JBL Tune 500BT Review

JBL Tune 500BT Review

Technology was created for Convenience. Once we humans decided to reduce the amount of effort we put into things, truth be told, it didn’t take us long to get ahead. But is achieving something easier today? Not at all. Well, thank god for minor Conveniences, then. There are millions of examples where we have adapted to the advancement of technology and made appropriate use of it. Because that’s what we are good at.

We as humans have a good way of knowing what’s good and bad for us. For instance, anything that’s done in excess is bad for us. Feels like we are going way off-topic here, but there is a point to this. We are looking at the JBL Tune 500BT Review today, and one of the things that have made adaptability easy is to understand the value of another’s word. And when we say that the JBL Tune 500BT is a set of headphones worth buying, we mean it.

The Important Thing

The important thing is that we need to understand what these things are. For instance, the headphones that we use. It is clear that most people who own a smartphone also own a pair of headphones. In this JBL Tune 500BT Review, we will focus on a very specific headphone brand that goes by JBL, as we are sure you have heard of. In one of our earlier articles, we wrote a review of JBL’s tablet speaker sets; Pulse 4 and Essential.

Both of these were speakers that connect via Bluetooth. Up until now, that is all we have talked about. We almost forgot about JBL’s work on the headphones and earphones sector. However, the JBL Tune 500BT Review is about headphones. You know the difference between them. The product that we’re going to talk about today belongs to the Tune series rolled out by JBL. This is a full-length, detailed JBL Tune 500BT Review. You might also want to check out our Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 review from here.

500BT Review

JBL Tune 500BT Review – Overview

We have a powerful pair of headphones here with us. We are about to dissect all the functionalities and share our Opinion in this JBL Tune 500BT Review. Is it is worth buying? It is the question we hope to provide an answer to by the end of this review. Let’s cut to the chase and get to the JBL Tune 500BT Review. These headphones hit the market earlier this year and soon are loved among enthusiasts as the best-wired Headphones you can choose to buy. The Tune 500BT has Bluetooth connectivity too, which makes it easier for the user to get the best response.


Bass is a quality of sound that allows us to see a different sonic facet. Many genres of music are entirely based on this quality. There are good chances that you consume songs that are centered around the concept of bass. If you buy these headphones When you listen to the bass on these headphones, you can’t help but release a visceral response. You can enjoy songs that were meant to be listened to on a pair of headphones that emphasizes bass, like these. If you use average devices, you will probably experience frequent distortions at different levels. To maintain the sanctity of songs like Rob Stone – “Chill Bill” bass should deliver to the promise. Do you want to know how JBL improved the quality of bass? They boosted the highs and emphasized them. If you are a bass lover, you’d understand.


This refers to the experience of wearing it. You get what you pay for. Given the amount that you need to pay for these headphones, you can anticipate that the standard of foam covering will not be premium. Many verified buyers have complained about the foam being too frail and thin. Some people have even posted pictures showing how easy it is to put a scratch on it. This pair might not be the best headphones that are available in the market right now, but they surely are the most worthy. Even though the fabric used over the foam is thick, they do not fail to provide comfort and warmth to the ears.

Noise isolation:

How effective is it when it comes to noise isolation? To sum it up in all one line, it does cancel out most of the Noise. Although there is a chance that one might still be able to catch a few hummingbird sounds. Given that the JBL 500BT is an on-ear headphone, they are incapable of canceling out all disturbance entirely. Well, that is just not the case with 500BT. Their ear cups are super cozy, and they clamp onto the ears to avoid any auditory leakage. 

Battery and Bluetooth:

The battery of this device is incredible. JBL has claimed that this device can give a maximum of 18 hours of life. However, this claim only works if you use the headphones at average volume. Upon turning up the volume bar, it will automatically remove 30 % of the time. Charging it fully takes a solid 2 hours. Save battery by simply listening to songs with lower sound.

Now let’s focus on Bluetooth, it is the older version of the software; 4.1. It does make it a little old, but the music player does its job. The device will stay connected with the smartphone up to 33 ft. The connection is so good that even a wall can not distort the signals. If you are looking for long range wireless headphones, check out this other article of ours.


