. These earbuds are pretty durable with good sound quality. Endurance Peak carries an intense bass effect and a well-balanced overall audio profile. Its waterproof property, along with extra comfortable anti-slip malleable PowerHook makes it stand out compared with many other sports earphones. The only minor drawback of these earbuds is the gesture-sensitive control panel including the JBL Endurance Peak volume control gestures which can be a bit frustrating especially if you are using it for the first time. But once you know the exact touchpoints for various functions, it should give you a good experience.  


This JBL Endurance Peak review will have, hopefully, allowed you to gain enough information on the subject. Although there is a lot of information out there to process, on the off chance that the details we have shared here on this JBL endurance peak review will be enough to make a decision and lead you to the various e-commerce sites, This device is the way to go for your audio needs. You might also consider going through our JBL Tune 120 Review.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do we get a JBL Endurance Peak manual with the user instructions in the box when buying online? 

Yes of course! There is a JBL Endurance Peak manual included in the box along with other contents. The instructions in the manual will help you a heads-up on the various functions, pairing instructions, how to get into the mono mode, and more for a kick-start. 

Can you swim with Endurance Peak earbuds?

Yes, Endurance Peak is waterproof and has an IPX7 rating which means that it has a solid ability to withstand rain, sweat, and even water. This makes it a perfect option for swimmers as well. 

What do the enhancers provide in the Endurance Peak Earbuds kit do?

The enhancers are used to make sure that the earbud fits into your ears comfortably and accurately for the best possible listening experience. Click on this link for the online version of the JBL Endurance Peak manual for other specifications and guidelines.

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