JBL GO 2 Review

JBL GO 2 Review

Most people are under the assumption that only large speakers can yield better quality sound with a higher pitch. Would it be out of touch to say that the bigger the speaker, the higher the investment? Well, this is partially true with the bigger speakers are normally expensive when compared to their smaller counterparts, and they have more space for the drivers to fit in well, thus giving an amplified boom effect.

However, the state-of-the-art technology has made the audio equipment more compact and easy to handle without compromising on the output. Just like the headphones that are modernized into wireless sets, connecting via Bluetooth, these speakers come in compact form with pretty good audio output, unlike the JBL Pulse 4, and can be carried along easily wherever you go. On the off chance, you are looking for a JBL pulse 4 review, this is it. Now let’s get into the JBL go Speakers and the JBL Go 2 Review.

JBL Go Speakers

JBL is one of the companies that rank high on the list when it comes to innovation with audio products. It has been designing and selling compact portable Bluetooth speakers for quite some time now that are known for their powerful signature sound. Whether you want a speaker to hang in your shower, or one for your next holiday home party, JBL has got you covered with its portable versions. However, if you are looking for something below the $50 mark, there are only a few of them that pass through that filter. The JBL Go 2 speaker is one such mini Bluetooth speaker that is known for its small size yet impressively mighty audio quality, waterproof body, efficient overall performance, and more. 

The JBL Go portable Bluetooth speaker review ahead will give allow you to see a detailed look at the features, design, performance details, and more. But before that, let’s take a glance over the overall Go series from JBL mini Bluetooth speakers collection.

JBL Go 2 Review: Bluetooth Speakers Series

The Go series Bluetooth speakers from JBL are small and low-end products that you will see from JBL’s vast array of speakers. JBL Go 2 speaker, as the name implies, is the sophomore version of the series. The original JBL Go speaker is the first of its kind and then followed by Go+, JBL Go 2 speaker, JBL Go2+, and JBL Go 3. 

Now, many people when looking for a perfect speaker that is easy to carry, hesitate to go with an overly small speaker, thinking if it would give the same type of booming effect as the other portable speakers have. Well, you will be surprised to see the sound this second-generation JBL mini Bluetooth speaker makes in comparison to its small size. Carry this small package in your pocket while you are doing your household chores, or when relaxing on a beach, and this will sure to keep you engaged with its magical and harmonious sound. This is also a perfect option for those who find it uncomfortable to carry a heavier speaker in their rucksack when traveling. It can easily slip into a belly bag or a purse for ease of carrying.

JBL Go 2 Speakers Review

With that said, let’s move on to the JBL Go 2 review part to see whether this product is worth buying. 

Jbl Go 2 Review: Everything You Require Om the Palm of Your Hands:

There’s a saying that all-powerful things do not have to come in large sizes, and it holds in the case of JBL Go 2 speakers as well. One of the tiniest members of the JBL Bluetooth speaker family, this one can turn all the heads around with its powerful resonating sound. This speaker has received several high ratings and positive JBL Go portable Bluetooth speaker reviews in various trusted forums, and below are the reasons why.

Design and Style:

The JBL Go 2 speaker is 3.5 inches long and 2.9 inches wide with a thickness of 1.3 inches, which is quite similar to the size of a soap bar or a simple small box. You will get 12 stunning colors in this model, which are a lot of options to choose from. There is a choice of classic red, blue and black; other than that there are some other muted tones like pearl yellow, cyan, champagne, orange, brown, green, and more. So you can pick your favorite color or the one that describes ‘you’. 

Unlike its predecessor, which was also square but with more sharp edges like an in-period style, this JBL mini Bluetooth speaker has been given rounded corners that look more stylish and enclosed. This shape is also a contrast to JBL’s usual speakers that are either circular or disc as in the case of Clip 3 or cylindrical ones like Pulse or Charge series. The design of the JBL Go 2 speaker is simple, yet there is a lot to adore about this cute piece.  

The front side of the speaker is entirely mesh surfaced, which gives it a sturdy look and carries the JBL logo at the center. The mesh also allows the sound from the speaker to extend out prominently. The back of the panel also has the company’s logo engraved on the body. Now, you may not find the JBL mini Bluetooth speaker to be very visually appealing like some other speaker lines of JBL, but the brand has worked towards making it shock-resistant and long-lasting. This design will protect this soundbox from getting damaged due to accidental drops. You will get the feel of it from its rubberized borders and tough body. 

