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Buddha Machine 4 est arrivé!

Juicy day-glo colours. Dreamy new loops! Click for where to buy!

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Fistful of Buddha

The solo album by Buddha Machine creator Christiaan Virant. Available on CD and iTunes worldwide. Loops in Buddha4 are sourced from this album.

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Buddha 3 – 禅房 – Chan Fang

Released in 2010. Four loops composed for the granddaddy of Chinese classical instruments, the Gu Qin 古琴

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Buddha 1 – The Classic

Released in 2005 to worldwide acclaim, the original Buddha Machine features 9 meditative loops and comes in seven playful colours.

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Buddha 2.0

Speed up or slow down the music to suit your mood with the all-new pitch-shift knob on Buddha Machine 2.

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The App

Put the Buddha Machine on your iPhone/iPod. Also, mix up to 6 Buddha Machines on our iPad app!

fm3 cd01

HeXieFu 《和谐福》

China’s leading underground and experimental musicians take on the Buddha Machine. Posh party pack includes 15-track CD, FM3 coin, 9 colourful VIP cards and other goodies! Available NOW worldwide! See our Where to Buy It page to order

Buddha Machine ThinkPad S1 Yoga

FM3 recently collaborated with ThinkPad for the launch of their new S1 Yoga ultrabook. We designed a limited-edition Buddha Machine laptop for them and curated a night of music at the COART festival in the southwest Chinese city of Lijiang. Here are some photos from the event:

Ghost in the Machine

Limited-edition, Japan-only release featuring 3 tracks by Cornelius composed for the anime film Ghost in the Shell: Arise.

Brasil Buddha remix!

New album from Brazilian artist Gimu based on the loops from Buddha3. It’s a great listen and its FREE! ChunDongQiuXia by Gimu

Buddha Machine remix of the week – 40

Deep drone diving with Dave Seidel, aka Mystery Bear.