Best Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth

Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth

Are you having trouble sleeping at night because of the loud music coming from the neighborhood? Well, then you are not alone. Many people stay awake in the night, or rather, find it difficult to sleep either because of the loud honking of the cars passing by, neighbors talking out loud or your partner is snoring. To add to that, constant sleep deprivation can lead to numerous health issues that affect your work and life in many ways. 

When you can’t sleep, you automatically start looking for ways to get rid of those noises that come between you and your much-needed sleep. Some people place cotton inside the ear but to some, it may not be enough to curb the noise. Some even play soothing music in the speakers, but that may not be a great option if there are other people in the room or the house. I even know people who have started taking prescribed medications to fall asleep. Honestly, going for the non-medicated ways to get your sleep back is best for the long run. 

Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth: Best Earbuds for Sleeping

Soothing music is one of the most effective ways to relax your mind, let out your stress, allowing you to sleep. The noise-canceling headphones work great, and you might have already used them to relax and sleep on a flight. But a lot of people do not find it comfortable to use in bed because of their size. Wireless earbuds can be of great help in such situations that give you a quiet ambiance to fall asleep. For those putting comfort first, here is our article on behind the neck headphones.

There are many types of earbuds available in the market that are designed for sleeping. These earbuds are engineered taking into consideration a few parameters like coziness, price, audio quality, etc. The best part about sleep earbuds Bluetooth products is that they are compact, lightweight, and easy to handle. You can easily roll on your sides, lie down in your most cozy sleeping position without having to deal with the wires tangling around. 

Now, this may sound a bit off, but it is important to note that constant usage of earbuds for long hours can pose health risks. There is a greater risk while using them when sleeping because if you do not wake up to take them off, you are wearing them all night exposing yourself to infection and other problems. This is why it is always recommended to use these audio pieces moderately.  

Nevertheless, after doing extensive research and taking into consideration various user and expert reviews, we have come up with a list of some of the best earbuds for sleeping that you can take into account. 

The Best Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth

It can be infuriating when you are tired and stressed out after a long day’s work, and you hit the bed only to hear people talking around, or noises coming from outside. It can be such a mood spoiler, right? Well, here’s a list of some of the best noise-canceling headphones for sleeping that can help you relax and drift off to sleep: 

Bose II Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth

Bose is a leading name when it comes to audio equipment and gears. After Sleepbuds 1 was discontinued because of the technical issues with the battery, Bose worked on coming up with this improved, better version, Sleepbuds II. These second-generation earbuds have been designed by eliminating all the factors that were causing problems earlier. 

These earbuds are specially created for improving and promoting sleep, so you will not get regular headphone functionality in this product. Rather, these noise-canceling earbuds for sleep have noise-concealing properties that are capable of relaxing you and promoting sleep. 

The earbuds have integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that is compatible with iOS 11 or later or devices that support Android 6.0 or later versions. Now, even though the earbuds are supported by Bluetooth, they cannot stream music from your mobile device. The sound gets transferred and stored in the earbuds memory, and it plays directly from there. The Bose Sleep App has a library consisting of different sounds to suppress the outside noise. You can choose from a variety of 14 different noise-canceling tracks. 

These earbuds also have an alarm facility to wake you up. It sends you an alert when your phone rings, so you do not miss any important calls. However, you need to receive the call from your phone as the earbuds are not equipped with call management features. 

With a  price tag of $249 and a battery life of 10 hours (along with a backup charging case), this is one of the best earbuds for sleeping.

QuietOn Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth: 

QuietOn Sleep Earbuds:

One of the best earbuds for sleeping, QuietOn is a minuscule earbud, ergonomically designed keeping in mind the comfort you need when sleeping. The size of the earbuds is smaller than the usual sized ones for the best fit without protruding out from the ears. But, do not get misguided by its size. When it comes to the performance, it does what it claims, eliminating the outside noise exceptionally well. 

Remember that QuietOn might not be for everyone, if one needs to listen to the music, connect it to the phone or any other device. It only eliminates the outside noise and lets one sleep in peace.  It is integrated with advanced noise-canceling technology that curbs noises at all frequency ranges be it low the low-level sounds or the high pitched ones. 

These revolutionary earbuds have a long-lasting battery of about 28 hours if you charge it once along with a changing case with additional battery backup. This means that you will not wake up in the night to any sound as the battery will run all night. Another interesting feature of QuietOn is that it has a ‘listening mode’ that will turn off the noise-canceling feature with a single tap on the earbud if needed. 

QuietOn will cost you around $169.00. If you are looking for good noise-canceling earbuds for sleep that can give you a silent space and do not need music playing in the background, then these earpieces are worth an investment.