Control Buttons:

The control buttons are placed on the upper edge of the speaker and the bottom of it has small rubber stopper-like designs to keep the speaker stable from the vibrations when it is playing. The speaker also features a single 3-watt driver which is 40 mm in size. 

To the right of the JBL Go 2 speaker, you will find a silicon flip cover protecting the micro USB charging ports and a 3.5 mm AUX port. While the micro USB port may seem a little outdated in the present scenario. On the other hand, C-type chargers are predominant, the auxiliary port will let you connect other music devices that are of the older versions. Concerning this product and the integrity of this JBL go 2 review, you will also find a noise-canceling speakerphone! Yes, this mini package has a microphone for you to take calls as well.

Control Operations:

As mentioned earlier, the control buttons of the speaker are arranged cleanly on top of the speaker. The arrangement doesn’t increase the aesthetics in any way but is pretty simple and clean to use. Several users in their JBL Go portable Bluetooth speaker reviews stated that this JBL mini Bluetooth speaker is very easy to use owing to its simplistic design. The speaker has a button for power on / off, volume controls, a Bluetooth button that sets the speaker to pairing mode. There is also a play button that is multifunctional and is used for managing calls as well. When you double-tap on the “play” control, you can skip a track and move to the next. However, there is no control to go backward which is a drawback but considering all the other features that you are getting, this is not a deal-breaker. 

By long pressing the “play” button, you can summon your phone’s voice assistant; you can also answer calls and disconnect them. 


With a weight of just 0.41 lbs, this pocket-sized JBL Go 2 speaker is one of the lightest options that can easily accompany you anywhere. All you need to do is to slide in any type of pocket or your gym bag, and you can enjoy your favorite tracks throughout. You can use it indoors as well as outdoors at the poolside, keep it near the bathtub, or even hang it in your track pants when you are running. As one other JBL go 2 review specifies, with its water and sweat-proof build, it can be one of the best companions to boost up your energy and to keep you motivated during your workout sessions as well. 


For a Bluetooth speaker to function, the connectivity must be pitch-perfect. The best part about these types of speakers is that you can easily attach them to your handheld devices without a cable. Use this to choose and play them without any hassle. 

This JBL mini Bluetooth speaker shows a good number of links for its size. The speaker uses Bluetooth 4.1 version which is an older version because most of the small speakers use 4.2 or higher, and still do not notice a major issue with the tethering unless you take your mobile or the main audio source beyond 15 to 20 meters ranges from the speakers. Beyond this range, you may see the music getting interrupted. 

A few JBL Go portable Bluetooth speaker reviews also mentioned that the users did not have any issue until 30 meters range, which is pretty impressive actually for a small portable speaker’s connectivity. Having said that, if you are keeping your device and the speaker within proximity, you will not have any issue or breakage in the audio flow at all. 


Coming to the microphone, you can receive calls on it. While this is an added benefit that lets you take the calls through the speaker, the quality or the intelligibility of the mic is average. According to JBL Go 2 review, you may not be audible at times unless you speak loudly. While the mic is not very sensitive, if you bring the speaker closer to your mouth and speak, your voice will be audible clearly with little background white noise.

Audio Quality: 

Sound quality is a major parameter to consider when you are in search of a good speaker. After all, that oomph factor in a good speaker gives that satisfying kick when you are listening to your favorite track! 

With the JBL Go 2 speaker, do not get misguided by its look, because it fairs exceptionally well for that kind of weight and size. You will be astounded to see how amazingly well balanced and powerful its audio output is. 

On the bass emphasized tracks, you will get decent thumping, if not the most satisfying one, which is unexpected from a small-sized speaker like this one. However, you will understand the speaker’s effects and quality on mid-bass songs rather than the ones with intense bassy effects. The speaker delivers pretty smooth and impressive mids and highs that are sharp and undistorted, good enough to set a party or a workout mood. 

Vocals and Performance:

The instruments and vocals are well-balanced and do not overlap or break if you keep the speaker’s volume at 50%. The JBL mini Bluetooth speaker is at its best at 50% to 75% volume where the sound is clean, well-adjusted, and pretty detailed, giving you a pleasing experience. The sound of the individual instruments is quite well-defined and receives real depth, for example, the drums give you impressively roaring beats that you may not expect from a small mono speaker at all. The JBL go 2 review states that the vocals are incredibly sharp and distinctive in the mid-volume. 

While the maximum volume of this speaker is exceptionally loud for its size, you may feel the music catching a rough edge or losing out on the clarity for most of the tracks. 

