Earbuds for Small Ears

Earbuds for Small Ears

Earbuds or the True Wireless Earbuds are a thing now. Aside from enhancing your look or having an aesthetically appealing appearance itself, it is wire-free and small! I mean, what can be more soothing to hear than this. 

With time, there has been a significant shift in people’s lifestyles and to maintain that, people are constantly looking for solutions that can make things easier for them. This is the reason why most people are trying to escape from the hassles of wired gadgets and go for wireless ones. With mobiles phones and other communication devices being the constant companion of mankind in this day and time, headphones and earbuds are becoming a need. One of the biggest advantages of going wireless on these audio gears is to stay connected to mobile devices while running other errands. 

This article will give you a list of some of the best wireless earbuds for small ears that are available in the market today.

The Best Earbuds for Small Ears

There are different variations within the earbuds category in terms of design as a whole, with numerous options of Bluetooth earbuds for small ears. We will cover some of the best wireless earbuds for small ears that are worth taking a look at.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears:

If you are one of those who have trouble with finding the right size earpiece because of the smaller ear structure, then worry no more! Small wireless earbuds can resolve this issue. Here, we have curated for you a list of some of the best wireless earbuds for small ears that have a combination of comfortable and secure fit along with performance. 

Ultimate Ears Fits

Ultimate Ears Fits

One of the best wireless earbuds for small ears, Ultimate Ears Fits is one of the best earpieces if you are looking for Bluetooth earbuds for small ears. With its Patented Light form Technology, the earbud lets you custom-fit the ear tips by molding them into the shape of your ears in just 60 seconds. This ensures that you get the perfect and the most comfortable fitted earbuds that you can wear all day. 

The custom fit also means that you can go ahead with rigorous workout sessions without worrying about the earbuds coming off. By now you must be curious about how it works, right? Well, to make it work, you need to first pair it up with your phone and then go to the UE app to get to the molding process. The earbuds are equipped with several other features like 20+ hours of battery life, superior noise isolation, high-quality sound, Virtual assistant, sweat resistance, and more. 

This pair of Bluetooth earbuds for small ears has a higher price tag of $249.00 but with all the features and benefits packed in these tiny pairs, it is definitely worth giving a try if you have the budget. 

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

Supported by Bluetooth 5.0 technology with a compact design, here is yet another Bluetooth earbuds for small ears that you will appreciate. The earbud offers a cozy and secured fit within the ear canal preventing it from sliding off due to head movements. The earbuds are engineered and ergonomically designed to fit into smaller ears.  With a sound battery and active noise canceling feature the earbud can give you quality sound while enabling you to use it for the entire day. You get to choose between 7 different colors to suit your personality. These small wireless earbuds have a price tag of $129.99. 

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

If you love listening to music, then this one is definitely on the list of the best wireless earbuds for small ears. With a hi-fi noise-canceling feature and different settings to select from, this pair delivers amazing acoustics with the active EQ setup, making the audio sound more realistic. As claimed by the brand, it brings to the table the world’s most effective ANC technology. 

If you are worried about the fitting, then, these earbuds come with three different pairs of silicone ear tips of different sizes. This includes a pair of small-size tips as well if you are looking for small wireless earbuds. For extra secured fit, especially for those who need one for their gym sessions, this product comes with wing ear tips for an additional grip on the ear. 

Being a credible brand, Bose has always kept up its reputation of delivering the best, so these Bluetooth earbuds for small ears will not disappoint you. This pair of Truly wireless earbuds are going to cost you $279.00. But if you are up for a premium grade product that will last longer, and give good performance while maintaining the comfort of wearing it, then this is worth giving a shot. 

Earin A-3 – The Original True Wireless Earbuds

Earin A-3 - The Original True Wireless Earbuds

If you are looking for small wireless earbuds, then here’s one of the tiniest and lightest earbuds that you can get. The earbud is uniquely designed that requires no ear tips. The brand promises that its ergonomic chassis will fit perfectly into most ear types and sizes including smaller ones. 

Earin A-3 has been made keeping in mind the convenience of the users and, therefore, the earbud does not have a specific left or right recognition. This means that you can use any earbud on any side and get going. The earbud comes with a decent battery life of 5 hours on a single charge and is also equipped with a fast-charging boost that gives you 1 hour of runtime when charged for 15 minutes. With comparatively large drivers, this earbud has pretty good audio performance. The product comes with a price tag of $139.95 which is significantly cheaper than the previous ones listed above. 

