JBL Tune 120 Review

JBL Tune 120 Review

If you are looking to purchase a good set of earphones, then peek a glance at the JBL Tune 120. This is as you might have Guessed the JBL Tune 120 Review, and we are going to assist you in deciding if these earphones are worth your time and attention.  We all know, JBL produces many popular sound systems but is the JBL Tune 120 worth it? Let us find out…

JBL Tune 120 True Wireless Earbuds and Their Specifications:

With the earbuds becoming the latest trend, most of the audio equipment brands are coming up with a variety of these earpieces that vary in designs, shapes, characteristics, acoustics, etc. Only a true audio enthusiast understands the importance of good quality sound and how powerful these smaller versions of earbuds are when it comes to performance, acoustics, and convenience if it comes from a credible brand. Talking about headphones or earpieces, JBL is a brand name that has a huge customer following.

JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds is one of the many innovative wireless earbuds from the brand’s wide range of audio equipment. JBL has been known for providing high-standard audio solutions to various places where audio quality is paramount like in stadiums, clubs, auditoriums, etc. Sound quality has always been one of the primary focuses of JBL, be it for the products used on a bigger platform or at a personal level. Full-sized headphones, Bluetooth headsets, earbuds, earbuds, noise-canceling earbuds are the different variations of earbuds that the brand sells to suit individual preferences. 

JBL Tune 120 Review – Sleek Modern Looks

JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds is a modish pair of in-ear pieces that is lightweight, comfortable, and have a pleasing yet powerful bass sound. This truly wireless earphone is solid, extremely versatile, and dynamic that can be used by anybody who loves to keep their hands free. That is why, these easy-to-carry JBL tunes wireless earbuds are a great option for athletes or use in gyms/ fitness centers, offices while driving, traveling, or anywhere you might find convenient. 

JBL Tune wireless earbuds are designed keeping in mind every individual in general and are not targeted at any specific group of people. The performance of these earpieces is pretty decent, but they are not the best in the JBL catalog as per the JBL Tune 120 reviews online. 

The JBL Tune 120 review in the next section will give you a breakdown of the wireless earbud in terms of design, color, specifications, performance, audio quality, JBL tune 120 price, and more. 

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JBL Tune 120 Review

Detailed specifications, features, and price

With a price just at the rate of $100, this newly featured JBL tune 120 true wireless earphone has turned heads with its audio quality, style, and versatility. While there have been several JBL tune 120 reviews from users and techno enthusiasts, here’s our version of it in detail.

What you will get in the box

JBL tune 120 wireless earbuds come in a compact charging case with two earbuds. There are three pairs of silicone buds of sizes-small, medium, and large, so you can choose the best one that fits you perfectly. There is a USB cable for charging and a user manual. 

Design, looks, and style

The overall design of the JBL tune wireless earbuds is pretty effortless. The complete set is lightweight and easy to carry. The JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds are ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit into the ears. As mentioned earlier it is not inclined towards any specific category of users which, in a way, is an admirable marketing strategy,  as it can reach out to the maximum number of customers who can benefit from this pair of buds.


JBL Tune 120 wireless earbuds are sleek and weightless and have just the right size. When you fit it in your ears, it doesn’t stick out or look awkward. It also fits in the ear well and doesn’t fall out easily. With that said, a couple of users stated in their JBL tune 120 reviews that they were coming off the ear during their workout session. This may however depend on individual usage. While it can be used during light exercises or running, it may fall off due to the movements during the rigorous workout or sports. 

The JBL tune wireless earbuds have magnets on each of them that helps to fit into the box easily and also keeps them together when not in the ears. They are made of high-quality material that allows you to keep from sweating excessively, unlike some earbuds that generate a lot of heat. Both the left and the right buds have buttons for different functions. 

Charging box

The JBL tune 120 wireless earbuds charging box, which is also the case for the buds, is a bit heavy with a flip-top cover that clicks when it closes. The box has magnets inside that help the earbuds to position the correct way once they are put inside their sides. There are three LED lights on the edge of the panel that indicates the status of the battery. The micro USB charging port is covered with a rubber protector. The case is made of strong plastic that can survive a few accidents, but the body being glossy can show up the scratches clearly. The controls are imprinted on the box for ease of understanding.

Look or finish

Both the JBL tune wireless earbuds and the charging case have a beautiful ‘glossy’ finish. They look great, but on the downside, glossy finished products tend to show up the dust and fingerprints prominently. If you are not particular about this, then it is not going to be a big deal, but if you are conscious, you can go with colors other than black for lesser visibility of the finger impressions. 


The JBL tune 120 wireless earbuds are available in different color options like black and white solid colors and a few options with accents like black-blue, green-black, and yellow color models and other colors too. While the black and the white color models give that classic look, the color accents on the other hand offer a lot more than just elevating the visuals. The contrast color buttons on the buds make them stand out clearly for easy reach. Additionally, they make the brand look good. 


The JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds have a simple user interface. Initially, it may take a while to get used to the buttons on each side and remember the controls associated with the sides. Once you get a hang of it, it will be super easy to use. The controls are divided between the left and the right bud. You can play/pause, answer phone calls, skip music tracks forward or backward, mute/ unmute, and activate voice assistants (Siri or Google Assistant). 

If you long-press the button for 2 seconds, the JBL tune wireless earbuds turn on, while pressing it for 5 seconds on any of the buds will do the opposite. If you tap the right earbud twice, it will switch the voice assistant on. All the instructions are given with illustrations in the user manual for better understanding. 

When it comes to user-friendliness, the users have talked positively in their JBL tune 120 reviews. 


This is an important factor when you are looking are a hands-free earpiece. Luckily, with JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds, it is pretty satisfactory when it comes to comfort. The earplugs are small and gliding. They come in three different sizes for perfect fitting. However, if you have smaller ears, we have you covered with our Best wireless earbuds for small ears article.

The only thing is while some find the size of the earbud and the plugs super comfortable, some JBL Tune 120 Reviews stated that it gets a bit more inside the ear canal which is slightly uncomfortable when you are operating them and pressing the buttons. The earpieces are pushed more inside due to the pressure exerted on them. But this issue can be resolved by using the right-sized earplug, and also holding the bud with your finger while you access the buttons on them. This also to some extent depends on the size of the ear, so can’t completely blame the product in general. If you are someone with glasses, you might want to check out our Best headphones for glasses article from here.

The JBL tune wireless earbuds do not come with ear wings, so, it is not recommended for sports or in cases of heavy physical movements like working out, etc. as the buds may just fall out. 

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Audio quality and performance  

The audio standards of the JBL tune 120 wireless earbuds have received mixed opinions on the aural impact it creates. The buds have 5.8 mm built-in dynamic drivers that transmit a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The truly wireless earbuds feature incredible bass sound. If this type of sound effect satisfies you, then you are going to thoroughly enjoy your favorite songs with these earbuds on. While the low bass has a good pounding effect enough to give you chill bumps, the highs are crisp, clean, and effortless with almost zero distortion. 

The JBL tune wireless earbud features impressively balanced acoustics, and just because it has heavy bass doesn’t mean it overpowers the other aspects and details when you are listening to a song or music. It provides definite vocal sounds that do not get faded with the sound effects and an excellent instrumentation play. The best part is the sound will not get uncomfortable when it reaches a high pitch, which means the audio system evens out the excessive noise, making it soothing.

This means that someone who loves music will not have anything to complain about when it comes to the acoustics of the JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds. In short, its sound effects are amazing, whatever genre you listen to. 

Unfortunate News

Another thing worth mentioning here is, there is no app in question in the case of JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds, meaning these sets are not adaptable to the JBL headphone app or any other equalization app to work with. This may sound a bit off the track because most of the good-quality earbuds are made compatible with third-party apps where you can make sound adjustments at your convenience.  While these buds have an impressive sound system, this may be a sticking point to some.

Now, talking about the call quality, while many good truly wireless headphones show distorted connection once in a while, JBL tune 120 reviews from the users speak positively of its smooth and uninterrupted Bluetooth connection. The voice from the other end seems crystal clear unless there is a network issue from your service provider. 


The microphone of the JBL tune wireless earbuds is engineered to make into the device itself. The quality of the recorded sound is average, at best, due to the fact that you may have to struggle to understand it clearly. There is a lot of surrounding sound interrupting unless recorded in an absolutely quiet environment. If you are looking for a Nintendo Switch headset with mic, you must check this article from here.


JBL Tune wireless earbuds have a rechargeable battery case with a micro USB charger. The battery is said to have an average music run time of about 4 hours, with an additional 12 hours back up in the earbud case. This makes up to about 16 hours of battery life in total. In some cases, as per the JBL Tune 120 Review, the battery may last for about 4.3 hours, a little more than the average, but again, this depends on how you use it. It also means that, say if you are traveling somewhere long distance and need to get yourself engaged with some music during your transit, it will only run for about 4 hours after which you need to put it for a charge. 

The battery life of JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds is at par with the standards while still being on the mid to lower end of the scale. In comparison, some superior-quality high-end earbuds have a much longer battery life than what this product brings to the table. So if you need something more long-lasting, you may have to go for some other brand. 

Water resistance

JBL tune wireless earbuds do not possess an IP rating for sweat protection, which means that this pair of earphones isn’t a great option for your heavy workout sessions. It may hold out against a few sweat swashes or minimal accidental splashes, but nothing more than that. 


The price of the JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds is quite competitive, as it is JBL’s first earpiece with a price tag as low as $99.95. You might get the units in the eCommerce websites like Amazon at a discounted price than this. 

Click here to check out JBL tune wireless earbuds online. 

