Best Audio Technica earbuds

Best Audio Technica earbuds

A Brief Rundown on the Brand Audio Technica and the Type of Products They Have:

When it comes to earbuds or headphones, one of the key aspects that people look for other than the sound quality, or features is brand credibility. Buying headphones from a credible brand gives them confidence and they know that they are investing money in the right place or product. 

Founded in 1962, Audio Technica has established itself as a rock-solid brand that offers various audio solutions to different kinds of consumers, be it sound engineers, professional sound editors, audio content developers, music professionals,  or podcasters. Some of the main products that the brand is known for are microphones, wired and wireless headphones and earbuds, and turntables. The ‘headphones segment’ of the brand holds the largest space in the market today, valued, acclaimed, and loved by users at a professional level across the world.

Be it Audio-Technica in-ear headphones or overhead headsets, the brand, known for its stellar acoustics that are well-balanced and are engineered for more of a neutral presentation in most cases. This has helped them occupy a huge place in the professional headphones market. You will find these headphones in places like broadcasting stations, live shows, DJing or bands, government offices, or recording studios. They are also often picked up for sound mixing and reference purposes to detect faults in other equipment.

Why Should You Buy These Headphones?

Because of their detailed and accurate sound delivery with flat frequency response, they are one of the top preferences of many critical listeners. While most of the headphones have an overall balanced sound signature, there are a few headphones that do have an emphasized bass response as well which makes these particular ones great for enjoying bass-forward tracks.

Other than the amazing sound quality, these headphones show excellent durability and ultimate comfort whether they are Audio Technica headphones in-ear or over-the-ear. These products pretty competitively priced when compared with some of the best headphones of their kind from other reputed brands. Several positive reviews and recommendations online have made the headphones from this brand one of the best-selling ones in the market today. 

Wired vs Wireless

Now, while the brand has both wired and wireless headphones options, it is best known for the wired ones. However, those who need the conveniences of wireless Bluetooth headphones or earbuds, check out our Audio Technica Bluetooth headphones article from here. Audio-Technica’s offers wired and wireless earbuds, in-ear canal wired headphones, over-ear, and on-ear ones. 

This article focuses on the Audio-Technica in-ear headphones and the Audio Technica earphones comparison with different products that they sell within this category. So if you are exclusively looking for the best Audio Technica earbuds, then you are at the right place. To know more about this continue reading our next section…

Best Audio Technica Earbuds: List of the Top-rated Audio-Technica in-ear Headphones, Their Significant Features, Audio Technica Earphones Comparison Through Price, Pros, and Cons: 

When it comes to the Audio Technica headphones in-ear, there are different types of offerings that vary in price, design, and technology. While some are designed for sports and fitness needs, some of them are geared towards casual use, or for users who need a quiet ambiance to have uninterrupted listening sessions. You will also see a mix of both true wireless earbuds and in-ear canal earphones, so you can pick them at your convenience. 

Before hitting the list of these in-ear headphones, let’s have a quick rundown on some of the different technologies that the company uses to differentiate its purposes. This helps the buyers choose the best one that suits their needs.

Some of the technologies used in the Audio-Technica in-ear headphones are QuietPoint, SonicSport, SonicPro, Solid Bass, Sound Reality, Professional, Hybrid Multi-Driver, and SonicFuel. 


QuietPoint is the active noise-canceling technology used in some wireless earbuds. This technology filters out the environmental noise giving the listener a quiet ambiance and balanced, high-quality audio. These Audio Technica headphones in-ear are perfect for those who are frequent travelers, or work in noisy surroundings but need to concentrate on their work. 


SonicSport as the name implies its geared towards fitness enthusiasts or anyone with an active lifestyle. The earbuds are ergonomically designed, so they can stay secured despite rigorous movements. These earbuds are a true balance between comfort and powerful sound that can keep them boosted throughout their workout session. 