Another thing that you need to consider is that the JBL mini Bluetooth speaker imparts sound from the front and projects forward in one particular direction, which is expected from mono speakers. This means that if you are in a swimming pool or a place moving around, you will not get the same radiating sound effect as you get in a 360-degree stereo speaker. If you are expecting to receive that kind of audio input, then you will have to go for others that feature a three-dimensional / 360 degree sound. 

The overall sound quality of this teeny tiny speaker is spectacular thanks to the bass radiators that JBL has incorporated into this mini speaker. It delivers a well-balanced, superior, and consistent sound across all genres, obviously with some limitations which are quite expected from a mini mono speaker as Go 2. If you can become accustomed to the overall functionality and the technology of this mini version, you will thoroughly enjoy what it potentially delivers. 

Battery Life: 

JBL Go 2 speaker comes with a built-in, 730 mAh lithium-ion battery. Now, when it comes to the battery life, this product has received mixed reviews from the users, most of them having concerns with the overall battery performance. This JBL Go to review is going to say the same thing. It’s not great.

The JBL go 2 review says that the battery takes about 2.5 hours to get 100% charged and lets you play for up to 5 hours. However, you will get this run time only if you are using the speaker at 50% volume. The higher the volume than this, the playback time will keep reducing, which means, if you listen at 60% to 70% volume level, you will get just about 4 hours of less playback time. This may seem fine when you intend to use it for your running or workout sessions, but it may not be a great one if you are on a long road trip or outside where you need that continuous flow of music for longer hours on a single charge. The only other option would be to check out a JBL subwoofer for the car.

Charging Power of Battery:

JBL Go 2 speakers take a long time to get fully charged as well, which is a bit off, especially if you are willing to consider the speaker with average battery life as it has. If not a longer battery life, it should have had a lesser charging time when the user could quickly charge it for the next use. This may be inconvenient when you are out for an excursion or a trip where this will be a long break. 

All things considered, the truth is, for this small size, JBL has tried to design it with a battery as strong as possible. It is just not big enough to hold a higher capacity battery than this, and especially with such a low price tag. The charging time however could have been much lesser to make it more favorable on the battery aspect.


On the upside, this JBL mini Bluetooth speaker has a power-saving feature where it automatically shuts off when it is inactive. This means that if you forget to turn off the speaker, or it stays idle for a while without any activity, it automatically shuts off, thus conserving energy and extending the battery life. 


Well, stay calm if your speaker slipped into the swimming pool or in the puddle because your JBL Go 2 speaker is IPX7 rated for waterproof. This means that it will work just fine after a meter of submersion for about half an hour. However, make a note of something. Water-resistance only works if its connection panel is airtight with the protective lid, just so there is no leakage into the device.

Once you have sealed the charging ports with its protective lid, you can run around with the device, enjoy your bathtub time, play freely by swimming or inside the pool with your speakers doing their part of the entertainment with the music on the side. You can stay relaxed about the water splashes on it. 


The pricing of this product is one of the most attractive angles that makes JBL Go 2 speakers gain all the attention available to them. Very competitively priced, get this fun-size yet mighty soundbox at $39.95. It is a great option for people with limited budgets or those who do not intend to spend a lot of money on speakers. For a price this low, this one is a great value for money and has received numerous favorable responses. Hence, it is in our interest in making a JBL Go 2 review for any customers who are yet to bask in its tiny magnificence.

Inside the Box

When you purchase a JBL Go 2, you will get a speaker which is lightweight, a micro USB charging cable, and a JBL Go manual. 

Even though there is an AUX jack on the speaker, the auxiliary cord is not included in the pack, so you need to get your own to connect to other devices through AUX. You will also find small speaker cases for this JBL Go 2 speaker online in case you want to give it extra protection.  

Pros and Cons of JBL Mini Bluetooth Speaker:

Like every other product in the market, this mini Bluetooth speaker has its pros and cons. Based on the JBL go portable Bluetooth speaker review, here’s a list of what the users have liked and what they didn’t like about this speaker. 

1. Solid sound quality and audio performance despite being small
2. A satisfactory bassy effect from a small-sized speaker
3. A simplistic design and tough build 
IPX7 rated for waterproof and sweatproof 
4. Best value for money
5. Diverse color options to choose from
6. A great option for outdoors like hiking, trekking, picnics, or even poolside parties as mentioned in other publications that have a JBL go 2 review. 
1. Average battery life runs for 4.5 to 5 hours on 50% volume.
2. Some felt that the shape is pretty basic.
3. The sound gets brittle when the volume is turned to the max but gives a good listening experience at 50 to 60% volume.
4. The heavy bass sound gets distorted at higher volumes.
5. A JBL go 2 review pointed out that the speaker should have had a clip to hang in the bags or belt for better portability. 