SleepPhones by AcousticSheep – Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth

SleepPhones by AcousticSheep - Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth Headphone:

Here’s a next-level product that gives you a completely wireless experience along with superior comfort just like all the other noise-canceling earbuds for sleep or probably more than those. SleepPhones have integrated headbands with their outer material made of fabric. The headband is pretty flexible and stretchable so you can adjust it around your head and over your ears at your convenience. 

The speakers incorporated inside the band on both sides are extremely thin and flat which makes it a super comfortable option for the side sleepers. 

The headband is supported by Bluetooth which has a connectivity range of up to 30 feet from the main audio source. This means that you do not have to take your mobile device along with you when you go to bed. The best part is, unlike the other earbuds that we have listed so far, this one allows you to enjoy your music or audio. It’s easy to use with a built-in control panel that lets you control the volume, navigate music, etc. What more? The bass enhanced sound gives you an amazing listening experience. 

If you are looking for fully noise-canceling earbuds for sleep, this doesn’t have that, however, it does a great job in reducing a decent amount of ambient sound, especially when the music is on at a moderate volume.

The headband is available in 3 different sizes and two types of fabric to select from based on your comfort level. With a price tag of $99.99, this product is one of the best earbuds for sleeping. 

Sony WF-1000XM4 – Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth:

Sony WF-1000XM4 - Sleep earbuds Bluetooth:

If you want to drift off to sleep while listening to your favorite tunes, then here is Sony’s WF- 1000XM4 with its industry-leading noise cancellation technology. The premium and comfortable build makes it a perfect option to use while sleeping. The earbuds do a pretty good job of suppressing the surrounding noise and giving you a quiet place. You will get about 8 hours of run time with the noise-canceling mode on when used at a stretch and even more when the ANC feature is turned off.  

One of the best earbuds for sleeping, WF- 1000XM4 is supported by Bluetooth connectivity, amazing battery life of 24 hours, and Sony signature sound. These earbuds also deliver clear, undistorted audio for smooth communication. With built-in Alexa, you do not need to keep accessing your phone; you can just go hands-free and give commands to access information like the time or change the music track, and more. 

The product has a price tag of $248.00 which makes it an expensive option but if you’re looking for good earbuds for sleeping then this one is worth an investment. 

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth:

If you are looking for good earbuds that can play some soothing music helping you drift off to sleep, then here are the sleep earbuds Bluetooth products that you can take a look at. However, you will like it only if the active noise-canceling feature is not your priority because this earbud doesn’t have one. 

On the upside, these earbuds have an impressive audio profile that stands in competition with over-ear or on-ear headphones and simple user-friendly controls that make them easy to navigate. The pack includes a good selection of foam and silicone ear tips for accurate and comfortable fitting. If you are using these earbuds for sleeping, you can use the foam ear tips for the best noise isolation properties. 

One of the best earbuds for sleeping, Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus has a battery life of 9 hours when played on a loop and is supported by Bluetooth 5.0. The earbuds are compatible with the melomania app, through which you can set the sound as per your listening preference. Given all these features, the price of this product is pretty reasonable, $99.95.  

Samsung Galaxy True Wireless Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth

Samsung Galaxy True Wireless Earbuds:

The earbuds from Samsung feature high-class sound, Bluetooth connectivity and are compatible with Android and iOS devices. The only thing you need to ensure is that the Android version is 5 or more. While the sound quality is great, the earbuds are not incorporated with the active noise cancellation feature. (if you want to sleep with Bluetooth earbuds with ANC, then you can check out Samsung Galaxy buds 2– higher price than this product but is equipped with more features).  

You will get a battery life of about 6 hours and an additional 7 hours with the charging case. Well, there are other options with better battery life, these good surround sound headphones from Samsung offer superior comfort when worn in the ears making them one of the perfect earbuds for sleeping. These Samsung earbuds will cost you around $89.99. 

Jabra Elite 75T True Wireless Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth

Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless Earbuds (Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth):

Here’s are the noise-canceling earbuds from Jabra that can eliminate the surrounding sound with its ANC feature, so you can get a quiet ambiance and sleep well. The earbuds manifest a perfect ergonomic fit for comfortable wear that lets you sleep in any comfortable position. 

One of the best earbuds for sleeping, Elite 75t can run for about 24 hours with ANC on if you charge it fully once. This means that you do not have to wake up to people talking as the battery will not run out if it is charged completely. 

While this is not like the Bose Sleep buds II and the QuietOn earbuds that are exclusively designed for sleep, the good thing is, with these, you can listen to your playlist and receive calls without having to access your phone. It also allows you to go hands-free with its voice control technology. The Jabra Elite 75t will cost you around $149.99.