What are all the features included in this device? Well, this JBL Tune 500BT Review is here to help. The first one to catch our attention is the voice assistant. This voice assistant is the best option for someone who hates pulling out their phones and fiddling with the options on whatever streaming platform you are using. With the voice activation, you can command the headphones to do anything. The main buttons that are included on the panel are the On/Off button, the play/pause button, the power button, and lastly, the voice assistant button

JBL Tune Series 1

JBL Tune 500BT Review – What is the Tune Series?

Remember those days when we had to untangle a bunch of wire sets to finally connect it with the phone and listen to songs in peace. Well, those days are gone. Since JBL introduced the tune series, it has added a wireless headphones version of Tune BT. Let us take a look and try and understand if you should buy this product.

Dancin’ to the Tune

The Tune series is famously known for listening to songs with quality and making calls, and this JBL Tune 500BT Review will showcase that. Because of this technology, The sales of Harman International’s skyrocketed. JBL is always known for its incredible stance to adapt to the trends and create them as well. They have gotten fame, not only with the products but also with the services they have offered. JBL has increased their warranty period on their new products and with a mind-blowing customer complaints representative team, they have improved their way of handling problems and averting controversies. 

The Tune series initially consisted of JBL’s famous on-ear and in-ear headphone models. With just a couple of them, it was started, and then its momentum couldn’t be stopped. They offer you the quality that your ears crave. The sound of pure bass is titillating yet strong at the same time. When the series was launched, it had the best players on the JBL team. All of them, wireless, including the 660NC and 510BT. These Bluetooth devices were responsible for the free flow transmission of data like podcasts, music, and other audio streams. The added advantage is that all these devices were powered by the latest Bluetooth version. Version 5.0 emphasizes the speed of transmission and eliminates latency. There’s a Bit of Info that you can’t find in another JBL Tune 500BT Review.

Tune Series 2

JBL Tune 500BT Review – Price and Features

At a retail price of just $40, you get the opportunity to experience the quality sound with the affordable 215BT and 125bt earphones. The cords of these products need some work but are manageable. There is a magnet on the back of each bud head that glues itself with the other earbud when you are not using it. Noise cancellation is the biggest plus for people trying to avoid negative people by not listening to them. These headphones have a mic jack that allows you to sync them with the voice assistant on your Phone. They are compatible with smart AI assistants. Now you can change the song playing, without moving a finger.

The charging facility of these devices is also integrated with the quick charging vision. They only take 1 to 2 hours of charging for getting it completed. You get hours of playtime from this. It is the thing of the future now. Everything is just heading towards wirelessness.

Enough about the Tune series, we have to start looking at the points that we should know before purchasing headphones and earphones. You will surely find various things that we normally forget to look at and have to get the best, and you will only do that after you have considered and crossed off every aspect on this list.

Type of headphone:

When you go to a store to buy a pair of headphones with an empty mind, undecided, You are most likely to see three types of headphones. They are called; over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and the last, earbuds-styled earphones. You have to weigh in your experience with either of them in the past. However, we are about to discuss several advantages and disadvantages to these things.

Over-the-Ear Headphones:

Just as the name sounds, these headphones cover the entire ear as well as some of your head. This is the embedded meaning of headphones inside the minds of everybody. These are the ones with the biggest market share. Such headphones are the most commonly used by studio owners. They are their go-to option. When you wear these headphones, you won’t feel a thing. Most of them look bulky, yet they are lightweight. They are also good at noise cancellation. Because they are used by studio owners, the makers try to eliminate anything that has a bad impact on their reputation. Usually, people choose this for the quality of sound it produces. This is so to the point that they make a sale by name alone. 

On-ear headphones

These come second in line when it comes to the size of the earphones. Unlike, over-ear devices, they are not that big. There is no extra space on the foam of this thing. They are good companions to many schools and college students. Since they do not cover anything except your ears, they are a bit more compact and comfortable. You won’t have that constant feeling that there is a bulky thing sitting on your head or shoulder. As compared to the prior one, these headphones fit directly, and they are also easy to be carried around. They do not take a lot of space in bags. Aren’t you glad this JBL Tune 500BT Review has the information you need?


The most commonly seen and sought-after form of headphones. Do you know why? Because they are easy to fit anywhere, they don’t cost you a significant amount of money. They are not a huge investment. They are cheap, and you don’t have to think twice before buying yourself a brand-new earbud headphone. The sound quality is not too bad. It’s not that they are not great, but in this case, when we are comparing them with on-ear headphones, they lack that quality of touch. This is not because they are not capable of producing a good sound, it is because they are built that way. Within this type, there are generally two types of headphones; wired earphones and wireless. The wired earphones are the thing of the past. People have been keeping up with the advancement of technology.