SonicPro is a professional series of Audio-Technica in-ear headphones ideal for people who like to hear a detailed sound. This innovative technology focuses on the sonic performance of the earbuds delivering accuracy at all frequency levels. 

Solid Bass

Solid Bass Audio-Technica in-ear headphones, as it is clear from the name, reproduce bass emphasized audio which is an ideal choice for bass lovers who enjoy the extra thump in their tracks. 

Sound Reality

Sound Reality offers pure neutral sound without an over-emphasis on any of the frequency levels. Even with the neutral presentation, the audio is bright and energetic with clarity in every detail of the audio content. A perfect option of retreat for those who admire the realism of the audio content. 


SonicFuel on the other hand, designed for both sports and casual use. The Audio Technica headphones in-ear with this technology offer high-quality audio while maintaining its neutrality. It provides you with a pleasant listening experience without changing the originality of the soundtrack. 

Professional Tech

Professional technology integrated into the Audio Technica headphones in-ear makes them ideal for professional or studio use. These headphones have a flat frequency response and deliver the exact quality of the audio without changing anything. These earbuds can be used for sound mixing, monitoring, or editing. The earbuds designed in such a way that they form a tight seal into the ear canal to prevent sound leakage thus preserving the quality of the audio.  

Hybrid Multi-Driver

Hybrid Multi-Driver system is responsible for High-Res audio. The Audio-Technica in-ear headphones, integrated with two-phase drivers of different sizes and two more armature drivers placed strategically. The latter focuses on reinforcing the lower frequency ranges for sound accuracy. 

Best Audio Technica Earbuds

Now that you know the different technologies used in different Audio-Technica in-ear headphones, let’s move on to the list for the Audio Technica earphones comparison that we have rounded up for you.

Audio-Technica ATH-E50: (Audio Technica earbuds for studio monitoring)

Here are Professional in-ear monitors, ATH-E50, that tops our list for several reasons. These ‘Audio Technica headphones in ear’ strike a perfect balance between design, convenience, and sonic capability. The earphones acoustically oriented for sound monitoring and referencing which makes them perfectly suitable for sound editors and professionals who work while on the move. 

Integrated with high-performing armature drivers, these Audio-Technica in-ear headphones offer full sound covering the entire frequency spectrum from 20 Hz to 18 kHz. The sound accuracy and detailing is exceptional with rich sound that exhibits just the right amount of bass response needed along with well-balanced and undistorted mids and highs. With 107 dB sound sensitivity, these in-ear monitors can get really loud even at moderate volumes.

Additionally, the memory foam cable that goes around the ears, the ergonomically-designed earbuds with silicone ear tips of different sizes offer ultimate comfort for all-day wear. The earbuds are also designed for superior noise isolation that prevents sound leakage and reduces the surrounding sound when properly sealed. 

  • Superior comfort.
  • Fuller, loud sound.
  • Clean, undistorted acoustics.
  • Lightweight and comes with detachable 1.6 m cable with A2DC connectors for durability and finest audio.
  • Eartips of different sizes for best fit. 
  • Sophisticated look.
  • The price can be slightly on the higher end for some.

Price: $199.00.

 Audio-Technica ATH-E50: (Best Audio Technica earbuds for studio monitoring)
Audio-Technica ATH-E50: (Best Audio Technica earbuds for studio monitoring)

ATH-E40: (Best Audio-Technica in-ear headphones for studio monitoring under $100.00)

If you are looking for a perfect on-the-go Professional in-ear monitor but find the above product a little pricey for your budget, then here is a perfect alternative that you can go for. One of the best  Audio Technica earbuds, this variant of the previously listed model packed with features at an affordable price. 

The earbuds are outfitted with the company’s very own dual-phase ‘push-pull drivers’ that offer a rich soundstage with incredibly powerful acoustics. The in-ear monitors provide good bass, with sculpted mids and clean sharp highs- perfect sound for studio uses. This audiophile-grade sound also makes it one of the most preferred in-ear options among several critical listeners. 