Here are a few other alternative sleep headphones that you can take a look at:

Now that you have a variety of sleep earbuds Bluetooth products to choose from, you should know a few crucial things about what earbuds can do if worn for long hours. It can be pretty relaxing to wear headphones or an earphone to shut out all the external noise for the sleep your body is longing for. But is it okay to put these audio pieces in your ears and sleep through the night? 

Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth: Risks Involved

Here is a quick rundown on the risks associated with the sleep earbuds Bluetooth products if you wear them all night long for sleeping: 

  • Putting the earbuds inside your ear for a long time obstructs air circulation in and out of the ear. This will lead to the collection of earwax. Excessive accumulation of these earbuds will lead to long-term ear problems that can be very complicated to cure. 
  • When you use headphones for a long time while sleeping, the outer ear or the ear cartilage gets pressurized due to the clamping force of the headphones leading to a painful and swollen outer ear. 
  • Using the in-ear earbuds have their associated risks. Because the ear tip goes inside the ear canal, it generates heat and blocks the air passage. This leads to the growth of bacteria which in return leads to ear infections that can get serious. 
  • Prolonged exposure to music at higher volume can also damage your eardrums resulting in short-term or long-term hearing loss.
  • There are other types of safety concerns like you cannot hear the fire alarms, or someone calling you for an emergency, etc. 

Different Types of Earbuds:

There are many types of earbuds available in the market today that you can go for. They vary in size, shape and are even designed differently to suit different lifestyles. So if you are on the lookout for a new pair of earbuds then here are the various options available for you: 

Earbuds for Adults:

There are countless options available in the market when you look for standard-size adult earbuds. You can choose from the various brands, features, and colors. Different types of in-ear earphones are ergonomically fit for different designs.

Sports-oriented Earbuds:

These earbuds are designed specially to fit the lifestyle of a sportsperson or fitness enthusiast. They are usually sweatproof and dustproof. Some earbuds can hold up well in water, making them an ideal option for swimmers. Most sports earbuds are designed to have an ear hook that goes around the ear for a better grip. This ensures that the earbud doesn’t fall off due to rigorous movements.

Earbuds for Work:

Most of the earbuds that target working professionals are designed to have better microphones and focus on audio quality. They are also equipped with noise-canceling technology, so you can have a quiet environment to make the work calls or attend conference calls.

Regular Earbuds for Casual Use:

These belong to the general category and have many features. The earbuds are versatile and can be used for multiple different purposes. 

Earbuds for Kids:

If you are looking for earbuds for kids, then there are various factors that you will need to consider like extra durability, not-so-expensive ones because children tend to lose their earbuds easily. You also get audio pieces with a safe audio limit. While some manufacturers design the earbuds with an in-built audio limit for safe listening, some earbuds have parental controls that allow you to set a maximum volume limit beyond which the sound will not go higher. 

Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth:

Sleep earbuds Bluetooth products are specifically designed for the best comfortable fit, noise-canceling properties, etc. While some earbuds are designed only for sleeping purposes that will play soft tunes to induce sleep, some let you listen to podcasts and your music playlist while you go off to sleep. 

Active Noise-canceling Earbuds:

Well, not every earbud is equipped with the active noise cancellation feature. Some are designed for passive noise isolation, while some have built-in noise cancellation technology that filters out all the external sound and improves the quality of the audio. The prices of these earbuds vary according to the integrated technology. 


Wearing earbuds for sleeping have their advantages and disadvantages. Putting these things on once in a while and drifting off to sleep is fine as they wouldn’t pose so much health risk. However, if it becomes a regular practice, and you see yourself looking for your earbuds every day before going to bed, then you should know that it is time to consider other options. There are a few other effective and safer alternatives to get rid of your noisy room like playing music in a small portable Bluetooth speaker or using earplugs. 

You may also want to consider the stretchable headbands with integrated speakers, which are much safer than regular earbuds. Ultimately, it is the choice and comfort that can help you relax and get you to sleep. It is always recommended to know the pros and cons of the Sleep Earbuds Bluetooth products before you use them to be on the safer side. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s): 

How dangerous is it to wear a headphone or an earbud and sleep? 

If you use headphones to fall asleep every day, then it is a risk. (some of the most common risks associated with prolonged usage of headphones are mentioned here.). However, occasional use of this audio equipment does not cause much of an issue as long as you listen at a moderate volume. 

Can the use of Bluetooth headphones cause cancer? 

Well, there are no pieces of evidence yet where a Bluetooth headphone has caused cancer. The radiofrequency waves transmitted by these Bluetooth headphones are not strong enough to damage the cells in the body. 

Can side sleepers use over-ear or on-ear headphones comfortably? 

There are pillows with center cutouts that give space for the headphone to adjust when you turn to your side. This prevents the earcup from exerting pressure on the ears thus making headphones use comfortable when speaking. 

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