Avantree TW110 Mini

Avantree TW110 Mini

One of the best wireless earbuds for small ears, Avantree TW110 Mini is a great choice for those who are looking for Bluetooth earbuds for small ears. The overall structure of the earbuds is small, and it fits exceptionally well into every type and shape of an ear. The Brand is also open to provide you with XS ear tips if the small size doesn’t fit you. These small wireless earbuds are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology for smooth audio streaming, uninterrupted connection with no audio drop. It is also designed for low power consumption that gives an increased run time. 

Why Use Wireless Earbuds/Earplugs?

There are many perks of having wireless earbuds, like the design per se. They are designed to perfectly cater to the needs of an individual who has an active lifestyle. For example, the true wireless earbuds are ideal to wear when you are in rigorous workout sessions or playing video games during your leisure time. However, if you are serious about gaming, check out our other article – Best headphones for Nintendo Switch. You can make your work calls or talk to your loved ones while walking your pet in the park. The best part is, you can listen to your favorite tracks on the go. All this is possible to carry out smoothly because they are compact and do not have wires attached to them. 

Bass Boosted Technology:

Many people presume that cutting off the wire from the earbuds takes away the quality of sound they deliver. The truth is, Bluetooth earbuds are equipped with innovative and state-of-the-art technology that offers amazing sound quality and audio performance. Some good quality earbuds have bass boosted technology allowing you to get the best listening experience on the bass-heavy tracks; some offer noise-canceling features allowing you to have smooth communication without the interference of the surrounding noise. This means that you get the best audio experience from these wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The only thing you need to do is make the right selection based on your requirement. 

Touch-sensitive Controls:

Earbuds are equipped with touch-sensitive controls that allow you to navigate only by tapping or touching the earpieces, while you can freely move around. Although small wireless earbuds have an amazing battery life with the charging/carrying case having the additional battery back-up which makes it pretty convenient for traveling as well. Additionally, these wireless earbuds are extremely versatile and are compatible with most of the hi-fi electronic devices available today like iPads, tablets, mobiles, and even TV sometimes. 

Comfort and Fitting

Last but not the least, they offer good comfort and fitting when compared to the big wireless headphones. These earbuds feature an ergonomic design to fit into the ear canal giving you the best wireless experience possible. 

Issues Faced With Earbuds

Amongst all those benefits listed above, there are a few disadvantages associated with these truly wireless earbuds. Even though they are not big enough to rule this option out completely, they are worth taking a note of: 

Earbuds Frequently Coming Off the Ears

One of the major concerns that many people have with these types of earpieces is their tendency to fall out of the ear sometimes. Sometimes they may also cause discomfort in the ear when worn for long hours There are several reasons behind this and one of the main causes being the ‘inappropriate size’ of the ear tip. 

The ear tip has a major role to play in the overall performance of the earbuds, be it from a performance or the comfort standpoint. For example, smaller ear tips for larger ears or ear-canal will make the buds slip off the ear with little movement. Similarly, you feel irritation in your ear if the size of the ear tip is not right. If you have a narrow ear canal, and you are trying to insert an excessively bigger size ear tip, it will cause discomfort in your ear. To get rid of this issue, Bluetooth earbuds for small ears are designed. 

Earbuds Can Go Missing Easily

Small wireless earbuds are not connected by any cord or wire. This means that there are higher chances of them getting misplaced easily if not stored properly after use. It can be a time-consuming process to hunt for them and get them back. To avoid this, it is recommended that you carry the charging case everywhere, so you can place them back in it after removing them from your ears. Storing them back in the case will also have the earbuds last longer. 

The Battery of the Earbuds Degrades

Like any other wireless device, these earpieces are powered by a battery, and depending on the usage pattern, the battery depletes. The life of the battery depends on how much the earbuds are used and for how long they are used every day. When you notice that the earbuds are losing charge quickly despite charging, it is a sign that you need to change the buds. 

The next part will give you some information on the various parameters you need to consider when buying an earbud and how you can get the accurate size of earbud for yourself.  

Bluetooth Earbuds for Small Ears: Parameters to Consider When Buying Earbuds

Most people today are tied up to their mobile devices for a considerable amount of time either for answering/making calls, listening to music, video gaming, or just watching something on their mobiles devices. The headphones or the earbuds are more of a need than just being an accessory. It is important to find the right pair of earpieces that are comfortable to wear and give the desired performance. So how do you know whether you are getting the right pair for yourself? 

