JBL Flip 3 Review

JBL Flip 3 Review

A great speaker within a decent price range, JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker is the third generation version of the popular Flip series that is known for ultimate sound quality and a rugged look. Like any other product line of JBL, Flip 3 is a more refined version of its previous model, Flip 2. There is another model that is in a similar price and quality range, all you need to do is take a look at our JBL Xtreme 3 review.

The speaker has some genuine potential for its size and while the price remains unchanged from its predecessor, it has got a makeover with a waterproof design and an improved battery life. JBL is well known for making high-quality wireless portable speakers and these speakers play audio effortlessly by connecting via Bluetooth from the source device whether it is a mobile or a tablet. The same goes with the JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker. Now let’s dive into this JBL Flip 3 Review.

JBL Flip 3 Review: What Is JBL Flip 3?

Since its release in the market, the speaker has received some great JBL Flip 3 speaker reviews and ratings. Most of the consumers indicated how user-friendly the speaker is; you do not need to be tech-savvy to operate the speakers to enjoy your favorite music. Just hit the power on button on the speaker, turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile, and scan. Then click the Bluetooth button on the speaker and within 7 to 10 seconds, they get paired without any hassle. 

There are a lot of devices that have reviews online and people have also talked positively of these devices, but believe us that this JBL Flip 3 review speaks about the speaker’s outstanding audio quality and rock-solid customer service. Now, having perfect customer service from the company contributes a lot towards building your confidence in buying a product online. The portability of the speaker is yet another factor that has been appreciated, as people find it pretty easy to carry in their backpacks. JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker is termed “versatile” by the users, which can be placed both horizontally and vertically as per convenience. Speaking of the JBL Flip 3 sound quality, it can get really loud when played at the maximum volume. We will discuss the audio quality in detail in our JBL Flip 3 review section.

What Comes in the Box?

The packaging of the audio accessories from JBL is pretty standard across all its product lines. The box includes a JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker, a bright orange Micro USB cord for charging, a warranty card, a safety sheet, and a quick start manual. 

The JBL flip 3 review mention that the speaker doesn’t come with a protective case as in the case of the Flip 2 which had a carrying case, but this is no big issue. There are several protective cases available online. While JBL Flip 3 is made water-resistant and shockproof, if you wish to have a carrying case for your audio piece, you can purchase one separately online or from an electronics store nearby. 

JBL Flip 3 Review - Speaker

The next section of the article will provide you a detailed JBL Flip 3 speaker review with a breakdown of the significant features of the speaker, pricing, JBL Flip 3 sound quality, battery life, and more. Let us see if this product is worth a pick.

JBL Flip 3 Review: What Does It Look Like?

JBL’s true focus on design strategy started from Flip 3 if you look back and see the products that were built earlier than this. To make it more durable and give it an enhanced look, the company has added the essence of style to this third-generation device. 


To start with, JBL Flip 3 has 8 vibrant color selections that are a mix of both darker and lighter shades. The speaker is available in standard black, blue, gray colors. Other than that you will get red, pink, orange, aqua and yellow colors. 

Shape and Style:

JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker is made of a cylindrical profile which is similar to many of the other speakers JBL has worked on for a while now, so this one doesn’t look very different. With a dimension of 6.6 inches in length, 2.5 inches in width, and 2.5 inches in diameter, the product weighs about 1 pound (454 grams) which is light to carry around. It also comes with a shoelace-type wrist cord to tie around the wrist or hang it in your bag for easy portability. 

Design Formation:

The design of Flip 3 is pretty straightforward yet stylish. The speaker has the majority of its body covered with metallic mesh with a fabric layer on top which makes it splashproof and gives it a better hold. This also makes the speaker a versatile option that can be used both indoors and outdoors under all weather conditions. However, since the build is splashproof and not completely waterproof, the company alongside JBL flip 3 review suggests that you do not submerge it in water. The rest of the surface area that does not have a mesh, like the circular edges and a portion that runs along with the cylinder, has a rubberized matte finish that gives the speaker a nice look and a good grip. 


Along the rubberized portion of the cylindrical body, you will find the power button, and the JBL Connect button- to sync with others and connect compatible speakers with the main audio source. Then, there is a cut-out with a thick flappy lid that is a chamber for the Micro USB and the AUX port. The 5-dot LED indicators on the same rubber panel indicate the status of the battery. The other control buttons are located near the rubber panel of the speaker but on the mesh body. There is a call management button, the volume controls, and the Bluetooth button for pairing. 