Comparison Between JBL Go 2 and Go 3 : 

JBL’s latest pocket-sized portable Bluetooth speakers have undergone some significant improvements lately. Both JBL Go 3 and the Clip 4 are the newest additions to the family are a complete package of sophistication, design, features, and performance. Where JBL Go 2 has exhibited exceptional sound quality for its size and a simple yet tough design, it did lack the aesthetics part. A few other not-so-major aspects in the JBL Go 2 speaker were the use of an outdated Micro-USB charging port in the times when C-type is more prevalent and the absence of a clip or a loop to hang it in your bag. While these did not affect the overall functionality of the device, users did feel the need for improvement in those areas, going by the latest technology. 

Keeping these concerns in mind, JBL has come up with the next generation of Go 2, JBL Go 3, which is a recreated version with distinctive changes. Along with an elegant mesh design that gives it a more rugged style, this third generation of the Go series comes with the modern-day C-type charging port as opposed to the Micro-USB in Go 2. JBL has included a few more new color options like teal or even some camouflage colors to suit every personality. 


From the features’ standpoint, while JBL Go 2 speakers used Bluetooth 4.1, there is a significant upgrade on this in the case of Go 3. It supports the Bluetooth 5.1 version with superior connectivity. You will also find a hanging loop integrated with these new speakers that can be used to conveniently hang the audio piece in the belt, waist bag, or in your bag and carry it anywhere while the speaker is on. 


JBL Go 3 has also received IP X 67 rating for water resistance and dustproof. This is a lower rating than the JBL Go 2 which has IP X 7, but it can hold up water for a short duration. Using this near swimming pools or even on the beaches is a great idea. However, you do not want to deliberately submerge it in water. It does have a better hold on the resistance towards accidental damages owing to the rugged grille design. 

Battery Life:

The thing that did not change from the Go 3 is that this device also has the same performance level as its predecessor when it comes to the battery. It can give you a playtime of about 5 hours on a single charge, after which you need to charge the speaker. Another significant change that this version underwent is the elimination of the speakerphone. This mini speaker doesn’t have microphone capabilities at all, so you cannot take calls on this. It also cannot be synced with other speakers for an amplified listening experience. But if these Specs don’t interest you, you can take a look at the JBL Flip 4 specs too, another great option.


The bottom line is with a size that small and the overall built, JBL Go 2 speaker looks pretty cute on the whole. This handheld JBL mini Bluetooth speaker may not give you goosebumps on the bass-forward tracks, but for the price of a small speaker, its acoustic abilities match the powerful sound of many larger ones, along with the advantage to conveniently carry along. According to JBL Go 2 review, using this at a  moderate volume will help you get the best out of its 5-hour battery life.

If you intend to have a speaker that is ultra-light and has superior sound quality within a pocket-friendly range, then this can be a good one to consider. However, if you are looking for an intense booming audio performance, you may need to go for other options provided you are willing to compromise on the portability and the cost as in the case of JBL Go 2. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s): 

Who is the JBL mini Bluetooth speaker meant for?

JBL mini Bluetooth speaker is for anyone who is looking for a pocket-friendly option or a mini portable speaker that can just be slipped into any of the pockets to carry along. It is also a great option for people who need to boost up their energy for their home workout sessions. JBL Go 2 Speaker can be a good gift to the ones near and dear to your heart. The audio enthusiasts or music lovers who put a lot of attention to the detail of every sound in music, however,  may not want to go for it because they would certainly need a speaker with more depth and quality in the audio department. 

Is the JBL Go 2 speaker waterproof? 

Yes, absolutely! JBL mini Bluetooth speaker is IPX7 approved for being waterproof, this means that if the speaker accidentally falls off in the water or a pool, there will be no damage. The brand claims that it can stay submerged in 1-meter deep water for about 30 minutes without a problem, provided the connectivity ports are sealed with the lead. 

Does JBL Go 2 speaker support Bluetooth 4.2 version? 

No, this speaker supports the Bluetooth 4.1 version which is a bit outdated, but you will still get a good deal of connectivity within a range of 15 to 25 meters. 

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