The best way to figure that out is to understand a few simple yet technical aspects related to the headphones and some important parameters to keep in mind when purchasing one. So here’s the list that could get you the one that you may just fall in love with: 

Choosing the Right Design and Style

The design of the earbud has a major contribution in determining how comfortable the earpieces will be. You will find different variations within this category like the in-ear design, the earbuds with clips or hooks that go around the ear, etc. If you are a gym person and need one that can stay clipped to your ear even with rigorous movements, then earbuds with hooks will be the best option to go for. Similarly, there are Bluetooth earbuds for small ears that are meant for those who have sensitive and small ear canals that cannot accommodate a bigger ear tip.  


Look for an earbud that can support the latest Bluetooth and codec version for smooth streaming of audio and video. 


Truly wireless earbuds come loaded with a variety of features. There are a few technical terms you should be aware of when it comes to the features. This will help you understand what you will be expecting out of your wireless earbuds. 

IPX Rating:

This indicates the waterproofing capabilities. If you are looking for a waterproof earbud, go for one with an IPX7 rating. The rating varies with how much water-resistant protection the earbuds have.

Drivers and Sound Quality:

For audio enthusiasts, this is an important aspect. The number and the size of the drivers determine the quality of the sound. The larger the size of the driver, the better sound output will be. 

Noise-cancellation Technology:

Some earbuds with lower price tags have a noise-isolating design. The top-notch products, on the other hand, come with several layers of built-in noise-canceling features that can block out every possible sound around creating a personal world for you to enjoy your music. 

Bass Boosting Technology:

The best wireless earbuds for small ears come with either bass boosting modes for you to control or built-in bass enhancers. This provides a powerful punching sound that can give a solid make-over to the musical tracks. 


If the purpose of getting an earphone is to make calls on a professional front or to speak with your family and friends, then dig deeper into the mic quality. Doesn’t one need a mic for clear and audible? Some brands like Bose or BoAt are well known for having an ace-level microphone. 

Virtual Assistant Function:

While most of the good quality Truly Wireless Earbuds are equipped with voice control features or the virtual assistant function, some budget lines may not have it integrated into them. If you are particular about having this, you have to go for a little higher-end one. 

Charging and Battery Life

Well, if you are investing in a good earbud, you will want it to have good battery life. This is one of the most important factors that most buyers consider. Oftentimes, a better battery gets traded off with something else like a heavier earpiece, or a bigger charging case, or maybe an expensive model. Nevertheless, think about what you are going to need the headphones or the earbuds for, and then decide on the model based on the playback time it offers. 

All the earbuds come with a charging case that has a fairly decent amount of battery backup. Now, remember that the bigger the battery or the more time it takes to get fully charged. You may also want to check out if the earbuds set has the quick charging feature. A lot of companies engineer their headphones with a quick charge mode that offers 2 to 5 hours of extra playback time with 10 to 15 minutes of quick charge. 

Gaming Earbuds: Love Gaming?

Then go for the ones that are oriented for this purpose. These earbuds are equipped with better audio output, the codec may differ from that of the regular ones, or they may have longer battery life. 

Best Fit Guide for Earphones and Earbuds

If you are employing earbuds for the first time, there are chances that you may not have the best experience at first. Well, every new accessory often requires some time to get adjusted to, right? You try them, experiment in various ways until you find the most comfortable point to suit your preference. The same goes with the earbuds as well. Many people complain of the earbuds falling off, sliding down due to physical movement, or their inability to seal properly, resulting in lower audio quality. Well, the issue is not with the earbud always. In most cases, it is the inappropriate fitting that results in these inconveniences. 

For starters, if you are experiencing discomfort a few minutes after you wear your earbuds, then chances are you have a small ear canal, and you need specific Bluetooth earbuds for small ears. Regardless, it is important to settle comfortably with the earbuds to prevent long-term problems but with full sound. 

Here are a few tips on how you can get the best fit for your earbuds or earphones: 

Select the Correct Size and Style of Ear Tips

You might have noticed that a new pair of earbuds comes with different sizes of ear tips, so you can try them out and see which pair fits you perfectly. Depending on the brand and class, some models are equipped with 3 additional pairs of ear tips (small, medium, and large), and some come with 6 or more pairs other than the default pair in the earbud itself. The default pair may not always be the right size for you. So, you need to try out all the pairs and see which pair yields you the complete combination of sound, comfort, and fit, so the earbud doesn’t keep falling off. 