Call Icon Button:

Now, a couple of users in their JBL Flip 3 speaker reviews specify that they could find the play and pause button on the speaker. Well, do make a note that the “call icon button” that allows you to answer or disconnect the calls is multifunctional. It also plays the role of play and pauses function as well as for controlling the tracks. The button’s function depends on the number of taps that are mentioned in the user manual. 

Brass Radiators:

Both the ends of the JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker have exposed bass radiators, which are responsible for the speaker’s mighty audio output. 

Positioning of the Speaker:

Flip 3 can be placed vertically or horizontally on a surface, however, most people in their JBL flip 3 reviews stated that being cylindrical with rounded edges, it tends to roll off easily due to the vibration of the sound. This is a drawback JBL could have worked on by giving the speaker some kind of tiny supporting legs. 

Nevertheless, you’ve got to be careful there when placing the speaker that way. While the safest way to place the speaker is to make it stand vertically, because the bass radiator of the side it is standing on gets covered a bit, you may feel a little difference in the bass effect which does not happen when placed flat along the body. 

JBL Flip 3 Review - Speaker

JBL Flip 3 Review: Features 

Now that you have got a detailed insight into the overall build of the speaker, let’s move on to see what are the various features that it brings to the table. 

Change in Structure:

JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker has undergone some internal hardware changes from its previous version. As far as the JBL Flip 3 sound quality, the speaker is engineered with two drivers of 8 watts. As mentioned earlier, both the ends of the speaker have bass radiators. With the combination of the drivers and the radiators, the speaker offers a surprisingly incredible audio output. 

Built-in Speakerphone:

Flip 3 has an in-built speakerphone that allows you to take calls. With its echo and noise-canceling features, the JBL flip 3 review claims to give a clear noise-free background without any fluctuations in voice when you take a call. Talking about the noise-canceling feature, however, it isn’t that effective as per a couple of users. While the voice is audible, the people on the other end of the call could hear background noise, and it was not completely silent.  


You can also sync with other Flip 3 speakers or multiple other ‘JBL Connect’ enabled speakers with this to experience a louder sound. This is done using the Android and iOS supported JBL Connect App. You can attach this with other speakers and get a room filled with stereo sound effects, and is a perfect fit for outdoor use in every way. You can also explore other modes and different adjustment benefits within the app.


As far as the connectivity goes, Flip 3 supports Bluetooth 4.1 that offers a smooth and uninterrupted streaming range of about 30 to 33 feet (on paper) which is pretty decent. It has to be mentioned that there are other reviews including this JBL Flip 3 review has specified that moving the main audio source beyond 50 feet showed some distinctive interruptions and the audio started to get brittle. Some high-end speakers with a similar build do have a streaming range of 50 to 80 feet, which may show Flip 3’s connectivity as average, however, considering the price tag that this model carries, its connectivity is not bad for a speaker of its size. 

Sound Quality: 

As mentioned earlier by the JBL flip 3 review, a single JBL Flip 3 speaker offers exceptionally loud sound for its size and with the presence of two passive bass radiators on each end, it has an impressive bass effect. Connecting two of them can give a very impressively powerful and amplified stereo sound which is perfect for camping, picnic, or even an outdoor party. 

Sound Performance:

On the tracks that have heavy low bass content, you will hear decent pounding with clean lows; the speaker can hold a good amount of bass at mid-volumes. The output at this stage is quite well-balanced, with the sound neither overpowering nor too subdued. You may however experience some sort of bend in the otherwise smooth audio curve when the volume is maxed out. 

On the tracks with lesser bass intensity, you will get a well-adjusted sound with distinctive and crisp vocals and guitar presence. With ample low mids and substantial high mids to match with, the speaker can offer a real treat to the ear. The presence of the drums in a few tracks seems to sound pretty amazing, which otherwise can be quite over-emphasized in certain bass-forward speakers. 

You may however notice some finer details in the orchestral tracks getting lost amidst the main, heavier elements, and this may be because of the presence of the bass radiators combined with the size of the speaker. 