Do you know the actual variance between earbuds and on-ear headphones, except for the size? The difference is when one wears over-ear or on-ear, the inner ear part is not exactly covered, and one can still feel and listen to the sounds of people. However, the safety rubber is lodged directly into the ear in the same case as earbuds. This makes one feel completely alone, even when they are surrounded by people.

Entirely Wireless

This is the genre that has revolutionized the audio player industry. They have made an appearance recently and managed to attract the majority of all the sales towards them. The price at which wired earphones were once sold. Wireless headphones are more accessible than ever. Companies like Boat, JBL, and several others in the audio equipment world have jumped in after Apple introduced the AirPods.

They were supposed to get the attention of the audience. Nevertheless, the cost of pieces like Samsung’s and Apple’s AirPods are still out of reach. They normally come with a charging case and a charger. Just put in the earbuds and plug them in. If one is an athlete or a gym lover, these are the best ones because you don’t want to stop amid sets just because the music player’s wires are tangled.

Some features you need to consider:

There are some specifications that you have to go by and make sure that your headphones have. These specifications include:


It is one such specification that is a technical conversion of electrical energy to sound energy is known as sensitivity. The threshold of sensitivity is usually great sounding to the human ear between 80 and 125. If you find one which has a rating of lower than 80, you should consider other products. Although, it is hard to find headphones whose sensitivity is below 80. 


This topic is huge and to understand this one, you can simply picture a car riding the road. The friction between the car and your tire is what makes it stop. Now think of the amount of force you put on the brake plate as the impedance. If you have no breaks, the car will have nothing to cap the limit of flow. Mostly, the headphones that you see do not have impedance exceeding 50. It is believed that if the impedance is high, then you get a cleaner sound and higher bass.


There are some features that we have already discussed. Still, we have to recall them and understand the most important ones: 

Noise cancellation:

This feature helps you to cancel out all the additional noises that disturb your music. How these headphones achieve noise cancellation is amazing. The headphones with mics do the job. They are responsible for bringing the voice in and making releasing them in a phased manner. This eliminates that portion of the recording and does not let them disturb you. You need to leave a feature behind to get yourself a brand new noise-canceling headphone, that feature is long battery life. It takes up a lot of your battery power to keep the outside world silent. 


The volume control button is present on the speakers themselves, and that button is usually accessible to everyone. This facilitates simplifying the princess by changing the level of volume. However, you won’t find anything like this in wireless players like AirPods. This button set is much better because it also allows changing tracks if you press them longer.


A microphone is convenient for speedy and complete control over the device. If there is a microphone in your headphones, you can command it using the AI. You can simply use the mic when you enter a crowded area. Since the crowded areas are a little noisy, the mic will understand your commands easily.

Headband adjustability:

Adjusting the headband of headphones is a necessary part of the process. One size just does not fit all. This is a reason why every headphone allows you to set the width of the headband. This helps in making it feel comfortable.


What is there to balance in wearing headphones? Well, let me tell you, the volume of sound that comes out of either side of the headphones is necessary. An imbalance makes it very uncomfortable for people to listen properly.


What should be the price of the headphones you desire. To get the best pricing for the headphones, you need to read through the articles written by trusted sources. Don’t forget to count us in. 


If anything, this JBL Tune 500BT Review proves that it is one of the best wireless earphones on the market. There are so many things that people love about the JBL tune 500BT, like the voice assistant feature, the solid buttons, and the fact that it can be integrated with your smart AI device like Alexa is a great additional feature. Another one of its good features that we forgot to mention was portability. It is a good travel companion for people who cannot bear long flights without music. Overall, we will say that these headphones are pretty sleek, and they carry the right price tag around. So if you want to catch a deal, just check them out here in this JBL Tune 500BT Review. We have also written another post dedicated to the JBL Endurance Peak, you can check it out from here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What does the Tune 500 BT Box come with once you purchase it?

Once you purchase a Tune 500 BT, you get Warning Card, Warranty Card, a Safety Sheet and QSG, the Tune 500 BT Device, and a Charging Cable inside a Box.

How can You control the Tune 500BT?

You can change your settings and controls on the Tune 500BT by using the buttons located on the right-hand side of the Headphones.

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