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Buddha Machine 4

Juicy day-glo colours. Dreamy new loops!

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Buddha 3 – 禅房 – Chan Fang

Released in 2010. Four loops composed for the granddaddy of Chinese classical instruments, the Gu Qin 古琴

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Buddha 1 – The Classic

Released in 2005 to worldwide acclaim, the original Buddha Machine features 9 meditative loops and comes in seven playful colours.

buddha 2 splash new

Buddha 2

Speed up or slow down the music to suit your mood with the all-new pitch-shift knob on Buddha 2.

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The App

Put the Buddha Machine on your iPhone/iPod. Also, mix up to 6 Buddha Machines on our iPad app!

Buddha Machine ThinkPad S1 Yoga

FM3 recently collaborated with ThinkPad for the launch of their new S1 Yoga ultrabook. We designed a limited-edition Buddha Machine laptop for them and curated a night of music at the COART festival in the southwest Chinese city of Lijiang. Here are some photos from the event:

Ghost in the Machine

Limited-edition, Japan-only release featuring 3 tracks by Cornelius composed for the anime film Ghost in the Shell: Arise.

Brasil Buddha remix!

New album from Brazilian artist Gimu based on the loops from Buddha3. It’s a great listen and its FREE! ChunDongQiuXia by Gimu

Buddha Machine remix of the week – 40

Deep drone diving with Dave Seidel, aka Mystery Bear.