Sound Intensity:

Now, do note that the intensity of the sound can vary with different kinds of songs or music. While on some tracks the bass can get thinner when played at high volume, in some cases it remains unchanged. But the best part is, if you love songs with a heavy vocal presence, you are going to love how the speaker delivers them. 

Overall, this model has been appreciated in almost all the JBL Flip 3 speaker reviews for its incredible acoustics that can bring liveliness to the surroundings and create a solid ambiance wherever it is played. Needless to mention, the speaker gives its best performance when played at a 50% to 70% volume. 

JBL Flip 3 Review - Speaker

Battery Life: 

JBL Flip 3 battery life is one of the key areas that was enhanced from the previous Flip version. The JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker has a built-in battery with 3000 mAH capacity. The brand claims that the speaker with such battery capacity can last for 10 hours when played continuously with a full charge. This is a great output considering the overall capability of the speaker and can last the whole day of an excursion or a picnic on a single charge. 

Now this JBL Flip 3 review can officially state that this speaker lasted for 9.5 hours on average when played in high volume. With that said, if you play it is an optimum volume, it can last for more than that. The five LED lights on the body of the speaker indicate the charge status of the battery.


JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker is splashproof if not 100% waterproof. The speaker has been given a fabric wrap, which is a huge modification from its predecessor, and this makes it safe for use near moisture-prone areas. Whether you hang the speaker in your bathroom, take it to the beach, or experience a sudden downpour while using the speaker outdoors, there is no reason to panic. JBL also claims that the speaker can be cleaned under running water and there will be no damage caused. Just make sure not to submerge it fully in water, as it is not built to be completely waterproof and will not hold up to it well. 


JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker has a price tag of $159.99 which is mid-priced but considering all the attributes attached to it, it is well worth keeping an eye on. 

If you want to check out the JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker online, click on the given link. If you are not in for a portable speaker but some headphones or other wireless devices, take a look at our headphone buying guide for more info.

Pros and Cons of JBL Flip 3

Like every other speaker, this one has its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s the list of the positives and the negatives of Flip 3 based on the users’ opinions. 

Positives Negatives
1. Excellent sound quality and audio output 
2. Lightweight and portable; comes with an integrated band to hang it in hooks or bags for ease of carrying.
3. Has a stylish and rugged look
4. Splashproof design 
5. Has integrated speakerphone 
6. Has the ability to connect to more than one device at a time
1. The sound may distort when played in high volume on the bass-heavy tracks 
2. The price could have been a bit lower. While the release price was perfect ($100.00), it has now been elevated to almost $60 more, which is redundant for a speaker of its kind.
3. No Voice Assistant integration is a modern-day feature that many people want.

JBL Flip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Flip 3 Stealth, and Flip 4

The extension of JBL Flip 3, ‘Flip 3 Stealth’ is an upgraded version that remains the same as the regular Flip 3 which the JBL flip 3 review speaks highly of. The only variation is Stealth is completely waterproof with an IPX7 rating. Another major difference is the pricing of the product. You will get the Stealth edition at a price tag of almost half ($79.99) of what Flip 3 has currently. 

Well, on that note, JBL Flip 4 is in the market now and JBL has added and refined a few more features into this version, making it a much more profitable and practical one to buy when compared with Flip 3. Here’s why. 

Difference Between Flip 3, Flip 4 and Flip 3 Stealth

While the overall look and the functionalities of both the third and the fourth generation remain the same, the difference lies in the fact that Flip 4 is IPX7 rated with 100% waterproof construction. This means that unlike Flip 3 which is only water-resistant and not waterproof, Flip 4 can be submerged in water without worrying about water damage.  The IPX7 rating allows the fourth-gen Flip model to sustain accidental falls in the water. 

Battery life is yet another major area of improvement. While the battery of Flip 3 gives it a 10 hours playback time, which is highly appreciated by the people writing this JBL Flip 3 review, Flip 4 can run for 12 hours non-stop.

When it comes to connectivity, the JBL Flip 3 is compatible with the Connect App, which is the older version and can link two JBL speakers. Flip 4 on the other hand, has a new Connect+ button on it, which can link up to not 1 or 2 compatible speakers but 100+ other speakers that are compatible with the app. This sounds pretty great but at the same time, you cannot connect with older versions of speakers that are not compatible with Connect+. 

Flip 4 also features Voice Assistant integration, and the playback button on the speaker functions as an activation key to Google or Siri as well. 