Most of the time, people tend to settle down with the right pair of ear tips that come in the package. If you are not able to adjust with what has been provided, or you need more comfort and a better fit, you can get a set of specialized ear tips separately. There are different types of ear tips available online that vary in shape and size. Some different variations in the eartips include: 

Standard or Single Flange:

These are the same as what you get with your earbuds- the plain, simple ones. The majority of the users prefer this type. The single flange design features a single silicon tip that creates the seal inside the ear canal.  


As the name implies, bi-flange ear tips have two different sized tips placed one behind the other. The front tip is smaller than the one behind. These types of ear tips are not as abundantly found as the single flange, but they come in many sizes to fit into different ear sizes. Bi-flange comes under the ‘specialized ear tips category’ and has an edge over the standard ones. Owing to the two different sized tips, they seal the ear canal in two different areas. This allows better seal resulting in much more sober noise isolation. 


This type of earbud is a level higher than the bi-flange ear tips. They have three different-sized tips closely arranged one after the other on one shank. They are long and invade deep inside your ear canal. This makes it a ‘not-so-comfortable accessory for many, considering how deep it goes into the ear. But, as far as the benefits are concerned, they offer a triple seal inside that ear, blocking the surrounding sound at a much higher level. Surprisingly, triple-flange ear tips are more widely available than bi-flange. These types of ear tips may also be suited for small wireless earbuds that are meant for narrow ear canals owing to their different layers from small to big arrangements. 


These are more geared towards earbuds meant for workouts or sports, but anybody can use them based on their comfort zone. These tips have a wing-like flap that sits on the outer ear for better grip, so it doesn’t fall out during heavy movements. If you are someone looking a headset specifically for sport activities, we have you covered here: Best Wireless Sport Headphones.

Custom Tips: 

While an expensive option, there are companies that customize the ear tips for you when you look at your requirements. Custom-made ear tips have an unmatchable fit into the ear as they are molded as per the anatomy of your ear. You can get the best listening experience from these tips. This option usually works best for those who keep swapping between different earbuds. Custom tips are a good bet for individuals who are looking for Bluetooth earbuds for small ears. 

Choose the Right Ear Tip Material and Thickness

The material of the ear tip and the thickness is important when it comes to comfort and the earbud’s sound performance. Speaking of which, the JBL Duet offers a decent sound performance while still being light on your pockets. There are not as many choices in-ear tips to choose from unlike earbuds, but you still get to choose between a few different ones. 

Silicone Tips:

These are the standard ones that come with earbuds. Silicon tips are flexible, comfortable, and highly durable. They can also be washed when they get dirty. Silicone is skin-friendly and therefore, it will never cause any irritation or inflammation when you wear them. 

The material is not dense, so it doesn’t offer a lot of noise isolation but on the upside, silicone tips are great for those who use earbuds in traffic. This way they can hear what’s going on around and stay alert. Now, if you are looking for earbuds for small ears, this ear tip material can be questionable because they are slippery. So, for your workout sessions, this may not be the best choice. Earbuds with silicone tips may fall out due to sweat. Check out the silicone ear tips here.

Rubber Tips:

Although not very common, ear tips are at times made of rubber. But this material is not preferred by most people because they are rigid and may cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Rubber ear tips are thick and offer solid noise isolation. 

Foam Tips:

Comply foam ear tips are considered to be the most comfortable ones, and they fit into the ear canal perfectly. This is why they make a great combination with small wireless earbuds that need to be secured well. Other than giving a cushion-like feel, foam tips work amazing when it comes to noise isolation. Made out of memory foam, you will find these in different shapes and sizes. They are also abundantly available in the market. 

