JBL Pulse Review

JBL Pulse Review

What is that one thing that makes the world a little happy place? Some of you might guess it right, while others will also have the right answer, only that it will differ because of their experiences. Without making, you guys wait, let me tell you what it is. The answer is music. Yes, music makes this world loud and happy. But why is that? Let us understand what music does to you. How it changes your mood around. It is all about the vibe for some people. That vibe might be from a song or even a tune. We can never know. However, we do know one thing that no matter what, the music gems that we got were irreplaceable. But what about the tools you have to listen to music. Let us now share a JBL Pulse review. There are many JBL Product reviews out there, including a review of the jbl flip essential review, just tap here to check it out.

The Effects of Music

A study by MIT has proved that music uplifts our moods and makes us happy. It pumps up the adrenaline and makes humans enthusiastic. There are many people that I know personally who listen to music every single day. The majority of the US adult population listens to a song every day. What we are saying is not baseless, it is supported by a statistics report. According to that, 68% of adults in the United States bump a song every day, no matter what. If that is the magnitude of listening to music, then we should all consider listening to it in style. What is the best way of listening to music you know of? The ol’ earphones blaring, connected to your phone? Well, no, we believe that a capsule speaker is a royal way of listening to the music openly.

Not unless you are in a crowded place. It is only appropriate when you are in that sacred solitude or with your homies just chilling. Now that we have said all this, several companies are in the game of producing capsule speakers. Sony, Bose, Phillips, etc. However, there is one organization that has created something that is fire. JBL is one of the largest producers of amplifiers and music players ever since it was established. After that, JBL became the first company to manufacture the first cabaret range of speakers that had an individual PA system enabled. 

JBL Pulse Review and a Brief History

JBL has lines of speakers that are even better than the previous one. They put all their effort into making the best products to purify the music. When you listen to music, there is one necessary thing, the quality of the audio. If the audio does not have the quality, it is like listening to a broken radio. This is when JBL introduced the pulse series. The pulse is a series of compact music players that have ginormous speakers, and yet they are portable. One of the extraordinary features of these speakers is that they put up a light show around the top of the speakers. These light blankets can be synchronized with the device that you connect it with and start rocking. 

The series has developed through successive models that are no less than excellent. For instance, pulse 2 came out in 2015. This product came had become the best splash-proof speaker ever made. The launching price was $199. It had all the specifications that the world was looking for. You could connect three different phones with it at the same time. Talk about being dynamic. The long-lasting battery was a big boon for travelers and hardcore party maniacs. This thing was powered by LioN batteries and go relentlessly go on for 10 hours.

What came after JBL pulse 2?

Since pulse 2 turned out to be a real hit, JBL came up with the idea of a Pulse 3. Searching for a JBL pulse review will give you several hits that may lead you to an answer, but here is the definitive one. It is believed that Pulse 3 was and is better than the 2nd installment. If you want to understand the difference between them,  we will have to cite out the differences between them.

Difference between Pulse 2 and Pulse 3

One of the significant differences that JBL brought in was the ability to be waterproof. While the Pulse 2 was not entirely waterproof, rather it was just splash-proof. This was groundbreaking for JBL. Pulse 3 was the first product to get all the waterproof body and the rest of the features were also slightly modular. You could tell that it was the upgraded model. Pulse 3 has had a strong base, the materials used in making it were durable. This is why the estimated usage span of Pulse 3 was more than its predecessor.

What else does Pulse 3 have?

Talk about the design, it is nothing less than a lava lamp. The lighting show that circles its plastic body is just excellent. You get a 4.2 version Bluetooth for connecting it with your smart device. Although the given range is 30 ft, you can encounter some lag before that as well. This beat master has an inbuilt mic that facilitates calling or answering calls in the middle of a session.

There is a special button that helps the Pulse 3 to connect to other JBL speakers and sync up to play music louder together. Also, to change the light show according to your needs, you can just push a button and make things work. Otherwise, you have to go through the app and change the customs.

There are dual radiators that are attached to the sides of this speaker. This is just like the one in Pulse 4; its successor. On the off chance that you want to learn more about the jbl pulse 3 battery life, just click here.

There was a JBL pulse 3 review that came before, the one that we are all here for. Let’s get on with the JBL Pulse review we were all waiting for.

JBL Pulse series

JBL Pulse 4 review

What comes inside the box?

To know a product well, you need to understand what are the other things that come with it. For instance, the Pulse 4 speakers do not have anything else than a USB cable to connect it for charging, a user guide that you will probably never use, and the speaker itself. The USB cable is not just meant for charging the speaker but is also for connecting it with other devices.

JBL Pulse 4 Review – Design

So the JBL Pulse 4 is not distinct from other speakers in the terms of design. It has the same cylindrical shape that can be deemed identical to its predecessor. The height and width of this are speakers are the same as your average speaker. However, it packs 2.8 lbs of solid mass. It is heavier than you think. 

There is an LED light strap that goes around the body of this incredible speaker set. Whenever you play any songs or music, the sound usually comes from either end of the speaker. The speaker has a 2.25-inch thick driver that spits out the fire. The charging port is also included near the bottom of the body. Unfortunately, it is a charge-only cable. 

Is it Good?

To know if something is good or not, you have to know its specifications and performance. And that’s exactly what this review is for. Take a look at the picture below, and you will understand, please visit this link for further information. Firstly, the lights that sort of flow through the insides of the LED light blanket are amazing. The sound that collaborates with it is also outstanding. You should know that it has a mono speaker. The bass can give someone an orgasm. It can shake tables.

JBL Pulse 4 Specs


The controls of this device are pretty simple. There is a pause and play button. Also, a button to get the volume right. If you want to change a song, all you have to do is press the volume up button twice to get it done. 

There are no other buttons than these straightforward ones. If you are in a pool party and trying to play some music, but individual speakers don’t play that loud. You get a party booster option on the speaker. The moment you press it, the speaker becomes ready to pair with any other compatible speaker in the nearest range. To understand the JBL Pulse 4 Speaker more, Click on this link.

Final Verdict

The Pulse 4 is a good speaker that has the capability of becoming your favorite outdoor companion. Even though it is made out of plastic, it exhibits durability. We believe that it can take a couple of falls. Not that we have done it, but it has been proved. The frame is rated IPX7 for its waterproof qualities. It is a good music player. The sound of any song can be heard. Although if you are a fan of low bass songs, you should probably go buy something else. It cannot make that happening. The directivity of this speaker is amazing. It can send the sound particles right in one direction.

For watching movies and other videos, the performance is subpar. The main reason for that is the latency of this device. The connection of the Bluetooth is amazing, although it takes time, sometimes.

One of the biggest gray areas or downsides of this device is that it does not have a voice assistant. It isn’t compatible with Alexa or even Siri. Maybe its successor will probably have that feature. Overall, you can take this speaker if you are not looking to invest a lot in portable speakers. We hope this JBL pulse review has been informative enough for you to make your decision. If not, We will certainly have more comprehensive JBL Pulse reviews in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Which Is Better, The JBL Pulse 3 Or the JBL Pulse 4

When all is said and done, it has to be said that the JBL Pulse 4 is the one you should go for.

In case there are any Issues, How does one contact JBL?

You can click on this link for any support you need.

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