Audio Technica earphones comparison with ATH-E50 shows that this pair has ideal measures when it comes to different elements like impedance, sound pressure, and frequency response. With an impedance of 12W,  SPL of 107 dB, and a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, this option can be connected with smaller audio devices, yet offer loud enough sound and a full range for audio accuracy. 

  • Great value for money.
  • Full frequency range.
  • Lightweight design for superior comfort. 
  • Comes with different ear tip sizes. 
  • Great sound.
  • The impedance value is 12 Ohm.
  • Can be used with smaller devices without the need for an amplifier.
  • Detachable cables for easy storage.
  • Some users found an issue with the fit but using the appropriate size may resolve this.

Price: $99.00.


ATH-ANC300TW QuietPoint Earbuds: (Audio Technica earbuds with ANC)

These feature-rich earbuds are one of the best offerings from Audio Technica if you are looking for a cool pair with active noise canceling features combined with great sound, compact design, and superior performance. 

The earbud is perfectly designed for accurate fit irrespective of the ear shape and size. You will get four different sizes of silicone ear tips (XS, S, M, L) and a pair of ‘comply foam’ made ear tips of medium size. This ensures that you get the exact fit as per the anatomy of your ear canal. The size of the earbuds is also ideal and doesn’t feel protruded out like some other earbuds from competitor brands. 

Features Offered

Equipped with the QuietPoint hybrid noise-canceling technology, the earbuds offer a solid noise reduction function giving you a quiet background to focus on what you are listening to. The easy-to-control buttons dedicated for the ANC placed on the left earbud in such a way that you can have hassle-free access. This button allows you to change between the ANC and the social mode (Pass-Through mode). The only glitch is you cannot deactivate both the modes at the same time without using the Audio-Technica app. 

Other than the ANC, the earbuds house other controls like call management buttons, playback, and volume controls so you do not have to reach for your phone to navigate the functionalities. The Bluetooth connectivity offers a strong and secured signal range. They also support the Qualcomm aptX, AAC, and Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus codecs for low latency audio and video streaming.  

Although small, these buds offer a full range of sound that is detailed and accurate. The sound signature is flat yet powerful with a good balance across all the frequency ranges. 

Now the battery life of these Audio-Technica in-ear headphones is average-4.5 hours on a single full charge. The charging case, however, holds up to 13.5 hours of additional power backup.  

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • 3 different noise-canceling levels allow you to get the right ambiance.
  • Hear Through mode allows you to stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Qualcomm cVc technology used for crystal clear communication. 
  • Not water-resistant.
  • Little expensive.

Price: $199.00.

ATH-ANC300TW QuietPoint Earbuds: (Best Audio Technica earbuds with ANC)
ATH-ANC300TW QuietPoint Earbuds: (Best Audio Technica earbuds with ANC)

ATH-ANC100BT: (Best Audio Technica in-ear headphones under $100)

If you find the ATH-ANC300TW out of your budget but still want one with the ANC feature, then this pair of Audio Technica earbuds are a great go-to for you. Even though they are not True wireless like the previously listed product, this pair is also wireless and connects via Bluetooth technology. However, there is a short cable joining the two earbuds along with an inline remote control with a mic. But with all the features, comfort, and performance that you are getting under $100, it is a great bang for your buck. 

The earbuds have a unique pendant style design where the controller hangs like a pendant. This makes answering calls and navigating the controls easy. The headphones are comfortable to wear for several hours at a stretch. If you are able to seal the earbuds the right way into the ears, these Audio Technica earbuds perform exceptionally well in passive noise isolation. The remote has a clip at the back to support it with your outfit or bag so it doesn’t pull the earbuds out.

One of the best Audio Technica earbuds, these tiny devices are equipped with QuietPoint noise-canceling technology that allows you to focus on your listening without affecting the audio quality and clarity. Now, even though these earbuds have the ANC feature, they are not the best ones available out there if you are looking for a powerful noise-canceling function out of them. However, the passive noise isolation offered by the tight seal along to the ANC works great in reducing a lot of noise. 