Other than that, with a price tag below $100, Flip 4 from JBL is a good deal to keep an eye on. 

Check out JBL Flip 4 here

What Are Some Alternatives or Competitors to the JBL Flip 3?

If you are looking for a good speaker and after going through this JBL Flip 3 review realize that this is not something you would like to go for, then don’t dwell on it. There are several other options that you can go for. Here’s a list of a few of them that might interest you: 

JBL Flip 5:

The most prominent difference between Flip 3 and Flip 5 is the quality of sound. While the Flip 3 has 40 mm drivers, the Flip 5 packs with drivers that are 44 mm in diameter. Flip 3 already comes with powerful sound, however, the presence of larger drivers in Flip 5 gives you better and cleaner lows with higher oomph. Flip 5 also has a larger battery with a capacity of 4800 mAH giving you a playback time of 12 hours as opposed to the 10 hours run time in the case of Flip 3. So if you like the design and build of Flip 3 and feel that the performance could have been slightly better, then you can rather go for JBL Flip 5 where you get a better sound quality, higher battery life, and lower price tag.   

JBL Charge 3:

Charge 3 is another option from JBL that can be a good alternative to Flip 3. While this product is a little bigger and may not be as handy as JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker, Charge 3 has a more powerful sound with bigger speakers. Additionally, the Charge 3 has an IPX7 rating for waterproofing when compared with the splashproof feature of Flip 3. So if you want a louder sound, and know that you will not be carrying the speaker around everywhere but can use it at the poolside or in the shower, the JBL’s Charge 3 is a good option to go for. 

Sony SRS-XB10:

If you are a bass fan, then Sony’s USP of ‘extra bass’ in the speakers is what you need. This speaker from Sony is a great choice with a 6 mm bigger driver than that of Flip 3 if you want a boost in your favorite bass-heavy tracks. Sony SRS-XB10 is much more portable than Flip 3 owing to its small and narrow build and lighter weight. This speaker is IPX5 rated, which makes it water-resistant and not completely waterproof. So if you are looking for something to hang in your shower, you may have to place it at a distance to avoid too much water getting into your speaker. On the upside, the speaker carries a powerful battery for its size, giving you a playback time of 16 hours, which is 6 hours extra compared to Flip 3.  

Bose SoundLink Micro:

This is yet another option with a broader sound stage than Flip 3 and more intense bass. The speaker is a bit lighter than Flip 3 with a waterproof IPX7 rating. The wireless Bluetooth range is pretty similar to that of the third-generation Flip. However, if you compare the battery life, then Flip 3 is the winner with 10 hours of playback while Bose SoundLink Micro has 6 hours. With a price tag of $99.00, this can be one of the best options if you are looking for something more portable and affordable with great audio output. 


Undoubtedly, the JBL Flip 3 range is one of the best product lines that JBL has come up with but if you want to learn more about some other devices like this, take a look at our JBL wireless speaker’s review.

The JBL Flip 3 with a simple yet sophisticated look, incredible sound quality, and portability is the choice to go with. The speaker is multifaceted with the ability to pick up well on all types of genres, giving a well-balanced performance. Packed with 10-hour battery life, and water-resistant built, this speaker has a slight advantage over many others in the run. While the price of the speaker during its release was pretty competitive  ($99),  it has now gone up to the high end of the scale for what it brings to the table. If you are not willing to spend that much, then we have listed some of the alternatives that will give you similar performance at a lower price than you may want to take a look at. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How much playback time does Flip 3 give when you use it continuously? 

The Flip 3 gives you a run time of about 10 hours on a single charge when used at a 60% to 70% volume. If you use the speaker at a higher volume than this, you may get about 9 to 9.5 hours of runtime.

Can JBL Flip 3 stay under the water?

JBL has given Flip 3 a splashproof design which means that it can be used in the shower, near the pool, or at the beach. You can even clean it under the running water. However, it doesn’t have a complete waterproof build, so it cannot be immersed in water like in the case of some IPX7 Rated speakers available in the market.

How long does it take to charge Flip 3 fully?

JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker takes about 3 to 3.5 hours to get to the full battery if it starts from zero charges. 

Can you connect to multiple Flip 3 together? 

You can connect two Flip 3 speakers to get an amplified stereo sound effect. 

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