JBL tune wireless earbuds

Pros and Cons of JBL Tune Wireless Earbuds

Pros Cons
Affordable pricing 
Extremely versatile and lightweight
Incredible low bass effect and flawless highs
A great option for music lovers
High-quality finish
Simple User Interface
Comfortable fit and ergonomic design
Average battery life 
Not water resistant
Not ideal for sports as the physical movement may make the earbuds fall out.
No noise cancellation feature
No sound adjustment app support
A bit outdated charging port; uses micro USB charging port instead of a c-type (although it is not a deal-breaker) 

There are endless options of earbuds or earbuds in the market. If you are on the lookout for a great earpiece, there are a few critical factors that you need to consider, to ensure you buy the right device. Read out the next section, so you are all set to shop. 

What are the various parameters you need to consider when buying an earphone?

A good sound effect gives you the most satisfying experience, whether you are experiencing your favorite tune or talking to your loved one. Therefore, it is important to have a pair of good-quality earphones with all the features that you need. With such a wide variety of options to select from, it can be quite confusing to come down to one best product. 

To make your life easier, here’s a list of some of the basic parameters that you should consider.

Headphone style:

You will see two main headphone styles, one being the closed-back headphones and the other is open-back headphones. Closed-back headphones are mainly used for professional work like for sound mixing etc. these types of headphones keep the external noise and sound away for smooth and uninterrupted audio. This is generally used by the DJs, sound engineers, in the recording studio, etc. On the other hand, open-back headphones give an airy sound and don’t block the outside noise. Therefore, it can only be used in a quieter place. 


Some headphones come with cables and some do not. But if the cable is not manufactured well, they tend to break. While the headphones are usually designed to become cables attached to an I-shaped or L-shaped jack, the in-ear buds have a Y-style cable. If you love to move around freely with your earbuds on, then a wireless one would work best for you.

Special features:

Headphones have different features that have their benefits. These features enhance the performance of these earpieces and give you an upgraded audio experience. Some special features include Bluetooth wireless headphones, active noise-canceling, and passive noise-canceling headphones. 


There are numerous brands offering headphones in different styles and qualities. While each brand markets its products as the best, it is recommended to go for a credible brand that has a history of providing high-quality products consistently. For, example, JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds or JBL headsets. Infidelity, Samsung Galaxy or Skull Candy are some other brands known for good earbuds.

Sound quality

What do you need your earbuds for? If you are a music lover or a DJ, you will need something more focused on the sound effects like a heavy low base, or clear high bass. Unless you are using it for a commercial purpose like in a music studio or something, you will need a more sweetened sound that is soothing to hear and warm.  On the off chance that you need it for a recording, then obviously you need to go for the ones with flat frequency responses with more intense acoustics. 


Another important factor that one cannot ignore is the level of comfort when using these earbuds. What’s the point of purchasing high-end earbuds with all the advanced features in them if one cannot put them on for a good amount of time, there is no other option but to do exactly that. Look for the ones that will not give you ear fatigue or generate heat and cause excessive sweating.

Durability and portability

Headphones or earbuds are electronic gadgets and are prone to wear and tear as you regularly make use of these devices. For some good ones, you may have replaceable parts available. If you are a frequent traveler, you need to look for earbuds that are compact and portable.

So the bottom line is if you are looking for good quality, superior audio profile in an earphone within a cost-effective range, then JBL tune wireless earbuds are a great option to go for. It may not be the best product in JBL’s earphone/earbud collections; but with a price as economic as this, you may find it hard to get something better than this that offers you well-balanced acoustics. It is super portable and has a decent battery back-up than many other cheaper options available on the market. In case you are a gym professional or a sports person, then this may not be the best option to go for. Hope the earphone purchasing parameters listed in this JBL Tune 120 review help you spot the perfect set of earbuds that meets all your expectations. 

Type of Earbuds

There are varieties of earbuds and headphones available in the market. You need to take some time and figure out which type of headphones suits you best. Or the ones that you are most comfortable with. While some people like the lightweight in-ear buds that fit into the ear canal, some like the over-ear headphones for better sound quality. Some different types of headphones include:

  • In-ear earphone 
  • Earbuds
  • Over-ear or circumaural headphones
  • On-ear or supra-aural headphones


We hope the info you received through this JBL Tune 120 review is quite helpful. This is one of the best wireless earphones on the market right now. The pros and cons listed in this JBL Tune 120 review will hopefully assist you in deciding on this pair of earphones. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is JBL tune 120 true wireless earbuds compatible with iPhones? 

Yes, you can use JBL tune 120 for your iPhones. 

Is JBL tune wireless earbuds water resistant? 

No, unfortunately, these earbuds do not have an IP rating for moisture resistance, which means, other than small splashes of sweat or water, they cannot hold up to anything more. 

Are these earbuds suitable for gaming? 

While you may use them for gaming, it is not recommended for that. This is because these earbuds use only Bluetooth to connect, so you may experience time lag or suspension in between the game. 

Which devices can these JBL tune wireless earbuds be used?

These earpieces can be used with any device that can connect via Bluetooth like a laptop, mobiles phone, and tablet. 

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