Comply foam tips are extremely versatile and can be used for various purposes be it for comfort, sound quality, noise isolation, etc. They are also ideal for sports enthusiasts and runners as the tips seal inside the ear canal well and do not get affected by sweat. Some of the best wireless earbuds for small ears are constructed with foam ear tips for a comfortable fit and better noise isolation.  Click here to check out Memory foam ear tips

Hybrid Ear Tips: 

Yes, you heard it right! It is a hybrid of memory foam and silicone. Although rare in the market, these ear tips are pretty versatile and offer ultimate comfort. With the combination of both the materials, these tips provide you the benefits of both the ear tips in one.  Check out the ear tips here

When you are looking for comfortable ear tips, it is important to keep an eye on the thickness of the ear tips as well. Thick and dense tips can seal within the ear canal better and block out the surrounding noise well. However, if the ear tip is too thick, it may be uncomfortable when wearing them. So make sure to try out a few and then choose the most convenient one for your ears. 

Create a Tight Seal

To get the best listening experience, make sure that you are inserting the ear tip the right way and sealing it firmly, so the sound does not leak out. This will block the ambient sound from entering, and you will get the most out of the sound output your earbud is capable of delivering. 

Take Extra Measures When Working Out

Fasten the earbuds well when hitting the gym. It can be a tricky thing to do unless you have the right kind of ear tip suitable for heavy movements. Given that the small wireless earbuds tend to fall out easily, push the ear tip into the ear and then rotate it and pull it a bit to make sure that a proper seal has been formed. Use wing ear tips for the best security. 

The entire process of trying different combinations to find the right pair of earbuds and the ear tips to fit perfectly may seem cumbersome. But believe it or not, it is a one-time process and once you get the best option, the result is delightful. 

Detriments of Using Earbuds

Headphones and earbuds have indeed made everyone’s life so much easier by providing several conveniences. But overuse of anything can be harmful. Several health professionals and medical practitioners across the world advise not to use headphones for long hours because of the ill effects that are associated with them. 

Here’s a quick rundown on some detriments of using earbuds for longer hours: 

Eardrum Damage:

Listening to music with your earbuds on for several hours a day and with a loud volume can cause potential damage to your eardrum. This can even lead to deafness, temporary or otherwise. There are hair cells inside the ear that are responsible for sensing the sound. Unhealthy use of earphones damages these cells, and they lose the sensitivity due to these sound vibrations from the earbuds leading to loss of hearing. 

Leads to Germs

The ear tips of any earbud or earphones are a hub for microbes. Plugging the earphones into the ears for hours closes the ventilation within the ear and creates heat. This leads to the growth of microbes. Prolonged usage of earbuds can lead to severe levels of infection. That is why it is also recommended not to share or exchange earbuds or earphones with anyone to avoid the transfer of germs. You should also wash your ear tips frequently or change them if they are not washable.


If your earbud doesn’t fit you properly, or even using it for several hours can lead to inflammation and pain in the inner as well as the outer ear. Using the right-sized earpiece and ear tips can solve this issue. 

Potential Risk Associated With Noise-Canceling Technology:

Noise-canceling technology has proven to be of huge benefit in terms of increasing the audio quality, by blocking the sound around. While this gives you solace and a lot of leverage to be on your own, it poses high risks when you are walking on the streets or driving. The use of these earbuds can lead to accidents as you will be unaware of what’s happening around you. Therefore, it is best to avoid earphones in traffic, if not, use the ones that do not block you out completely from the rest of the world.


The use of these audio pieces can also cause ‘Vertigo’ a condition where you experience dizziness and lose the ability to hear. 

The practice of using earbuds will probably not come to an end ever. As long as the love for music exists, the use of earphones will remain constant. However, protecting our health and the ears depends on us. Taking a break from using the earbuds frequently can benefit you greatly in the long run.  Cutting down on the total hours of usage will help you maintain your ear health and let you enjoy your favorite music for years to come. 


Coming back to small wireless earbuds, the article has listed some of the best wireless earbuds for small ears. We have also provided some ways you can make sure that the earbuds fit and seal accurately in your ears. Hope you find this article helpful and informative and get the perfect earbud based on your level of comfort. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

Which is the best wireless ear for small ears? 

It is difficult to say which is the best one among so many available earbuds designed for small ears because it is a personal choice. Depending on the comfort and fit, you need to get what is ergonomically right for you. With that said, we have listed above some best-rated small wireless earbuds that have proven to provide ultimate comfort to the users. 

Which ear tip is ideal when it comes to Bluetooth earbuds for small ears?

There are different variations of ear tips available in the market, while some provide a better seal, some offer good noise isolation and high audibility. You need to try and see which material and size give you the comfort you are looking for. Some companies also offer tiny or custom-made tips for better fitting. 

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