With 12 mm drivers, the sound reproduction is incredible with superior audio clarity and detail. 

  • 10 hours battery life with ANC and Bluetooth on.
  • Good sound isolation.
  • Sensitivity is 105 dB and Impedance 32 Ohm.
  • Full-range frequency response for superior audio clarity.
  • Comes with ear tips of different sizes.
  • Great value for money.
  • Doesn’t have a rechargeable built-in battery. It needs a AAA battery for power which needs to be changed when it drains out. 

Price: $99.00.


ATH-SPORT7TWBK SonicSport Wireless In-Ear Headphones: (Best Audio Technica earbuds for sports lovers with fixed budget)

Fitness enthusiasts often find it hard to find proper headphones or earbuds that can fit in securely without falling off time and again. This pair here is one of the best Audio Technica earbuds if you are particularly looking for sports use at an astonishingly low price.

In order to fit in the ears naturally and securely, the earbuds feature ear fins made out of silicone. Other than securing the earbuds in place, they also offer good noise isolation and solid comfort while you wear them for your extended workout sessions. The earbuds have an IPX5 rating for sweat and water resistance so you can comfortably wear it without a worry even when you are sweating hard. 

Remember that these earbuds are not protected against submerging in water so they cannot be worn while you are swimming. However, they can hold up well against sudden cloudbursts if you are out running and you can wash the sweat away after use as well to keep it clean. 

There is a built-in hear-through mode that lets the ambient sound in when you are working out in a noisy gym or jogging in a crowded street with traffic. This will let you stay aware of your surroundings while you enjoy your favorite tracks. 

You will get a battery life of about 3.5 hours on one full charge, which definitely could have been better. The charging case, however, carries 17.5 hours of backup power.  

  • Ergonomic design for a secure fit. 
  • IPX5 rated.
  • Durable construction.
  • Sound Sensitivity: 91 dB allows the headphone to reach high volume effortlessly.
  • 20 Hz to 25 kHz frequency response offers good bass, natural mids, and clean undistorted treble. 
  • Different sizes of ear tips and ear fins.
  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Battery life on a single charge is average. 

Price: $49.00

 ATH-SPORT7TWBK SonicSport Wireless In-Ear Headphones: (Best Audio Technica earbuds for sports lovers with fixed budget)
ATH-SPORT7TWBK SonicSport Wireless In-Ear Headphones: (Best Audio Technica earbuds for sports lovers with fixed budget)

ATH-CKS5TWKH Solid Bass Audio-Technica in-ear headphones: (Best Audio Technica earbuds for Bass lovers)

This pair of wireless Audio Technica headphones in-ear is a complete package of comfort, design, and performance. With Bluetooth 5.0 support, Qualcomm aptX, and AAC codecs, the earbud offers lag-free video and audio streaming.

The 10 mm audio drivers with double-layer diaphragms enable them to achieve incredible sonic performance. Where one diaphragm is hard, the other is soft and this combination helps the earbuds deliver powerful sound with enhanced bass response. The silicone tips of different sizes and the silicone loops not only ensure a secure and comfortable fit but also enhance the overall sound quality of the earbuds. 

The headphones have an excellent battery life of 15 hours of constant playback with 30 hours of backup charge in the case. This makes it one of the best true wireless Audio-Technica in-ear headphones with great battery performance the brand has in store. 

  • Excellent battery performance.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 offers a strong connection.
  • Good bass response.
  • Decent pricing.
  • Some users felt that the earbuds couldn’t seal properly and kept falling out. But, choosing the right sized tips should resolve this issue. 
  • Warranty inclusions aren’t up to the mark. 

Price: $99.00

 ATH-CKS5TWKH Solid Bass Audio-Technica in-ear headphones
ATH-CKS5TWKH Solid Bass Audio-Technica in-ear headphones

ATH-CKS990iS Solid Bass headphones: (Best wired Audio Technica in-ear headphones for deep bass) 

If you are a bass lover, then this offering from Audio Technica will not disappoint you. The in-ear canal earphones are integrated with 13 mm dual drivers (largest-in-class) which have many transition diaphragms that offer refined sound including the bass tone. There are two bass venting systems in each earbud that in combination with the diaphragms revamp the damping of the air for a superior fuller bass reproduction without any distortion. 

The machined aluminum construction of the drivers contributes to a precise high-quality sound, with good mids and highs through an extended frequency response of 5 Hz to 28kHz. This means the low-frequency sound is deep and punchy giving you a satisfying bass tone. The vocals, however, in some tracks, tend to struggle for space due to the heavy bass presence. 

Meanwhile, these Audio Technica headphones in-ear have 104 dB sound sensitivity and 50 Ohms impedance. 

  • Deep bass with bright, undistorted highs.
  • Extended frequency response. 
  • Large drivers for better and powerful sound.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design.
  • In-line mic and user-friendly controls offer hassle-free operation.
  • Stylist look.
  • Mid-range could have improved.
  • Amplified bass doesn’t make it ideal for studio use.

Price: $99.00

 ATH-CKS990iS Solid Bass headphones
ATH-CKS990iS Solid Bass headphones

**If you have a tight budget the ATH-CKS550BTCG Solid Bass earbuds are a great go just costing you about $28.99.

ATH-CKR30iS SonicFuel in-ear headphones: (Best Audio-Technica in-ear headphones at a bargain price)

These wired Audio Technica headphones in the ear are a perfect travel option that you can just slide in your bag or pocket and go. The headphones are integrated with the SonicFuel technology that makes them great sounding and high performing within an affordable budget. 

Engineered with 8.5 mm drivers, the headphones have pretty good sound reproduction with clarity at all frequency responses. The cable connecting with the earbuds has in-line control and mic, so you can manage calls, volume, and playback easily. The different sizes of ear tips that come with the pack help you to select the best possible fit for your ears which in return offers good noise isolation. 

  • Extended frequency response for better audio clarity and quality.
  • Lightweight and easy to use. 
  • Has an in-line mic and controls.
  • Different sizes of ear tips offer the best fit.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Affordable price.
  • No wireless option. 

Price: $14.95

ATH-CKR30iS SonicFuel in-ear headphones
ATH-CKR30iS SonicFuel in-ear headphones

ATH-CKR35BT Sound Reality Wireless earbuds: (Best Audio Technica earbuds for realistic, natural sound)

If you are someone who prefers to have acoustic realism over anything else, then these are one of the best wireless Audio-Technica in-ear headphones that you should take into consideration. Reasonably priced with Sound Reality technology, these earbuds are ideal for on-the-go use. 

With around-the-neck style, lightweight, and 9.8 mm drivers, the earbuds are a combination of ultimate comfort and great acoustics. The brass stabilizers absorb the vibrations caused due to the sound making the audio more natural and balanced. There is exceptional clarity across the entire frequency spectrum. The best part is you do not have to deal with the hassles of untangling the cables with this short neckband cord. The controls are strategically placed on the inline control unit. The battery houses on the back part of the cord that can be clipped with the collar if need be. 

  • Life-like sound.
  • Well-balanced and crystal clear acoustics.
  • Four different sizes of interchangeable ear tips for accurate fitting.
  • Suburb noise isolation.
  • Extremely lightweight and convenient to wear around.
  • No chance of losing the earbuds as they always stay close to the ears when you hang them. 
  • 7 hours of Playback and 200 hours of standby.
  • Not the sturdiest option so you need to handle them carefully. The cord is thin, if pulled, it may get damaged.

Price: $59.00

 ATH-CKR35BT Sound Reality Wireless earbuds
ATH-CKR35BT Sound Reality Wireless earbuds

Here are some of the premium best Audio Technica earbuds in case you are looking for in-ear headphones for professional use:

Audio-Technica ATH-CK2000Ti 

Audio Technica SPORT90BT

ATH-IEX1 Hi-Res Audio-Technica in-Ear Headphones

Now that you have the list of the best Audio Technica earbuds with different technologies, hope you find what works for you the best. But do remember that extensive usage of in-ear headphones or earbuds does have some ill effects on your ears and health. 

So What Are the Negative Effects of Long-term Use of Earbuds? 

Earbuds and in-ear canal earphones have become a part of everyone’s life today, clearly, because they make our life so much easier. But did you know that there are several adverse consequences of using these earbuds for prolonged periods of time? 

Loss of Hearing

One of the major issues that arise due to the use of earbuds is “Hearing Loss”. Although the use of earbuds alone doesn’t cause this, the high volume listening using these does. Many people think that hearing loss is caused due to aging, using earbuds and listening to music in high decibels may lead to temporary and in some cases permanent hearing loss. This is called “noise-induced hearing loss”. 

The microscopic hair cells present in the inner ear get damaged by the sound vibrations. The higher the volume, the higher is the vibration and the greater is the damage caused to the cells. The severity of this depends on the amount of time you spend listening to loud music and the amount of damage caused. 

However, noise-induced hearing loss may not be curable once the damage is done, it is absolutely preventable. Several doctors and health experts suggest the headphones users follow the 60-60 rule. According to this, you need to listen to music, play video games or watch movies using headphones only at 60% volume for 60 minutes. Then take a break. If you are looking for a decent gaming headset, here is our best Audio Technica gaming headset recommendation article.

Inner Ear Damage

Another important thing to note here is that in-ear headphones are more dangerous than over-ear headphones. In the case of the in-ear style, the earbuds go inside the canal and closer to the inner ear. Therefore, when the sound plays, the audio is funneled right into the inner ear with a higher impact than over-ear headphones. 

Ear Infection

Another negative impact of the earbuds is the ear infection that is caused due to the earwax or dirt accumulated in the ear tips. This, combined with the heat generated due to the prolonged use of the earbuds leads to the growth of infection-causing bacteria. The ear infection can lead to severe discomfort and other potential risks that can be really painful. Therefore, it is important to clean the ear tips regularly after every use, so there is no debris. 


Audio-Technica is one of the leaders in the headphones industry offering a wide range of headphones of different types and features. The brand ensures customer satisfaction by introducing innovative technologies that make the listening experience more enjoyable. When it comes to the best Audio Technica earbuds, there are many different choices that the brand offers. In the list above we have rounded up some of the most popular Audio-Technica in-ear headphones that are highly rated by users and experts. There are different types of earbuds in the list under different price ranges so you can pick the most suitable one for you. Hope you find this information useful and find what you are looking for from the list. You might also want to check out Audio Technica ATH-m50x specs from here.


Can Audio Technica headphones in-ear be used for sound editing projects? 

Audio Technica has designed different earbuds for different purposes and there are a few earbuds that are suitable for professional or studio use. The earbuds from the top of our list Audio-Technica ATH-E50 and ATH-E40 are ideal for mixing and monitoring purposes. 

Where can you get Audio-Technica earbuds? 

Audio-Technical products are widely available in many eCommerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, Crutch field, and more. You also get their headphones on their own website. Click on this link to go to their website to explore some of their earbuds offerings.  

How to order Audio-Technica products online? 

Ordering Audio-Technica headphones follow the same procedure that any other product follows when you shop online. If you have more questions on this please visit the Online Order FAQ page on their website. 

How to reach Audio-Technica support to know more about their products? 

You can visit the company’s webpage by clicking here for Customer Service and Product Support. 
The technical support group of Audio-Technica operates between Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Eastern time. You can contact them via phone at 330-686-2600 x 5000, or via email: [email protected]

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